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Georgia Dept. of Transportation

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  • Traffic Issue Archived
    Old Alabama Connector Roswell, Ga - Alpharetta
    DANGEROUS! Because of the way the dotted lines are painted after repaving, people must think this is a one way street. We’ve seen 4 FOUR cars going North in the southbound lanes/wrong way in the wrong lane. Someone is going to get really hurt in an accident!!
  • 4301 Old Georgetown Trail Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody

    DOT Cut down trees to put up a sign and they did not remove the trees, they dropped them in a culvert which has created a dam and sends water over into GRC parking lot and collecting trash.

    Why did they not have to get a permit for the new sign?

  • Pothole Archived
    2246-2250 Cotillion Drive Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    Dont know if this road is maintained by the DOT or Dunwoody but there is a pot hole that is growing at the marked location.
  • I-75n Underpass (Exit 167) @ N. Pierce Ave. Macon, Georgia - Macon

    The new underpass of I-75N Exit 167 (Pierce Ave.) needs major attention!!! It looks like a neglected, blighted, slum area with broken pavement and debris in the median and sidewalk.

    The underpass is a dark tunnel that needs to be lit. The pigeon net needs to be replaced for the ones that were removed during construction. The median needs reflecting markers or paint around the edges because it's hard to see in dim light turning left from N. Pierce.

    The entrance to N. Pierce Ave. is also slummy looking with debris and gravel in the road and along the newly installed sidewalk. The wooded area also needs attention. The new asphalt pavement is already starting to breakup at the entrance of N. Pierce at the underpass. The transition from the old road to the new asphalt isn't smooth. Very aggravating having to bump over both ends of the new portion twice a day!

    The landscape barrier fence taking a right onto Riverside Dr. from the underpass has been breached with red dirt running onto the road.

    This exit is a major gateway to Macon and it's an embarrassing site for our visitor's (and locals) to see. It would be nice to see some sort of mural art (with lights highlighting it) depicting Macon along those long walls of the underpass. Making Macon a welcoming site for weary travelers who might want to stay and see more of what our new city has to offer (other than being a pit stop)!

    I have spoken to Kimberly Lawson with the Thomaston GA DOT office (706-741-3439) at a public meeting on Jan. 16, 2014 about this issue. However, the problems remain untouched.

    I'm not sure what department is in charge here, but I would be very thankful for any attention you can provide to get this matter taken care of and beautify Macon. Thank you..HELP, PLEASE!!!

    P.S. Riverview Road bridge needs sidewalk swept of gravel. Other areas of town also need gravel swept up. Thanks!

  • Illegal Signs Archived
    30253 Mcdonough, GA, USA - McDonough

    All of these streets need litter pick up they all have so much litter everywhere the litter is deliberately and intentionally be thrown around Mcdonough,Stockbridge and Locust Grove Georgia every week. Something need to be done because this need to stop. The picture dose not show all of the street listed how much litter and some trash is lying around.

    The Henry county commissioners and dot supervisors need to take a ride around Henry county in all the areas listed and they can see just how much litter has just been accumulating and thrown all over the streets it is awful.

    This is an eyesore and disgusting to the residents that live in these cities of Henry county , we are paying high taxes like other counties but Henry county is the only county where there is litter all over each street they @#$% near have. I never seen nothing like this.

    Highway 42 near Highway 138 Stockbridge Georgia have abandoned tires on a side road that has been there for 1 year across from the chevron gas station and DOT have not even removed them.

  • 2918 Riverside Drive Macon, Georgia - Macon

    Turn lane in front of State Bank on Riverside Drive headed towards Wimbish Rd. is backwards. It needs to be re-striped to be a left turn lane headed north. Before repaving, it WAS a left turn lane. Since the re-paving, the lane markers are also shorter turning into Riverview road headed south than they were before re-paving. The solid yellow line doesn't allow traffic to move over into a left turn lane going into the bank that used to be there....causing a back up of traffic (and angry honkers). I believe that it used to be white broken lines before.

    Please observe traffic trying to left turn into State Bank in the late afternoons, especially Fridays. Please revert back to previous lane markings to make it safer for everyone!

    I have previously talked to some DOT representatives about this issue, to no this info will need to be forwarded to appropriate authorities. THANK YOU!

  • 2860 Holcomb Bridge Rd Roswell 30076, United States - Roswell
    Pothole still not fixed even though GDOT said it was and closed the issue.
  • Willeo Road GA - Roswell
    Several potholes on Willeo Creek Bridge. Resident request repair from RDOT even through although the bridge borders Cobb County.
  • Spring Buford Conn Atlanta, GA - Lindridge/Martin Manor
    The GADOT just recently finish repaving the Spring/Buford Connector. However, the exit ramp to enter North I-85 had many pot hole before the repaving and now they're back, and bigger than before. If left unnoticed, the hole will be worse than before.
  • I-285 South/North (West Side) Cobb/Fulton, Georgia - Atlanta Industrial Park
    Potholes and cracks are so bad from the trucks driving on it that it will ruin your car from driving on it. One Pothole is about 2 or so feet deep. The DOT fixes the Top End every year but "forgets" about the West Side that gets TONS of traffic! Please do your magic and get it fixed! Some of the holes have been fixed but between Hallowell Pkwy (exit 12) and S Cobb Dr (exit 15) going both direction the bumps and holes are to the point that if I don't try to avoid them, then you almost get airborne or you car feels like it will break apart. It's mainly in the 2nd from the right lane, but has spread to others in various spots.
  • 12308-12340 Etris Road Roswell, Georgia - Roswell

    The posted speed limit on Etris Rd is 45 MPH which is an anomaly for Roswell. The only other roads in the city of Roswell that are 45 are Hwy 9, Hwy 92, and Hwy 120 (notice a trend?). How has Etris Road remained at this high speed with all of the housing development on that road over the years? Etris is part of the Yellow Route of the larger Roswell Loop concept. Do we think that pedestrians enjoy walking nearby cars that are zooming past at speeds at or in excess of the posted speed limits?

    Roswell indicates that this is a GDOT Issue pertaining to speeds. However when speaking to Rhonda at GDOT District 7, she indicated that this is a Roswell issue.

    It appears that someone is currently doing a speed study on that road based on the speed detection signage that has cropped up recently. Can you please confirm that Roswell has the power to adjust the speed limit on city streets? If so, what is the rationale behind it remaining 45 MPH?

  • 1005-1007 Eisenhower Pkwy Macon, GA, 31206, USA - Macon
    Eisenhower Parkway has been totally trashed with illegal signs on the public ROW. The next rain day, when crews can't dig in the dirt, please have a couple of guys inn a pickup truck make a run. It will take them a couple of hours to go from Broadway out to Macon State, but will be a huge improvement. GDOT does not have a problem with Public Works or private citizens doing clean-up on US 80 (or any other state or federal highway for that matter) because the results are what count. The people at the Macon Mall have already cleaned up in that area.