GDOT (Georgia Dept. of Transportation)

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Georgia Dept. of Transportation


  • 156-172 Georgia 138 Stockbridge, GA 30281, USA - Henry County
    There is a brown boarded up house near a church and Chevron just past 138/42 intersection. The second one is a brick house that burnt up where a child was killed in it just before Millers Mill. There is an empty brick house that the DOT used as an office when the bridge was going in on 138. There is a blue house that use to be a barber shop on the corner of 138/Hemphill.
  • I-285 South/North (West Side) Cobb/Fulton, Georgia - Atlanta Industrial Park
    Potholes and cracks are so bad from the trucks driving on it that it will ruin your car from driving on it. One Pothole is about 2 or so feet deep. The DOT fixes the Top End every year but "forgets" about the West Side that gets TONS of traffic! Please do your magic and get it fixed! Some of the holes have been fixed but between Hallowell Pkwy (exit 12) and S Cobb Dr (exit 15) going both direction the bumps and holes are to the point that if I don't try to avoid them, then you almost get airborne or you car feels like it will break apart. It's mainly in the 2nd from the right lane, but has spread to others in various spots.
  • Other Archived
    Womack Rd & Vermack Rd Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody

    I know residents voted down a roundabout or was it a traffic circle (they're not the same thing;) at this intersection, but a 4-way Stop sign is so inefficient. It would seem that a regular traffic light would allow traffic to flow so much better but would not be the lowest cost solution. Perhaps we need to better educate residents about the differences between traffic circles and roundabouts and the overall safety of the latter. See or What are the city's plans to improve traffic flow at this intersection?

    On the other hand, what was the major objection to a traffic circle? Crosswalks?

  • 1005-1007 Eisenhower Pkwy Macon, GA, 31206, USA - Macon
    Eisenhower Parkway has been totally trashed with illegal signs on the public ROW. The next rain day, when crews can't dig in the dirt, please have a couple of guys inn a pickup truck make a run. It will take them a couple of hours to go from Broadway out to Macon State, but will be a huge improvement. GDOT does not have a problem with Public Works or private citizens doing clean-up on US 80 (or any other state or federal highway for that matter) because the results are what count. The people at the Macon Mall have already cleaned up in that area.
  • 69150 Old Forsyth Rd Macon, Georgia - Macon-Bibb County
    The street sign "Old Forsyth Rd" needs to be relocated to the north of Old Forsyth Rd since DOT has re-aligned the street per Paul Hownoski in Engineering
  • I-20 Exit To I-285 North Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
    2 potholes. Exit lane for 285 north on the bridge over 285. Please slow down before hitting these. Will cause serious car damage if hit at any decent speed. I have changed over a dozen tires there this week and the DOT has yet to fix it even after being reported so many times.
  • 2038 Roff Ave Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    The alley between 249 and 261 Clisby Pl in historic downtown Macon, GA is dotted with potholes, stagnant and deep canals all the way to the back road. I wanted to put more pictures and videos but the system won't allow me to do it.
    Please fix this alley. It's not only an eyesore. It's also dangerous for residents like us who suffer from bumpy driving as well as damage to the underside of the car.
  • Henry County GA, USA - McDonough

    Henry county Mcdonough; Stockbridge and Locust Grove litter is deliberately being thrown all of Henry county. The DOT supervisors and commissioners need to drive around all of the Starr listed and they will see how awful theses cities have litter and keep this county monitored this happens every week.

    This need to stop!!! Residents live on these streets and in this county we do not want to see litter all over the streets when leave our residents and come back home. Henry county is the only county where there is so much litter on the streets.

    Rock Quarry; Highway 138; Highway 142; Oak Grove Road, Jonesboro Road, Kelly Road, Dail Mill, Foster Drive, Jodeco Road, Mcdonough Parkway, Industrial Parkway, Brandon Road, Kelly Road, Bridges Road , Patrick Henry Parkway

  • 585 Atlanta St Roswell 30075, United States - Roswell
    Could the RDOT Pothole Posse fix the multiple potholes on Atlanta Street between Sloan and Oxbo, both lanes, both directions?
  • Grading Roads Archived
    2341-2463 Airline Rd Mcdonough, GA, 30252, USA - Henry County
    As usual, the gravel placed by dot has washed away leaving huge holes between Rowan Drive and Airline Road at the stop sign. Why can't this be fixed permanently?
  • Old Alabama Rd Roswell, GA, 30076, USA - Roswell
    RDOT filled pothole once but it has opened again on Old Alabama Road at HBR intersection exiting McDonald's and BP Station
  • 14 Shellwind Drive Savannah, Georgia - Landings Association
    t is believed to have been a Jasper Towing Super Duty Ford 350 with Penn Tag RKN1317, USDOT # 2967645, Company Phone # 843-592-0015 that struck these two Mailboxes. William Baker of 74 Village Green Circle called in the event around 1118 on 9/15/17. At 1212 on 9/15/17 I, Sgt. J. Waclawski spoke with the home owners at 14 Shellwind Robert Williams and Alice Booth. Mr. Williams stated that he was near his garage when he saw what he believed to be a Flatbed Truck drive by and drop something. He stated that he heard the driver get out of the vehicle, move something then drive away. Mr. Williams was unable to give a description of the vehicle or the driver due to his line of sight. Mr. Williams then stated several minutes later he walked out to the curb and noticed his and his neighbors mailboxes on the ground. I informed the home owners that I had already spoken to the individual I believed had hit the mailboxes and would be forwarding this report to Public Works for repair of the two Mailboxes.