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  • 3030 N Ashley St Valdosta 31602, United States - Valdosta District 5
    Where can citizens find the plans the city and GDOT have for the 5 points area? The traffic engineer from 15 years ago should have started on fixing the traffic issue back then.
  • 585 Atlanta St Roswell 30075, United States - Roswell
    Could the RDOT Pothole Posse fix the multiple potholes on Atlanta Street between Sloan and Oxbo, both lanes, both directions?
  • 120 Bent Grass Dr Roswell, GA, 30076, USA - Roswell
    Right of way AND lot on the south west corner of East Crossville at Bent Grass Drive needs to be cut. The grass/weeds are about 5.5 ft tall. I am aware this lot is owned by GDOT as I live at 120 Bent Grass Dr (right next to it), and the City of Roswell has a contract to maintain it. Please clean it up as it is an eyesore! This is not the first time I've posted this issue and hopefully it will be the last!
  • Road Signs Archived
    I-75 N Mcdonough, GA, 30253, USA - Henry County

    Unsolved issue - originally submitted in February 2018

    Issue ID: 5320668
    Submitted To: Henry County, GA
    Category: Road Signs
    Viewed: 19 times
    Neighborhood: Henry County
    Reported: on 01/24/2019
    Tagged: signs, traffic, road safety

    This request has been "acknowledged" multiple times by GDOT, Henry County and the City of Stockbridge, yet no resolution has been accomplished!

    Please address this matter

    inaccurate sign on entrance ramp to I-75 N (from Jodeco Rd)
    The sign "right lane ends" is not accurate and should be changed to "Left Lane Ends." The far-right entrance lane continues when entering from Jodeco Rd (westbound). Actually, the left lane ends after vehicles enter the on-ramp from the left (turn) lane after traveling eastbound on Jodeco Rd, and the painted markings on the lanes so indicate - requiring traffic from the left lane to merge right.
    Similar to other entrance ways that desire to keep traffic moving, I also recommend adding a sign stating "Keep Moving" (or similar acceptable signage) near the on-ramp entrance for vehicles that enter the on-ramp and occupy the right-most lane.
    I originally submitted this action to GDOT (via their website) on 2/21/2018; no action has been taken to date to remedy the issue. GDOT responded on 2/21/2018 indicating it was a "Valid complaint" and "Your inquiry will be sent to your specific Georgia DOT district department (District 3) that covers your area. A district representative will contact you in to the matter in efforts to resolve the issue."
    I submitted a subsequent inquiry to the GDOT Customer Service email address on 7/8/2018 resulting in no response.

  • 2038 Roff Ave Macon, GA, 31204, USA - Macon
    The alley between 249 and 261 Clisby Pl in historic downtown Macon, GA is dotted with potholes, stagnant and deep canals all the way to the back road. I wanted to put more pictures and videos but the system won't allow me to do it.
    Please fix this alley. It's not only an eyesore. It's also dangerous for residents like us who suffer from bumpy driving as well as damage to the underside of the car.
  • 3660 Peachtree Rd Ne Atlanta, GA - Atlanta
    At the completion of the Peachtree Rd project a year or so ago all contruction signs were removed but this one in front of the condominums at 3660 Peachtree was missed. Please have DOT remove as soon as possible as it is not enhancing the curb appeal of our homes.
  • 2599 Vineville Avenue Macon, Georgia - Macon


    Reported this issue before #3735298. I contacted GDOT and followed up like you mentioned.

    There response: I need to advise that unless there is a drainage structure at this curb & gutter radius section, the DOT does not repair broken up sections of C & G or sidewalk.

    Please advise MBPW if this.
    Frank J. Seymour, E.I.T.
    Asst Area Mgr - Maintenance
    Dist 3 Area 4 - Macon

    Cell: (478) 391-3387

  • Tucker Valley Road Macon, GA - Macon-Bibb County
    Customer called to report illegal dumping on Tucker Valley Road, between the Raceway gas station and Merkersons plumbing. States that it is right at the old entrance to the DOT.
  • Holcomb Bridge Rd & Us-19 & Holcomb Bridge Rd Roswell, GA, USA - Roswell

    From the Shell station to entering GA 400 on ramp south, the place is littered with trash! My out of town guests think Roswell is trashy!

    Then I take them on the Northbound GA 400 on ramp and nothing says Roswell like a dead rotting deer carcass on the shoulder...

    Don't blame Fulton County or GDOT. Please keep Roswell's only freeway interchange spotless.

  • 11500-11502 Houze Road Roswell, Georgia - Roswell
    GA DOT put this big dark (at Night) circle in the middle of 4 roads. It's got plenty of new lights in place that I am sure are wired. Any reason someone can't turn them on so when all the people driving through this area can possible see the road. I mean we paid a small fortune to put them in we should be able to see them on?
    Thanks so much, great to see this is finally coming to an end.
  • 5925-6015 Zebulon Road Macon, Georgia - Macon-Bibb County
    There's an electronic message sign on the sidewalk, it looks like a GDOT sign, but it belongs to a church. It should not be allowed. It looks like an official GDOT sign but the message is not about traffic or road hazard. They are advertising the church!
  • Other Archived
    6103 Old National Hwy Atlanta 30349, United States - South Fulton
    Please remove all illegal advertising signs at the following intersection: -HWY 138, Bethsaida Rd, Creel Rd, Nevels, Merrywood, Flat Shoals, Burdett, Jerome, Sheriff, Morris as of 11/25/19. GDOT picked up liter last week. Thank you