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  • 11448-11450 Alpharetta Hwy Roswell, GA, 30076, USA - Roswell
    NB lanes 1 pothole close to sharpshooters. Please forward to GADOT if necessary
  • 4810-4812 Campbellton Rd Sw Atlanta, GA, 30331, USA - South Fulton
    GDOT has cut the grass but has left the clippings all over the sidewalks, they grass needs to be blown of the sidewalk and cleared so they do not go into the storm drain.
  • Other Archived
    6015 Lynmark Way Fairburn, GA, 30213, USA - South Fulton
    Intersection- Milam Rd & HWY 74/Senoia Rd- This intersection comes up in Fairburn. Citizen called to advise of potholes along Milam Rd near HWY 74. She called Fairburn and GDOT and both told her this was in the city of South Fulton. It was not coming up with in jurisdiction on the map and I advised her of this. She asked that the information get sent over. Lisa Beasley- 804.731.2827
  • 3421 Midvale Road Tucker, Georgia - Tucker
    There are two street lights on Midvale Rd underneath the I-285 bridge, Both have been burned out for many months. Georgia Power and DOT claim that the county is responsible. This is a hazard for pedestrians at night. Who can help? Roads and Drainage?
  • Roxboro Brookhaven, GA - Ridgedale Park
    When is the city going to other to do what it was voted to do? I don't care thay Buford Hwy is a DOT road, the city is clearly not engaging them enough to fix anything. Traffic is backed solid almost everyday from Buford to peachtree and I am tired of not being able to by home or leave my house between 4-7 everyday. We can fix issues like Porta potties, fences that are 3" over regs, and dogs barking but we can't be bothered with things that actually matter! I take that back, we did pace Lenox Blvd, because that really needed it over so many other roads. Fix the traffic, it's been 2 years and nothing. Peachtree at n. Druid is terrible. Buford at lenox and n druid is terrible. What are we doing!?!?
  • 2405 Hallie Mill Rd Atlanta, GA, 30349, USA - South Fulton
    She need to have the a dead dog removed for the road in front of her home. The dog is on Old National Hwy. Called Sandra Johnson and she already called GDOT and they are sending someone out. CC/EK
  • N. Druid Hills Rd Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    The residents along the Roxboro and N. Druid corridor have reached a breaking point. 2 YEARS after adopting city hood not one thing has been done about the SEVERE traffic issues between Peachtree and Buford. Last night was solid between those two roads which makes it impossible to navigate anywhere. And its all about to get worse with Christmas mall traffic. I really dont care that Buford and Peachtree are DOT roads, if the city was doing its job it would be communicating and making changes in conjunction with the DOT. 2 years is plenty of time to get it fixed along with fixing the nightmare that is Peachtree and N. Druid intersection. Yet not one thing has been done! I can't even get out of my driveway between 5-7 pm. I am really beginning to wonder what was accomplished by city incorporation. I guess we got a city hall.
  • Downtown Connector & Interstate 75 & Freedom Parkway Northeast Atlanta, GA 30312, USA - Sweet Auburn
    Fly over ramp lane divider dotted lines to lanes are fine as they washed off
  • Street Light Archived
    310 Northwind Dr Stockbridge, GA, 30281, USA - Henry County

    Street light is covered up and light fails to illuminate the street leaving the area dark and a safety hazard. Crime is increasing--cars are being broken into, property damage, and theft.
    The County has never addressed this issue--repeatedly assigning it to DOT who now (months later) says they aren't addressing it because it's on private property and offering NO SOLUTION or information to get the issue resolved. Given that their stance is now--"it's on private property and we do not go on private property"...."we only BILL for the street lights". (Does HC DOT not KNOW that the lights billed on property tax bills (as a middle man for Ga Power) are the responsibility of Georgia power???) If so, why was the correct response to contact the proper entity not immediate?? Why did DOT state they had addressed other lights reported in this subdivision on this same site, but this light is on "private property"--when per the office they "don't service street lights"? Extremely confusing information from the HC DOT!

    Example: A far better IMMEDIATE response (regardless of whether or not it is also posted on the SeeClickFix phone app) in order to properly address the issue for a quick resolution and to reduce CRIME in Henry County:
    "Henry County bills (collects) the money for street lights in subdivisions-we take no responsibility for street lights whatsoever within your subdivision except collecting your money for Georgia Power. We do not, even as a courtesy to resolve the issue for public safety purposes, report the issue to Georgia Power on your behalf. Please call Georgia Power at 1-888-660-5890 to report street light outages and issues as they are responsible for maintenance and issues of the lights.

    This light has NOW been reported to Georgia Power and a work order issued--if it is their responsibility and not Henry Countys'--they will be out within 5-7 business days. Hopefully Ga Power will take care of the issue PROMPTLY since Henry County DOT has handled it so unprofessionally and irresponsibly.

  • 2500 Old Alabama Rd Roswell, GA 30076, USA - Roswell
    HOA complaining about potholes at entrance to club springs drive? i see some degradation near the new asphalt and old but leave the analysis up to RDOT
  • Jonesboro Road McDonough, GA - Henry County
    There’s so much litter on at exit 221 and 224 in Mcdonough and Stockbridge Georgia getting on 75 head south and exit 75 head north this trash have been there now for 3 months and this have been reported previously , DOT never came out clean it up litter every where . The last litter crew did not half pick up the litter I saw one person kicking the litter at the exit under the rails , where it has been now like said earlier for 3 months.
  • Interstate 75 Stockbridge , Georgia - Henry County
    75 expressway headed south at exit 224 ther are severaldead hanging , broken tree limbs that have been this way for 9 months and no one from DOT in Henry county haven’t done anything about it.