GDOT (Georgia Dept. of Transportation)

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Georgia Dept. of Transportation


  • Henry County GA, USA - McDonough

    Henry county Mcdonough; Stockbridge and Locust Grove litter is deliberately being thrown all of Henry county. The DOT supervisors and commissioners need to drive around all of the Starr listed and they will see how awful theses cities have litter and keep this county monitored this happens every week.

    This need to stop!!! Residents live on these streets and in this county we do not want to see litter all over the streets when leave our residents and come back home. Henry county is the only county where there is so much litter on the streets.

    Rock Quarry; Highway 138; Highway 142; Oak Grove Road, Jonesboro Road, Kelly Road, Dail Mill, Foster Drive, Jodeco Road, Mcdonough Parkway, Industrial Parkway, Brandon Road, Kelly Road, Bridges Road , Patrick Henry Parkway

  • I-20 Exit To I-285 North Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven
    2 potholes. Exit lane for 285 north on the bridge over 285. Please slow down before hitting these. Will cause serious car damage if hit at any decent speed. I have changed over a dozen tires there this week and the DOT has yet to fix it even after being reported so many times.
  • 2038 Roff Ave Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    The alley between 249 and 261 Clisby Pl in historic downtown Macon, GA is dotted with potholes, stagnant and deep canals all the way to the back road. I wanted to put more pictures and videos but the system won't allow me to do it.
    Please fix this alley. It's not only an eyesore. It's also dangerous for residents like us who suffer from bumpy driving as well as damage to the underside of the car.
  • 585 Atlanta St Roswell 30075, United States - Roswell
    Could the RDOT Pothole Posse fix the multiple potholes on Atlanta Street between Sloan and Oxbo, both lanes, both directions?
  • 1519 Persimmon Trce Morrow 30260, United States - Clayton County
    On March 13, the contractors that built the new homes on Arbor Place subdivision illegally dump the debris in our neighborhood. They built new homes on Persimmon Trace and Arbor Place streets and used our vacant lots as a dumbing site. I have contracted the commissioner to report this issue and nothing has been done. We have a lot of kids that play in these area and it is very unsafe for our children and is depreciating our property value. I have a video that would not upload with pictures of the truck with the DOT number on the side dumping the debris. The DOT 1383637; Red Dump Truck, a white male was driving and I think the owner of the company is Christopher.
  • 5925-6015 Zebulon Road Macon, Georgia - Macon-Bibb County
    There's an electronic message sign on the sidewalk, it looks like a GDOT sign, but it belongs to a church. It should not be allowed. It looks like an official GDOT sign but the message is not about traffic or road hazard. They are advertising the church!
  • 14 Shellwind Drive Savannah, Georgia - Landings Association
    t is believed to have been a Jasper Towing Super Duty Ford 350 with Penn Tag RKN1317, USDOT # 2967645, Company Phone # 843-592-0015 that struck these two Mailboxes. William Baker of 74 Village Green Circle called in the event around 1118 on 9/15/17. At 1212 on 9/15/17 I, Sgt. J. Waclawski spoke with the home owners at 14 Shellwind Robert Williams and Alice Booth. Mr. Williams stated that he was near his garage when he saw what he believed to be a Flatbed Truck drive by and drop something. He stated that he heard the driver get out of the vehicle, move something then drive away. Mr. Williams was unable to give a description of the vehicle or the driver due to his line of sight. Mr. Williams then stated several minutes later he walked out to the curb and noticed his and his neighbors mailboxes on the ground. I informed the home owners that I had already spoken to the individual I believed had hit the mailboxes and would be forwarding this report to Public Works for repair of the two Mailboxes.
  • 11500-11502 Houze Road Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    GA DOT put this big dark (at Night) circle in the middle of 4 roads. It's got plenty of new lights in place that I am sure are wired. Any reason someone can't turn them on so when all the people driving through this area can possible see the road. I mean we paid a small fortune to put them in we should be able to see them on?
    Thanks so much, great to see this is finally coming to an end.
  • 1485 Arbor Place Dr Morrow 30260, United States - Clayton County
    On March 13, the contractors that built new homes in our neighborhood used this area on Arbor place as a dumping site. Debris was dumped on Arbor place and Persimmon Trace. These area are unsafe for our children and is depreciating our property value. This is the second post on illegal dumping in our neighborhood. The truck DOT number is US DOT 1383637
  • 120 Bent Grass Dr Roswell, GA, 30076, USA - Roswell
    Right of way AND lot on the south west corner of East Crossville at Bent Grass Drive needs to be cut. The grass/weeds are about 5.5 ft tall. I am aware this lot is owned by GDOT as I live at 120 Bent Grass Dr (right next to it), and the City of Roswell has a contract to maintain it. Please clean it up as it is an eyesore! This is not the first time I've posted this issue and hopefully it will be the last!
  • Martin Road Way Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    The yellow flashing left turn arrow off Holcomb Bridge Road into Martins Landing is not working. It has taken me 7 years to get that flashing light installed. Please provide me Point of Contact at GDOT if GDOT cannot resolve
  • Holcomb Bridge Rd & Us-19 & Holcomb Bridge Rd Roswell, GA, USA - Roswell

    From the Shell station to entering GA 400 on ramp south, the place is littered with trash! My out of town guests think Roswell is trashy!

    Then I take them on the Northbound GA 400 on ramp and nothing says Roswell like a dead rotting deer carcass on the shoulder...

    Don't blame Fulton County or GDOT. Please keep Roswell's only freeway interchange spotless.