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Princeton, NJ (Consolidation of former Princeton Township and Princeton Borough)

Notified About

  • 306 Alexander Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Princeton University found a white beshaun with a Rabies License#7367737. They are holding this pet at its 306 Alexander Street location. Has requested that the ACO come out and get the dog at his earliest convenience.
  • Dillon Gym Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Princeton University reports that there is a raccoon that is running around on the west side of Dillon Gym. They said it entered a storm drain, but they are concerned because they have contractors working in the area and they are not sure if the animal is sick or not.
  • N. Harrison & Franklin Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    There is a wire hanging down on North Harrison Street in front of the Princeton Arms Apts. (Franklin & N Harrison)
  • Moffit & Shultz Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    Princeton University would like the Animal Control Officer to bring "Have a Heart" traps out to get the raccoon. Please call the telephone number listed when the ACO is on his way out.
  • 7 Vandeventer Avenue Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    There is a metal ladder hanging down in the alleyway next to Princeton United Methodist Church. Its an obstruction for pedestrians.
  • 73 Magnolia Lane Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    In August Princeton Engineering & Road crew placed dirt and grass seed to fix deep ruts in parking area in front of 73 Magnolia Lane next to Littkebrook School...after two days of school, the ruts are shown in the picture.... Again a child stepping out of the car on way to school is going to fall and get badly hurt. Please repair this situation in a way it won't re-occur
  • 404 North Harrison Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    Green light burned out at corner of Terhune Road and North Harrison Street, travelling from Bunn Drive toward Princeton Shopping Center.
  • Lost Cat Archived
    Cherry Hill Road Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Cat was lost from the 800 block of Cherry Hill Road. Same is black and white with a white nose and white paws. Lost Sunday or Monday. Any information please contact Princeton's Animal Control Officer 609-924-2728
  • Harrison St & Faculty Road Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Dead raccoon is located on the right hand side of the road as you come over the bridge into Princeton (between the bridge and Faculty Road). It is causing a safety issue for people who bicycle because they are forced to move into the lane of traffic.
  • Snowden Lane Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North

    I have resided in Princeton since 1979. During that time, the upper end of Snowden Lane has become a secondary bypass road utilized heavily during rush hours and other times to travel from Nassau Street (Route 27) at River Road to Harrison Street, office parks, retail stores, and other western locations. It also gets heavy use during sporting events at Smoyer Park, when parents and others are rushing to and from events. This is a narrow road with no sidewalks where the 35 mph speed limit is often ignored.

    Today at 8:20 AM, I slowed for a jogger, only to be passed where double lines exist on this narrow road by a woman and child in a minivan. What do I need to do to get some cooperation and assistance? Does a jogger or bicyclist need to be killed or do we need a serious accident before action is taken? The survey conducted by the Police Department after consolidation indicated that traffic safety was the primary request of those who participated in the survey. Yet, I frequently have people closely following me when I observe the speed limit, or even drive 5 mph over it in 25mph zones. It seems that the police are more interested in speed traps on Route 206 and other roads, or pedestrian crossings, where they can generate revenue rather than enforce traffic safety.

  • Lost Pets Archived
    Broadmead Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Several baby chicks that had been painted artificial colors were found on the roadside of Broadmead Street today. Princeton's Animal Control Officer is looking for any information about where these chicks came from or who they might belong to. Please call Princeton Animal Control at 609-924-2728 or Princeton Police at 609-921-2100 if you have any information regarding these chicks.
  • Other Archived
    1 Monument Drive Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Right now Comcast still has 2 channels dedicated to the Princeton's. Channel 28 is "Borough of Princeton" and it is a black screen; channel 29 is dedicated to "Township of Princeton". Caller thinks that the town should notify Comcast that the two towns were consolidated almost 3 years ago and are now one town. He suggested that Comcast keep channel 29 for town news and name it something like "Municipality of Princeton" and remove channel 28 altogether.