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Princeton, NJ (Consolidation of former Princeton Township and Princeton Borough)

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  • 372 Witherspoon St Princeton, NJ, 08542, USA - Princeton North
    Agendas have not been posted for the Princeton Planning Board meeting of 01.17.2019 or the Zoning Board of Adjustment for 01.16.2019.
  • 237 Elm Rd Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton
    The Belle Meade Trap Rock Quarry is running six-wheeler, heavy dump trucks up Elm Road (and Great Road) at all hours of the day and night. This morning, it started before 4:00 a.m., but a few days ago, it was at 2:30 a.m..
    The trucks are harmful in several ways.
    First, it is impossible to sleep through a passing truck, even in the early morning, because of the vibration and the noise of the exhaust pipes which are not muffled sufficiently.
    Then, the acrid smell of the diesel exhaust lingers and doesn't dissipate.
    The question of the damage they do to the municipal roadway should be considered, as well.
    They have the option of using Carter Road, which is a County Highway, and undeveloped, for the most part, but they choose to "roar into Princeton."
    The company that runs this show (the Belle Meade Quarry) has been bought out of Kingston by South Brunswick, and paid not to get started in Bay of Fundy, Canada, by the Canadian Government. I suspect that they have lawyers on the line who are telling them to be just as loud and obnoxious as they want, since they are thereby increasing their chances of another buyout at their Belle Meade location. They have several quarries in the Mid-Atlantic region, and Belle Meade is probably the closest to heavy residential development while affecting nearby Princeton, as well. It's a natural for a buyout.
    I would like to pursue the possibility of banning trucks of the kind used by the Belle Meade Quarry from Princeton's residential neighborhoods, including Elm Road. The trucks could reach Carter Road and Route 206 by either turning west on Cherry Valley Road and traveling a mile to where it intersects with Carter Road, or by going into Hopewell (not recommended), and turning onto Carter Road where it starts, there. Again, Carter Road is a County highway.
  • 276 Mt Lucas Rd Princeton, NJ 08540, USA - Princeton North

    Just wonder how we can push PSEG restore our area as promised last night 11:15 pm.

    Now, they pushed to 03/10 11:45 PM, this ridiculous and it seems to me they don't pay enough attention on us at all !

    With most of Princeton residents have electricity, seems we are the only ones in town suffering now.

    I was on the phone 2 hours and can't get through to PSEG

    Now we need to find a place to take shower ...

  • Campbell Hall Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton

    This following article was published in Princeton's Daily Princetonian, and I would like to make the news grow for some change to happen, including State involvement.

    --Pooping in the shower is Princeton’s new normal: A letter to the heads of Princeton University--

    Imagine a crowded living space with bad plumbing, old hallways, and exposed pipes, where toilets overflow and make an unsanitary disaster, where human feces are found in the shower, urine found in trash cans, shower curtains removed as pranks, and then people of color and people of unprivileged socioeconomic backgrounds have to clean it all up.

    You don’t have to imagine it to believe it. This place exists here at Princeton University, the number one school in the country.

    Campbell Hall has been subject to various events in the only men’s bathroom of the entire hall. There is only one bathroom that the entire hall has to share. Three toilets, three sinks, and four showers. A bathroom that constantly needs maintenance and cleaning because of its heavy usage, and therefore leaves a burden to facilities to have to constantly maintain the bathrooms in a decent state. People may say, “Oh well, you just got a bad hall, you’ll draw into a better one next year,” but shouldn’t Princeton be embarrassed to have students living like this in their first or second year, especially since there is so much discrepancy in quality of dorms between one hall and another? It is unfair that some Princeton students get to reside in dorms that approach hotel-like quality while other students have to face situations like these.

    This bathroom concern ridicules University Facilities workers, taking away the fact that they are human beings. Nowhere in their job description does it state that they regularly have to pick up human feces from the ground. It is ridiculous for anyone to have to clean human feces on almost a week-by-week basis off the shower floors. Waking up incredibly early in their homes, about an hour away from Princeton, before the sun comes out and arriving to campus to have to face feces is completely unacceptable.

    Facilities does an extraordinary job of maintaining the hall clean, but it has reached the point where even the best of cleaners can’t really change the appearance. I admire the work of Facilities to an enormous extent, and I cannot emphasize how valuable they are in this community.

    Who knew that at a school like Princeton, Campbell residents would have to be interrogated by the staff of Rockefeller College to figure out who created this mess? Shouldn’t a school like Princeton already have this issue resolved? Even if the school has something like seminars or talks to preach cleanliness and how to keep our facilities safe, the problem isn’t about which student is doing this and who might be behind it all, but rather how the current conditions of the hall have lead to this. Having conditions like these make it seem normal to be able to commit these horrendous acts. Just like it’s dirty in the hallways, it makes anyone think that they can do the same in the bathroom or elsewhere in the hall. It’s ridiculous that it’s already become the “normal” thing to be accustomed to these bathroom disasters. The people who are committing the crime are equally as guilty as the University culture that allows this to happen in the first place.

    The situation at Campbell Hall, at its core, is a public health issue. Toilets clog and overflow with feces, paper towels, plastic bags, and urine, covering the entire bathroom floor and staying like this for an entire weekend. Feces is found on the shower floors and stays like that for nearly a day; even if it is cleaned up, microscopic traces of feces still remain and are unsafe for those who shower barefoot. Toilet seats are incredibly dirty to the point where you cannot sit on them, even if you wipe them down. There is no ventilation in the bathroom as there are no open windows, and as the bathroom is located in the basement, there is barely any air circulation from the bathroom door.

    How can Princeton be okay with housing students here? Even if there were no bathroom problems, the building itself is incredibly old and not renovated, with exposed pipes that may be a hazard, unfinished painted walls, sinking staircases, only one water fountain for an entire hall, an old common room with limited resources, no laundry room, exposed wires, chipping paint, a dirty appearance, leaking pipes, and water damage, among other things.

    I demand action and a response from the University to change this and resolve this situation — not by interrogating students on who’s responsible but by renovating the hall to avoid all this in the first place.

    The University and students alike should be outright embarrassed to have a hall like this on campus.

    Daniel Bracho is a first-year from Caracas, Venezuela. He can be reached at

  • Pothole Archived
    650 Great Road Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Large pothole in the area of Princeton Day School
  • 196 Bayard Lane Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    There are blocked storm drains on Bayard Lane and along Route 206 at the curve across from Princeton Bank. There are large pools of standing water from the last storm in multiple spots between Bayard Lane and Route 206. More rain is on the way and I expect we will have flooding if the drains are not cleared of debris. Help, please! Thanks.
  • Ewing St Princeton - Princeton North
    This is Remus, a friendly 10 year old white cat with a black patch on top of his head. Very friendly. Last seen Tuesday evening. If anyone has seen him or sees him please call Access Princeton 609-924-4141 or leave a message for Animal Control 609-924-2728
  • 200 Marshall Ave Princeton NJ 08540 United States, Princeton, NJ - Princeton

    We have seen a homeless man for 3 days now living underneath the large trees in the Butler Tracts open lots just east of Harrison street.

    Princeton university owns these lots and local residents tend to walk there. Many children play in this area unattended and having a homeless transient there is dangerous.

  • Other Archived
    1–5 Mercer St Princeton 08540, United States - Princeton
    Abandoned yellow Princeton Sun newspaper box should be removed. In addition to this location, there are at least five others on Nassau Street.
  • Pothole Archived
    198 Prospect Ave Princeton, NJ 08540, USA - Princeton
    major gash in roadway right in bike lane on north west corner of prospect ave & harrison street corner, right where school crossing guard Joe stands in morning and bikers cross harrisson. large and deep aligned with bike sharrow s, very dangerous to bikers back from riverside elementary school and to princeton university. have previously reported it but nothing happened, please fix it before someone gets hurt
  • 182 Moore Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    Please cancel my request for a help to remove a bat from our house. Thankfully, Princeton PD sent an officer who removed it.
    Thanks you, anyway.
    Nayan Trivedi
    182 Moore Street.
  • Other Open
    202 Bullock Dr Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    We have two parking cards with over $50 on them and just found out through the Packet that the cards will be useless this fall and there will be no refunds. This is nuts! We have used these cards for years and I go through about $40 a semester taking various classes at Princeton. There have been no signs in the parking garage that the decision was made to cancel the cards last February. I expect to be able to use the money on these cards or get refunds. I know the garage can read the cards and "could" provide refunds to credit cards easily.