GDOT (Georgia Dept. of Transportation)

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Georgia Dept. of Transportation


  • Holcomb Bridge Rd & Warsaw Rd Roswell, GA, 30076, USA - Roswell
    I travel to work at 4:30 am. The traffic lights at Grimes Bridge, Warsaw, Old Holcomb Bridge, and Dogwood are so miss timed that it takes 5-7 minutes to travel from Hwy 9 over to GA 400. There's no traffic on the side streets but you will sit at each light for 2 minutes. It's been messed up since the paving. I called GDOT and they said it's city controlled at night.
  • 7055 Old National Hwy Riverdale 30296, United States - South Fulton

    We have cameras on our street that don’t work, Who is responsible GDOT or COSF? Thank you

    Location: 7055 Old National Hwy/Bethsaida Rd

  • 245 Coventry Rd Decatur, GA, 30030, USA - Decatur
    The traffic light at the intersection of Scott Blvd and Coventry Rd is being held together with duct tape. With all of the rain lately, the duct tape is beginning to come off and blow in the breeze. I called GDOT and the County about this back around June 11, but it still had duct tape on it a day or two ago when I passed through the intersection. I am afraid the tape will come off completely and the traffic signal will fall apart and hit a car, causing an accident. Please fix. Thank you.
  • 376 Bass Road Macon, Georgia - Macon-Bibb County
    Bass Rd from Forsyth to Zebulon has several potholes. I'm sure someone in street department/GDOT is aware of this.
  • Other Archived
    5855 Old National Hwy Atlanta 30349, United States - South Fulton
    Sign down at World Changers/Old National contact GDOT. Thank you
  • Road Signs Archived
    I-75 N Mcdonough, GA, 30253, USA - Henry County

    Inaccurate sign on entrance ramp to I-75 N (from Jodeco Rd)

    The sign "right lane ends" is not accurate and should be changed to "Left Lane Ends." The far-right entrance lane continues when entering from Jodeco Rd (westbound). Actually, the left lane ends after vehicles enter the on-ramp from the left (turn) lane after traveling eastbound on Jodeco Rd, and the painted markings on the lanes so indicate - requiring traffic from the left lane to merge right.

    Similar to other entrance ways that desire to keep traffic moving, I also recommend adding a sign stating "Keep Moving" (or similar acceptable signage) near the on-ramp entrance for vehicles that enter the on-ramp and occupy the right-most lane.

    I originally submitted this action to GDOT (via their website) on 2/21/2018; no action has been taken to date to remedy the issue. GDOT responded on 2/21/2018 indicating it was a "Valid complaint" and "Your inquiry will be sent to your specific Georgia DOT district department (District 3) that covers your area. A district representative will contact you in to the matter in efforts to resolve the issue."

    I submitted a subsequent inquiry to the GDOT Customer Service email address on 7/8/2018 resulting in no response.

    I am now submitting this request to you in hopes a more local (Henry County) activity which has a vested interested in the safety of its citizens can obtain results.

    Thanks much!

  • 375 Barkshire Ln Roswell 30076 United States - Roswell

    Non operable van is still visible from the street. Junk continues to pile up in and around the yard. Car has been on a jack and missing a wheel in the street since Friday. At least 2 weeks of trash has built up on the side of the house. Neighbors are seeing rats and possums on their property. Please advise and update us on where we are with the 10 day final notice. The property is still not to code and the red dot has since been removed on the app.

    The issues at this house are deeply concerning and has been ongoing for months. We are neighbors that take pride in our homes. This situation is a health and safety issue as well as a liability.

    Neighbors, please be factual with your comments please. We need this fixed for good.

  • 375 Angier Place Northeast Atlanta, GA - 330 McGill Place
    Lights have been periodically going out due to trip breaker on the northside of building 13. Replace all three active breakers (new ones in bag at pool cabana). Be sure to reset clocks to correct time (On-5pm Off-8am). The main breaker is on the meter marked with a blue circle dot sticker. If you can tell where the photocell circuit goes, let the board know.
  • 55 Liberty Industrial Parkway McDonough, GA - Henry County
    Cover at Pep Boys is broken. HCDOT has placed a barrel at the site.
  • Other Archived
    2841 Topaz Rd Riverdale 30296, United States - South Fulton

    Mr. Valenzuela,

    Please let Public Works know this cement poll laying on Stone Ridge Community property on Old National was hit and they need to contact GDOT to fix and repair . Thank you

  • 380 Morning Dew Cir Roswell, GA 30075, USA - Roswell
    Missing speed limit sign at city boundary on Hwy 140 southbound. 35 mph sign was removed during neighborhood construction and never put back. I️ notified the state DOT 3 times in the last 2 years. This is at a speed limit change point so it is pretty important.
  • 6015 Lynmark Way Fairburn, GA - South Fulton
    On Dotson Road between High Point Road and Koweta Road there is trash all over the side of the road. There is a Christmas tree and collective litter that needs to be picked up. He did speak to Sandra Johnson a couple of weeks ago and it still has not been picked up. He spoke to a guy before that and he said he would put it on the list.