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Princeton, NJ (Consolidation of former Princeton Township and Princeton Borough)

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  • 702 Prospect Ave Princeton New Jersey - Princeton
    Our backdoor neighbors at 779 Princeton Kingston Rd have been playing loud music since about 2pm (it's now 3:30pm). The music is plainly audible in our house and even on Prospect Ave.
  • New Jersey 27 Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    There is overgrown brush at the corner of Dodds Lane and Princeton Kingston Road causing it hard to see the on-coming traffic.
  • Lost Cat Archived
    Leigh Avenue Princeton, NJ - Princeton North
    Egan is missing. He is average looking and ridiculous! Very trusting and affectionate. If he is spotted please call Access Princeton 609-924-4141 or Princeton Police 609-921-2100 ext 0
  • 1 Monument Drive Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Princeton Animal Control recently found a young adult Kingsnake. The snake is available for adoption to someone with experience owning a snake or a beginner with an adequate terrarium and light. The snake appears to be very gentle and docile. If you are interested in adopting please contact Princeton animal control at 609-924-2728 or email Please leave name and contact info for follow up.
  • Nassau & Princeton princeton, new jersey - Princeton
    The street name signs at the intersection of Nassau St and Princeton Ave are missing.
  • 151 Carriage Way Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    There are 2-3 Princeton trees that have multiple dead branches 2/3rd of the way up the tree that area a hazard.
  • 204-224 Hale Dr Princeton, NJ 08540, USA - Princeton
    The bike path along Princeton Pike off of Hill Drive is not plowed as of 2-11-2017 at 9:41am.
  • 55 Murray Pl Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton
    I have 7 bags of leaves in front of my house which were not picked up today. I put them out last night to make sure they would be out by 7am. Today is supposed to be the last day for leaf pickup. There have been many missed pickups this fall. Princeton needs to find a new contractor as this is extremely bad service and very annoying.
  • 522 Michelle Mews Princeton, NJ, 08542, USA - Princeton
    I use the Princeton parking App and it’s not working for the meter. I’ve used two different phones with and without WiFi and it keeps saying network error but my friend was able to do his a few spots away without issue.
  • 25 Richard Court Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Monday's recycling missed. Already reported. Mercer County recording doesn't mention Princeton. Any idea whether or not we should put bins out tonight? Otherwise I'll call the county tomorrow.
  • 50 State Road Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    The streetlight on the southbound side of US Route 206, opposite the north end of the Princeton Centre parking lot, is out. This light is just north of the streetlight (on the pole with 3 transformers) that I reported earlier this week.
  • 182-184 John Street Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    This male cat was found in the area. If anyone knows who owns this guy or is the owner please contact Princeton Animal control 609-924-2728.