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Princeton, NJ (Consolidation of former Princeton Township and Princeton Borough)

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  • 43 Park Pl Princeton, NJ, 08542, USA - Princeton
    The Parking Princeton application on my iPhone has been working fine for a few weeks. But the last two times I have used it, it is if I am starting from scratch having to have a pin sent to me and then entering my credit card and license plate information. Twice. I don’t have time for this.
  • Gulick Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton North
    Mittens is an indoor and outdoor cat who has been missing since Weds night at 8pm when a neighbor last saw him. He is not one to miss any meals as he is on the heavy side. He tends to prowl the stream that runs between Gulick Road and Poe Road in the Littlebrook area of Princeton. If you have seen Mittens or have any information please contact Animal Control at 609-924-2728.
  • Trees-Misc. request Acknowledged
    Community Park Elementary School 372 Witherspoon St, Princeton, NJ, 08542, USA - Princeton North
    Overnight Sunday into Monday (8/18-19) across the street from my house at 293 Witherspoon, a 15 foot, 80 pound (my estimate) dead tree limb fell across the sidewalk on the west side of Witherspoon (since moved by passersby).. Looking up, you'll see multiple dead limbs on the five sycamores between the sidewalk and the street fronting Community Park School property, and more major dead limbs on a tree in front of the old Princeton Packet. Lots of kids walk to school and pool on that sidewalk. Probably time to trim the dead wood.
  • 113-125 North Harrison Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton

    I'm fed up with being forced to walk in the street because people
    don't clear their sidewalks. These are people who rarely if ever
    clear their sidewalks -- this winter, last winter, the winter before.

    Here are some of the worst offenders to get started with:
    EWING STREET (279, 265, 249, 245)

    277 Hawthorne (walkway along Harrison)
    3 Hornor Lane (Red house)
    200 Hamilton (Blue house)
    32 North Harrison
    Hook & Ladder Company 1957 and adjacent municipal parking lot

    Corner of Mt. Lucas & Dogwood Hill Road (nearly impossible to cross
    Dogwood Hill along Mt. Lucas due to large mound of snow)
    From Dogwood Hill Road to Old Orchard Lane
    Mt. Lucas Road from about the midpoint between Herrontown Road and Princeton
    Avenue down to Princeton Avenue
    Mt. Lucas Road from Cold Soil Road about 300 feet heading towards Alcorn Glen

  • 105 Fitzrandolph Rd Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton

    There used to be a bench on Prospect Avenue at the corner of Fitzrandolph Street. This was very convenient for my elderly parents, who could sit there on their way to downtown. I have seen the bench used many times by other people as well. The bench has been gone for a few months now. Is it possible to install a new bench in this neighborhood? This would help making Princeton a pedestrian-friendly town.

    Thank you

  • Oakland And Walnut Lane Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    There has been a construction truck full of garbage parked on Oakland for weeks now. It is facing the wrong way and is damaging the trees which the township planted, broken branches on the ground. Can the contractor be asked to move it? Along with emptying the dumpster which has been filled to overflowing fro weeks also. The price of new house building in Princeton is long-term misery for those of us unfortunate enough to live next door.
  • 367 Ewing Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    Is Valle Landscaping registered in Princeton?? They blew the leaves across the street from me into the street and onto my property. I went over to ask the landscaper if he realized that the leaves would not be picked up for three weeks and that he was not in compliance. He said he was in compliance and it was my problem. The way I read the schedule loose leaves will not be picked up until November 9th. Which is more than 2 weeks away. I just spend yesterday raking and bagging my leaves now to have all the neighbors leave blow on my lawn. Which will now continue to blow for three weeks.
  • 160 Hickory Court Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    On the morning of May 29th the Princeton Public Works depat came to the cul-de-sac on Hickory court to cut the grass. There were 4 workers and they did a terrible job cutting and trimming the grass. There were some downed branches and istead of moving them they attempted to trim around them
  • 55 Witherspoon Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    The Princeton farmers market trash cans have been overflowing every Thursday since they opened. It’s oretty disgusting for all in attendance.
  • 706-806 Kingston Rd Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton
    Patrol moved the deer from the road way. On Princeton Kingston just south of Prospect Avenue
  • 150 Loomis Ct Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton North
    The circle at Loomis Court is in deplorable condition, especially on the northern side. It is covered with ruts and potholes. It is unsightly and a safety hazard. The problem began several years ago when Princeton's contractor paved the circle during a rain storm. It was never repaved properly at that time and has become worse. The patches never corrected the basic problem. Neighboring Hickory Court, which was identical to Loomis when it was built in the 1950's, was recently refurbished with what appears to be Belgian block stone and looks very well maintained. Why is the circle at Loomis such a mess and why wasn't it improved when Hickory was? ? Thank you for your attention to this matter.
  • 200 Marshall Ave Princeton NJ 08540 United States, Princeton, NJ - Princeton

    We have seen a homeless man for 3 days now living underneath the large trees in the Butler Tracts open lots just east of Harrison street.

    Princeton university owns these lots and local residents tend to walk there. Many children play in this area unattended and having a homeless transient there is dangerous.