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Princeton, NJ (Consolidation of former Princeton Township and Princeton Borough)

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  • 756-800 Mercer Rd Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton
    Not outside a particular house- trash has collected all along Princeton Pike (probably from the combination of recycling day and high winds). There are also 1-2 advertisement signs that have been there for over 2 months now - please remove those as well!
  • 55 Witherspoon Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    The Princeton farmers market trash cans have been overflowing every Thursday since they opened. It’s oretty disgusting for all in attendance.
  • Washington Rd Princeton 08540, United States - Princeton
    THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE. Box truck parked in a no stopping/standing zone and parked on the sidewalk, on Washington Rd. This is a danger for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. WB Mason should be able to find and pay for parking, just like any other driver. I see them here repeatedly at this time, so it should be possible for Princeton Police to plan enforcement.
  • Pothole Archived
    205-231 Quaker Rd Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton
    On November 26, 2019 I was coming home from work. I turned left onto Quaker Road from Mercer Street/Princeton Pike and I hit a pothole (could not steer out of the way because there was a huge line of traffic on the opposite side). My back right tire became flat within 1 minute. I had to pull off by the turnout near the canal. AAA helped me with a spare tire. When I took the car in for repair the next morning, they said the tire was not repairable and I needed a new one, which cost me $121.87. This is very upsetting because I had JUST bought 4 brand new tires two weeks prior. I am submitting this report now because I just learned about this website and a friend mentioned that they had a similar experience and actually received a reimbursement for their new tire. I am hoping this will be possible for me. I don't have a photo of the pothole because I only pass that area in the evening and it's too dark to take a photo. There is also nowhere to safely pull over. AND, I believe the pothole was recently filled.
  • Princeton 185 Nassau St, Princeton, NJ, 08542, USA - Princeton
    My husband and I just went to a picnic for the Alliance Francaise at Turning Basin park in Princeton NJ. We were there for only 3 minutes before my husband was stung multiple times (4) on his ankles. I was going to head in that same direction to sit down. I am highly allergic in terms of swelling and did not have an epipen .The people setting up for the picnic said the tables were dirty with old food when they got there and the three of them were stung. Wasps were flying around the pillars and coming out of the wooden hole in the ceiling of the pavilion. Grass has not been mowed recently and is long with no path to walk on to get there. This area is dangerous and should be closed, redone, or heavily sprayed. We left immediately. Others who stayed also said they were stung.
  • 372 Witherspoon St Princeton, NJ, 08542, USA - Princeton North
    Agendas have not been posted for the Princeton Planning Board meeting of 01.17.2019 or the Zoning Board of Adjustment for 01.16.2019.
  • Paul Robeson Pl Princeton 08540, United States - Princeton
    THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE. I want to ensure that Princeton’s data reflects what was clearly a vehicle collision of some sort at Paul Robeson and Bayard. The broken pieces of car in the picture have been on the island for weeks. This also speaks to the need to make both signal and design improvements to make this intersection safer.
  • 276 Mt Lucas Rd Princeton, NJ 08540, USA - Princeton North

    Just wonder how we can push PSEG restore our area as promised last night 11:15 pm.

    Now, they pushed to 03/10 11:45 PM, this ridiculous and it seems to me they don't pay enough attention on us at all !

    With most of Princeton residents have electricity, seems we are the only ones in town suffering now.

    I was on the phone 2 hours and can't get through to PSEG

    Now we need to find a place to take shower ...

  • Ewing St Princeton - Princeton North
    This is Remus, a friendly 10 year old white cat with a black patch on top of his head. Very friendly. Last seen Tuesday evening. If anyone has seen him or sees him please call Access Princeton 609-924-4141 or leave a message for Animal Control 609-924-2728
  • 400 Witherspoon St Princeton, NJ 08540, USA - Princeton North
    When you click on the Recycling icon/link, it doesn't work.
  • 880-998 Mercer Rd Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton
    Stopsign at corner of Princeton Pike and Gallup has been knocked over.
  • Other Archived
    Palmer Square Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton

    Hello there - I'm a Princeton resident and spend a lot of time in Palmer Square (Bent Spoon + Rojos = Heaven). But recently I've noticed that someone is piping "easy listening" music into the square. It's awful. Totally disturbs the peace and quiet. Can you make it stop?

    You can get in touch with me at Thanks! Abe