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  • 5200 Sardis Church Road Macon, Georgia - Macon-Bibb County

    At the I-75 ramp going south on Sardis Church Road, the curbing was repaired two Thursdays ago. By the following Monday morning, it had already been run over again and gouged up.

    The problem is that the turn ratio on the ramps are way too small for extended length trailers. Imagine how torn up it will be again after Amazon opens.

    Attaboy GDOT.

  • Southern Magnolia Lane Rex/Henry, Georgia - Henry County
    Throughtout the Homestead Place subdivision on Southern Magnoila Lane, main street is Homestead in Henry County there are over grown tree limbs hanging over sidewalks to the street curb. Limbs have over taken the street lights in the subdivision, which makes it very unsafe. This is a walking community with sidewalks. These over hanging tree branches make it impossible to walk throught out the subdivision and into the street. DOT has been contacted several times to no avail. Please consider putting our paid taxes to good use. Is this to much to ask? Considering we must pay our taxes so we expect to get what we pay for.
  • 2012 Chambers Rd Mcdonough, GA, 30253, USA - Henry County
    per Mr. Johnny Barlett I contractor came out and laid a cable and left huge rocks in the ditch. Mr. Barlett said DOT had said the contractor would come out and meet Monday September 2. No one came or called .
  • Skidaway Narrows Bridge Diamond Causeway, Savannah, Georgia - Chatham County
    Lots of plant debris clogging up drains on bridge and several other items on side of road (old carpet, tire...)
    Not sure if Chatham County PW does this or DOT but no idea how to reach GDOT
  • Pothole Archived
    125 Ashlyn Ridge McDonough, GA - Henry County
    Dottie Green at 125 Ashlyn Ridge is requesting that we repair the pothole in front of her home. Her number is 404-402-2965.
  • 164 Coffee Lane Ellenwood, GA - DeKalb County

    nothing has been done i reported this to DOT on 10/20/2016 back in 2011 Arron Head meet with the Dabney's and told them DOT will do the drive way pipe because it was two different type of pipe cmp and concrete pipe and both ends of the pipe is clogged the pipe that runs under the road has erosion in the bottom it needs to be replaced as well refer to pictures there is also a creek that runs under the road

    This has been bounced.from Stormwater to DOT since 2011

  • North Inner Loop Road Hapeville, Georgia - Hapeville
    On North Inner Loop Rd between Woolman Pl and Delta Blvd (going towards the domestic airport) both lanes are completely flooded. Very unfortunately, you can't see the water until it's too late to turn around. I didn't think my car (Kia Forte) was going to make it through. Very scary. DOT - please close this section of road until the water subsides!
  • 6763 silver maple dr, Rex, Georgia - Clayton County
    a tractor trailer is parked on the street on Red Maple Dr. Not sure which house that he live in. It is a 53 ft trailer and the tractor. license number tss1w11, dot # 3108763. MC # 081552, name on the tractor is nyog and sons of Rex GA.
  • Other Archived
    Cascade Rd Sw Atlanta, GA, 30331, USA - Midwest Cascade
    Brian Patterson with DOT (706-741-3645) is calling regarding the Cascade Rd bridge closure. His guys were out to inspect the bridge and was going to request it be closed and realized it had already been closed. Brian tried to call Antonio Valenzuela and Mr. Valenzuela did not answer. Brian would like a call back to discuss the closure schedule and why it was closed. CC/FV.
  • Repaving Acknowledged
    50 Carolyn Ct Mcdonough, GA, 30252, USA - Henry County
    per caller, road is in poor condition & needs repaving; would like DOT staff to reach out and discuss with him the concerns/issues
  • 320 Kerrith Drive Stockbridge, GA - Henry County
    Mr. Minton states that DOT came out and replaced the pipe and cut his driveway out but the water is still not flowing he would like for someone to come back out and speak with him his number is 770-389-3560
  • 680 Fairview Rd Ellenwood, Georgia - Henry County
    Striping the parking lot at Station 06. Pavement striping the parking lot to maximize the number of parking spaces, improve traffic flow. Signs for handicapped parking, fire Department personnel parking only, no parking zones. Closed from Facilities and Maintenanceper Connie and to go through DOT and sent over to DOT to Hannah Vance for a work order to be put in. Update: Per St.6 only added marks not striping and called Hannah at DOT and left a message for David Simmons.. The original was put in on 2/8/2018 this work order is for tracking purposes. I spoke to David S. on 6/28/18 -and it is in process for the signage and stated that the parking lot striping is completed.