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  • 156-172 Georgia 138 Stockbridge, GA 30281, USA - Henry County
    There is a brown boarded up house near a church and Chevron just past 138/42 intersection. The second one is a brick house that burnt up where a child was killed in it just before Millers Mill. There is an empty brick house that the DOT used as an office when the bridge was going in on 138. There is a blue house that use to be a barber shop on the corner of 138/Hemphill.
  • I-285 South/North (West Side) Cobb/Fulton, Georgia - Atlanta Industrial Park
    Potholes and cracks are so bad from the trucks driving on it that it will ruin your car from driving on it. One Pothole is about 2 or so feet deep. The DOT fixes the Top End every year but "forgets" about the West Side that gets TONS of traffic! Please do your magic and get it fixed! Some of the holes have been fixed but between Hallowell Pkwy (exit 12) and S Cobb Dr (exit 15) going both direction the bumps and holes are to the point that if I don't try to avoid them, then you almost get airborne or you car feels like it will break apart. It's mainly in the 2nd from the right lane, but has spread to others in various spots.
  • 2078-2162 Savoy Drive Atlanta, Georgia - Dunwoody
    GA DOT cleared out a lot of trees between 285 East and Savoy Drive. They cleaned up the tree and landscaping debris but did not clean up the large amount of garbage on the hill. This looks terrible. Please send a crew to clean up these 2 areas.
  • 2860 Holcomb Bridge Rd Roswell 30076, United States - Roswell
    Pothole still not fixed even though GDOT said it was and closed the issue.
  • 1575 Bass Road Macon, Georgia - Macon-Bibb County
    On Saturday (April 21st) the politicians were not content to leave the ROW clean anywhere in North Macon. Shane Mobley started by finding every other politician's sign (whether it was on the ROW, off off the ROW, or uncertain if it was off or on the ROW) and erecting a large sign on steel rebar in front of it. The starting point for this was on Bass Road, across from the Publix Shopping Center where he trashed the ROW. The same thing has happened all the way out Bass Road and to the end of Foster Road, where there are several new signs from Mobley, Washburn, Bechtel, and Kemp. Since Monday will be a rain day (not good for digging holes) that will be a good time to keep a couple of crews busy as long as they are going to get paid for sitting around the shop anyway. Here is a list of roads where there are multiple campaign signs clearly on the ROW. Bass Road, Foster Road, Forrest Hill Road, Northside Drive, Wesleyan Drive, Rivoli Drive, Zebulon Road, etc, etc, etc. I know it seems like a losing battle, but these people are in violation of State Law (32-6-51) and Local Ordinance (16-11) and should not be allowed to insult the citizens by trashing the roadside without any responsibility whatsoever. GDOT is handling the illegal signs on Riverside Drive and US Hwy 41 because those are federal/state roads. Contact Alan Coleman at GDOT for confirmation.
  • 617 Moreland Ave Ne Atlanta, Georgia - Poncey-Highland
    Public record indicates 617 Moreland Ave NE is owned by the DOT and leased to the City of Atlanta under the Freedom Parkway lease. The sidewalk is entirely broken. As the property owner, the City is responsible for fixing this sidewalk. Sidewalk needs to be repaired by City.
  • Willeo Road GA - Roswell
    Several potholes on Willeo Creek Bridge. Resident request repair from RDOT even through although the bridge borders Cobb County.
  • 6390 Roswell Rd Sandy Springs, GA - Sandy Springs
    This is an update to a story we reported last Friday night. After we found the bursted grate, I was walking to work on Saturday morning, and what did I find, the infamous, and loud, metal plate is back, and louder than ever. Again, the DOT, like always, has done an attempted patchwork job, and made things worse.
  • Spring Buford Conn Atlanta, GA - Lindridge/Martin Manor
    The GADOT just recently finish repaving the Spring/Buford Connector. However, the exit ramp to enter North I-85 had many pot hole before the repaving and now they're back, and bigger than before. If left unnoticed, the hole will be worse than before.
  • 12308-12340 Etris Road Roswell, Georgia - Roswell

    The posted speed limit on Etris Rd is 45 MPH which is an anomaly for Roswell. The only other roads in the city of Roswell that are 45 are Hwy 9, Hwy 92, and Hwy 120 (notice a trend?). How has Etris Road remained at this high speed with all of the housing development on that road over the years? Etris is part of the Yellow Route of the larger Roswell Loop concept. Do we think that pedestrians enjoy walking nearby cars that are zooming past at speeds at or in excess of the posted speed limits?

    Roswell indicates that this is a GDOT Issue pertaining to speeds. However when speaking to Rhonda at GDOT District 7, she indicated that this is a Roswell issue.

    It appears that someone is currently doing a speed study on that road based on the speed detection signage that has cropped up recently. Can you please confirm that Roswell has the power to adjust the speed limit on city streets? If so, what is the rationale behind it remaining 45 MPH?

  • Hiway 80 From Quaterman To Bull River - Chatham County

    from the light at quaterman rd all the way to the light at chu's, there is little or no signage to help tourist find tybee. I would like to see more signs and even arrows painted into the right lane warning " right lane MUST TURN RIGHT" and, put some barrier to stop the right lane from racing me up the bridge. the lack of signage just adds to confusion that tourist dont need. that confusion just makes the locals mad and does nothing to enhance public safety.

    a barrier should be constructed so that " last minute" jerks and people who always break in line will have to wait their turn or be FORCED to turn right onto johnny mercer.

    i have conveyed this to the state dot but evidently i am not a traffic engineer ....common sense evidently is non-existent at the DOT

  • Other Archived
    Mill Rd McDonough 30253, United States - Henry County
    Guys! There is practically NO lines left on Jonesboro Rd. near Mill Rd. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. HCDOT says they may have money next year in the LMIG fund. We CANNOT wait until next year to get this addressed!