GDOT (Georgia Dept. of Transportation)

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Georgia Dept. of Transportation

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  • Campbellton Fairburn Rd & Cascade Palmetto Hwy Fairburn, GA, 30213, USA - South Fulton
    92 & Cascade Palmetto Hwy Fairburn, GA, 30213, USA
    Caller states this is the 3rd time reporting this issue. States her residential road was paved but no this major interchange area. Caller was advised this may be GDOT jurisdiction not City. I will request a followup call to her to confirm or proceed so she knows where she stands on this. No follow up the previous reports.
  • 3421 Midvale Road Tucker, Georgia - Tucker
    There are two street lights on Midvale Rd underneath the I-285 bridge, Both have been burned out for many months. Georgia Power and DOT claim that the county is responsible. This is a hazard for pedestrians at night. Who can help? Roads and Drainage?
  • Other Archived
    Cascade Rd Sw Atlanta, GA, 30331, USA - Midwest Cascade
    Brian Patterson with DOT (706-741-3645) is calling regarding the Cascade Rd bridge closure. His guys were out to inspect the bridge and was going to request it be closed and realized it had already been closed. Brian tried to call Antonio Valenzuela and Mr. Valenzuela did not answer. Brian would like a call back to discuss the closure schedule and why it was closed. CC/FV.
  • Repaving Acknowledged
    50 Carolyn Ct Mcdonough, GA, 30252, USA - Henry County
    per caller, road is in poor condition & needs repaving; would like DOT staff to reach out and discuss with him the concerns/issues
  • DOT: Issue Archived
    104 Embassy Ct Macon, GA, 31210, USA - Macon-Bibb County
    Storm drain needs to be dugged out and its DOT
  • Roxboro Brookhaven, GA - Ridgedale Park
    When is the city going to other to do what it was voted to do? I don't care thay Buford Hwy is a DOT road, the city is clearly not engaging them enough to fix anything. Traffic is backed solid almost everyday from Buford to peachtree and I am tired of not being able to by home or leave my house between 4-7 everyday. We can fix issues like Porta potties, fences that are 3" over regs, and dogs barking but we can't be bothered with things that actually matter! I take that back, we did pace Lenox Blvd, because that really needed it over so many other roads. Fix the traffic, it's been 2 years and nothing. Peachtree at n. Druid is terrible. Buford at lenox and n druid is terrible. What are we doing!?!?
  • 4465 Roswell Rd Ne Atlanta, GA 30342, USA - North Buckhead

    Rather than install a left turn signal in the west bound lane the DOT has added a No Left Turn sign!
    Already no helping.

    Additionally, the signage should be moved across the intersection as drivers who have been sitting at the light can no longer see the signage and disregard their directions. Left turns continue and the Right Turn Only lane continues to go straight.

  • N. Druid Hills Rd Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    The residents along the Roxboro and N. Druid corridor have reached a breaking point. 2 YEARS after adopting city hood not one thing has been done about the SEVERE traffic issues between Peachtree and Buford. Last night was solid between those two roads which makes it impossible to navigate anywhere. And its all about to get worse with Christmas mall traffic. I really dont care that Buford and Peachtree are DOT roads, if the city was doing its job it would be communicating and making changes in conjunction with the DOT. 2 years is plenty of time to get it fixed along with fixing the nightmare that is Peachtree and N. Druid intersection. Yet not one thing has been done! I can't even get out of my driveway between 5-7 pm. I am really beginning to wonder what was accomplished by city incorporation. I guess we got a city hall.
  • Downtown Connector & Interstate 75 & Freedom Parkway Northeast Atlanta, GA 30312, USA - Sweet Auburn
    Fly over ramp lane divider dotted lines to lanes are fine as they washed off
  • 5200 Sardis Church Road Macon, Georgia - Macon-Bibb County

    At the I-75 ramp going south on Sardis Church Road, the curbing was repaired two Thursdays ago. By the following Monday morning, it had already been run over again and gouged up.

    The problem is that the turn ratio on the ramps are way too small for extended length trailers. Imagine how torn up it will be again after Amazon opens.

    Attaboy GDOT.

  • Campbellton Rd Sw & Wallace Rd Sw Atlanta, GA, 30331, USA - South Fulton
    Can the COSF Public Works Department work with GDOT to get a traffic signal to determine the feasibility of a traffic light at this intersection.
  • Skidaway Narrows Bridge Diamond Causeway, Savannah, Georgia - Chatham County
    Lots of plant debris clogging up drains on bridge and several other items on side of road (old carpet, tire...)
    Not sure if Chatham County PW does this or DOT but no idea how to reach GDOT