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  • 3925 Cutter Point Valdosta, Georgia - Valdosta District 4
    Line of sight at Cutter Point and Forrest St ext is to where you have to pull out to almost the white line in order to see southbound traffic on Forrest St. It's a hazard. Being a retired dot employee I am willing to do the job if you are too busy just let me know
  • 2092 Eves Road Roswell, GA 30076, United States of America - Roswell
    Massive pothole on Eves Rd, northbound, just before SR140 in turn lane. This is a Roswell road, not GDOT.
  • 6889 Walker Rd Riverdale, GA 30296, USA - Clayton County
    please have the Clayton County DoT come out and trim back the low hanging limbs. when on Walker Road, looking west on Bethsaida, it's hard to see oncoming traffic.
  • Metal Post Archived
    Us Hwy 27 & Chipley St. Pine Mountain, GA - Pine Mountain
    There is a metal post in front of the Reames' building that looks as if it once held a sign. I don't know if it is on the DOT right of way or the city right of way or the Reames' property. If it is not on the Reames' property, can it be removed?
  • 223-257 Brand Rd Sw Loganville, GA - Gwinnett County
    They have been "Working" on this road for 8 EIGHT 8 YEARS!!!! It was supposed to be completed Dec 2011, then March 2012, STILL NOT COMPLETED !!!!!!!!!! This is a bunch of lies from the DOT and the contractors !!!!
  • 1059–1187 Lower Woolsey Rd Hampton 30228, United States - Henry County
    DOT built shoulder by dumping dirt on the road. Now the entire westbound lane in full of dirt since last week.
  • 6080 Bethelview Rd Cumming, GA - US Congressional District GA9
    The road from highway 9 on up Bethelview Rd is in poor shape. The DOT will pave roads that don't need it and won't pave the ones that do.
  • 402 Mill Pond Rd. Roswell, GA - Roswell
    At the intersection of Bent Grass and Hwy 92 there is a traffic light with a turn signal. There are times in the morning when I and several others sit at that turn light to head east back toward GA 400 thru 2 - 3 turn cycles which can be 10 + minutes. It doesn't make sense that that light isn't flashing like the turn signal at Crabapple and Hwy 92 when there is more visibility at Bent Grass and Hwy 92. I'm sure you can understand how frustrating this can be when people are trying to get to work in the morning and dealing with Atlanta traffic as well. I would request this turn signal be flashing at all times. I reached out to GDOT and they told me they do not maintain this intersection and directed me to City of Roswell. I look forward to your response and the change in this light. I appreciate your attention to this matter.
  • Road Signs Archived
    I-75 N Mcdonough, GA, 30253, USA - Henry County

    Inaccurate sign on entrance ramp to I-75 N (from Jodeco Rd)

    The sign "right lane ends" is not accurate and should be changed to "Left Lane Ends." The far-right entrance lane continues when entering from Jodeco Rd (westbound). Actually, the left lane ends after vehicles enter the on-ramp from the left (turn) lane after traveling eastbound on Jodeco Rd, and the painted markings on the lanes so indicate - requiring traffic from the left lane to merge right.

    Similar to other entrance ways that desire to keep traffic moving, I also recommend adding a sign stating "Keep Moving" (or similar acceptable signage) near the on-ramp entrance for vehicles that enter the on-ramp and occupy the right-most lane.

    I originally submitted this action to GDOT (via their website) on 2/21/2018; no action has been taken to date to remedy the issue. GDOT responded on 2/21/2018 indicating it was a "Valid complaint" and "Your inquiry will be sent to your specific Georgia DOT district department (District 3) that covers your area. A district representative will contact you in to the matter in efforts to resolve the issue."

    I submitted a subsequent inquiry to the GDOT Customer Service email address on 7/8/2018 resulting in no response.

    I am now submitting this request to you in hopes a more local (Henry County) activity which has a vested interested in the safety of its citizens can obtain results.

    Thanks much!

  • Georgia 212 Conyers, GA - Rockdale County
    The Bump in GA. Hwy. 212 Goes all the way across the hwy. Both West&East Bound. Its between address #1282 & 1270 Hwy. 212( Scotts Hwy.)
  • I-75 North And South Bound Kennesaw, GA - Cobb County
    Emergancy lane buttons were removed by the Ga. Dot during the snow and ice removeal early this year. These are very important so sleepy drivers dont cross into on coming traffic.
  • Winters Chapel Road Doraville, GA - DeKalb County
    ordinance for all trucks 7pm to 7am not being enforced and trucks should not be going through residential area anyway,dot to enforce ordinance? Doraville? Dekalb? Gas tank farm causing most of the ordinance violations