GDOT (Georgia Dept. of Transportation)

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Georgia Dept. of Transportation

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  • Mowing Archived
    1121 Milam Circle Clarkston, GA - Clarkston

    Is there someone I can contact to find out when E Ponce de Leon Road from 285 to McLendon will be mowed? The local residents would like to do a garbage clean-up day, but the vegetation is too thick & high to walk through.

    PS: this is DeKalb county...not GA DOT...any doubts, please contact Amber Weaver at Keep DeKalb Beautiful.

  • Georgia 96 Dry Branch, GA - Twiggs County
    .The road material between the tracks is formed like a speed breaker. If a vehicle crosses at the speed limit the driver can lose control. There are east and westbound tractor trailer skid marks from this happening. In addition to normal traffic, more than 1000 vehicles a day from Twiggs, Wilkinson, Laurens, Bleckley and Dodge Counties travel to Robins AFB . This crossingt does not meet the standards of DOT. The Twiggs County Commission, State Representative Bubber Epps, DOT and Norfolk Southern have been contacted several times since May 15, 2012. DOT did have the new blacktop milled down which has helped some. However Norfolk Southern need to repair the crossing. If they need examples of how it should be look at Booth Rd or Watson Blvd crossings in Warner Robins. This crossing needs to be fixed before there is an acident with injuries or death.
  • 5975-6055 Bethelview Rd Cumming, GA - US Congressional District GA9
    I have complained about this road once and got no response at all from anyone. there have many many patches and fill ins. Why can't the DOT do something about this instead of repaving roads that don't need it and fix the ones that do?
  • 619 Roberson Road Rockmart/Paulding, GA - US Congressional District GA11
    Since 2008 our road has been graded maybe twice. This summer just before the primary election!!!! The entire road currently is becoming impassable and they do not seem to care. We have a Rockmart mailing address but I'm talking about the Paulding County DOT people. PLEASE HELP US SOS SOS SOS SOS!!!!!
  • Other Archived
    819 East Shotwell Street Bainbridge, GA 39819, USA - Bainbridge
    The state DOT can't spell Attapulgus...
  • I-20 fulton, ga - Grove Park
  • Wages Way & Hwy 20 Sugar Hill/Gwinnett County, GA - Sugar Hill
    Someone, DOT, State, ?, planted a row of trees along the embankment of the bridge traveling Hwy 20 over the railroad tracks in Sugar Hill. The trees block the view of oncoming traffic (on Hwy 20 - PIB toward Wages Way). Before the trees we had several yards of clear view, not anymore. Remove the trees before someone's hurt, we can't see!
  • 2517 South Stone Mountain Lithonia Road Lithonia, Georgia - DeKalb County
    An approximately 2 mile area of South Stone Mountain Lithonia Road from the interection of Chapman Road to the intersection of South Stone Mountain Lithonia Road and Hunt Valley Road is in extremely poor condition. Multiple large holes and other areas of bad pavement exist. DeKalb County has done nothing to correct ongoing issues. Also, DOT just completed a improvement at the intersection of South Stone Mountain Lithonia Road and Lithonia Industrial Blvd. However, within feet of the termination of their work area numerous large holes exists.
  • Roxboro Brookhaven, GA - Ridgedale Park
    When is the city going to other to do what it was voted to do? I don't care thay Buford Hwy is a DOT road, the city is clearly not engaging them enough to fix anything. Traffic is backed solid almost everyday from Buford to peachtree and I am tired of not being able to by home or leave my house between 4-7 everyday. We can fix issues like Porta potties, fences that are 3" over regs, and dogs barking but we can't be bothered with things that actually matter! I take that back, we did pace Lenox Blvd, because that really needed it over so many other roads. Fix the traffic, it's been 2 years and nothing. Peachtree at n. Druid is terrible. Buford at lenox and n druid is terrible. What are we doing!?!?
  • N. Druid Hills Rd Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    The residents along the Roxboro and N. Druid corridor have reached a breaking point. 2 YEARS after adopting city hood not one thing has been done about the SEVERE traffic issues between Peachtree and Buford. Last night was solid between those two roads which makes it impossible to navigate anywhere. And its all about to get worse with Christmas mall traffic. I really dont care that Buford and Peachtree are DOT roads, if the city was doing its job it would be communicating and making changes in conjunction with the DOT. 2 years is plenty of time to get it fixed along with fixing the nightmare that is Peachtree and N. Druid intersection. Yet not one thing has been done! I can't even get out of my driveway between 5-7 pm. I am really beginning to wonder what was accomplished by city incorporation. I guess we got a city hall.
  • Downtown Connector & Interstate 75 & Freedom Parkway Northeast Atlanta, GA 30312, USA - Sweet Auburn
    Fly over ramp lane divider dotted lines to lanes are fine as they washed off
  • Pothole Archived
    101-199 West Dougherty Street Decatur, Georgia - Decatur
    Just west of the intersection of West Dougherty and S. McDonough, the roadbed is terrible--ragged, broken, uneven, with a number of potholes 9" deep or more. It's terrifying to drive over. Is the city or the DOT going to repair this any time soon?