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Princeton, NJ (Consolidation of former Princeton Township and Princeton Borough)

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  • 29 Cuyler Road Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North

    It is almost endearing that Princeton has contracted with Lightning McQueen to repave Cuyler and Dempsey. Mr McQueen has repeated the job he did in the movie "Cars". I hope Princeton will do what Radiator Springs did and make him scrape off what he pooped down and do a proper job.

    All joking aside, the new top layer stops about 1-2ft from the curb, forming a nice ridge ready to trip up bike riders. This is not safe, I hope you fix this asap.

  • 201 Witherspoon St Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Thank you Princeton for removing the old storm drains with slits parallel to the road: the ones that were effective bicycle tire traps!
    There is one left in front of 201 Witherspoon Street: could you please replace it with the nice new ones with short holes? Thanks!
  • 17 Witherspoon St Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Many potholes need to be fixed on Witherspoon St in Princeton
  • 652 Princeton Kingston Rd Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North

    The crosswalk at Princeton Kingston Road and Roper Road (near 652 Princeton Kingston Rd) is on a blind corner, cars coming from the east cannot see pedestrians trying to cross. Often times, if a car sees the pedestrian and stops, other cars will go around almost hitting the pedestrian. I have seen/experienced this multiple times. I have counted at least 20 people who use this crosswalk in the morning/evening rushes. This is dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers.

    I propose adding a flashing signal for pedestrian safety and driver awareness.

  • 100 Bunn Drive Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    The pedestrian button does not seem to work when crossing from Princeton Charter School to the traffic island (it does work when crossing in the opposite direction).
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    Website Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    Princeton Website does not include among news/media outlets.
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    65 Witherspoon Street Princeton, NJ 08542, USA - Princeton
    Bert Navarrete is causing problems at the Princeton Tech Meetup
  • Patton Avenue Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    There has been a lot of construction (5 houses) on the section of Patton Avenue between Harrison and Princeton and the road has become totally trashed as cuts are made for one reason or another. Each cut has a little mountain of fill (In "good" situations) and there is actually one hole that is several inches deep that was 'filled'. Its one thing to live with so much construction, but it is entirely another when once the construction is done, our road is still damaged making it difficult to navigate and presenting safety issues. To whom should this complaint be addressed? Wiley Construction? The Town?
  • 292 Ewing St Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton North
    There is a tear-down/construction at 150 Linden Lane. The back of the property abuts Franklin Avenue near JW Middle School, across from Westminster Choir College parking lot. This residential construction project has led to a complete break in the sidewalk in order to provide a "driveway"/access to the property/construction from the back of the Linden Lane property such that students walking or biking to JW or PHS have to divert on to an already ridiculously busy street to go around the break/blockage of the sidewalk. This morning during the busiest time of traffic heading to PHS and JW, there was a large truck delivering wood parked on Franklin behind 150 Linden that blocked traffic ON TOP OF the sidewalk disruption. This is completely unacceptable and it's amazing that the town would approve this access to the back of the property when it blocks a sidewalk that students of the two centralized public schools in Princeton use to get to school, given the municipality's emphasis on biking and walking vs driving. The sidewalk needs to be restored immediately. There is a pile of dirt on the Linden Lane side (no sidewalk) that could be removed for access for construction vehicles. There is no reason that because the property has an "open" backyard that the construction access cannot be restricted to the front of the property o Linden Lane. Again, it's astounding that the town would approve the disruption of a sidewalk on Franklin Ave used by students of the public schools, when there is access on the Linden Lane side of the house where no sidewalk exists. Please rectify this now.
  • 15 Wiggins St Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton

    Hello; Several years ago, I informed you that the dilapidated, obsolete and antiquated electrical substation posed a life hazard. I described how a blast of blue lightning had set a number of girls standing in the library near me screaming, and how we had gathered in anticipation of this event, and were looking in that direction, the static charge being so palpable.

    My tip resulted in action by Public Service, but much of this was cosmetic, with a new fence being installed.

    Now, last week (Wednesday evening), another event occurred, this on Hinds Plaza. I didn't stay to see the outcome, but a family had gathered just after a rain shower at the tables I was moving in preparation for the weekly Farmer's Market, and since they couldn't speak any English, at all, I gave up right away trying to tell them of the danger of a lightning strike due to the proximity of the electrical substation, the light rain and the metal tables all gathered together, as they must be to hold the Market.

    It was whispered the next day that something had happened to the family, but I could never get any confirmation or clear description of what had occurred, a blue-lightning strike, or what.

    Now, I would like to suggest that a heavy-as-possible soft copper conduit pipe be placed under Wiggins Street from the substation to Princeton Cemetery, and then a hole drilled about thirty feet deep to accommodate the copper pipe and conduct lightning strikes to the water table.

    Then, braided copper wiring, of the kind used for tree and house lightning rods, should be led to every high, outside corner of the substation. Six or eight rods should be used, at minimum.
    The hole under Wiggins Street could be done with a Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) machine, and the machine could be set up in the graveyard.

    I hope that you can readily persuade PSE&G to take the measures suggested, or some version of them that can be depended upon to remedy the defects described. I'd rather not continue because of the terrible memories, but I was hit by a blue-lightning strike that I believe originated at the station, and suspect that methane accumulating in the sewers and drains played a part. It wasn't nearby, but where electrical currents are concerned, even long distances can be very short. The substation ran the trolley all the way to Trenton, for example.

  • 470 County Road 533 Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    There's a really bad pothole on Mercer Road heading into Princeton right before the intersection with Quaker Road
  • Cuyler Rd Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    Hello, There is this old oak tree on Cuyler Rd corner with Walnut Ln invaded by vines. It needs some relief from the vines otherwise it will die. It belongs to Princeton. Please help!