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Princeton, NJ (Consolidation of former Princeton Township and Princeton Borough)

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  • Lost Pets Archived
    Broadmead Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Several baby chicks that had been painted artificial colors were found on the roadside of Broadmead Street today. Princeton's Animal Control Officer is looking for any information about where these chicks came from or who they might belong to. Please call Princeton Animal Control at 609-924-2728 or Princeton Police at 609-921-2100 if you have any information regarding these chicks.
  • Other Archived
    1 Monument Drive Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Right now Comcast still has 2 channels dedicated to the Princeton's. Channel 28 is "Borough of Princeton" and it is a black screen; channel 29 is dedicated to "Township of Princeton". Caller thinks that the town should notify Comcast that the two towns were consolidated almost 3 years ago and are now one town. He suggested that Comcast keep channel 29 for town news and name it something like "Municipality of Princeton" and remove channel 28 altogether.
  • Princeton-Kingston Road Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Lost cat - black and white in the area of Princeton Kingston Road. Cat is less than a year old and is not neutered.
  • Complaint Archived
    3535 Us Highway Suite 370 Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    The Big Fish Seafood Bistro is an unsanitary place to eat. The beverage station is full of mold and the Kitchen is extremely dirty. The kitchen staff often don't wash their hands before starting to work. They also are encouraged to recycle food. For example, if a customer returns a steak they don't throw the food out. They place the steak in the refrigerator for future use. The dishwasher does not run the dishwasher for the designated time. The dishes are often dirty and the servers are encouraged to "polish the dishes" The bar tender often does not follow best practice when fixing drinks. On a busy night they do not wash the glasses they simply reuse the dirty glasses. Please send an inspector to Big Fish Seafood Bistro Princeton. The staff and management need to be trained on best cleaning, sanitation and food preparation practice
  • Nasau Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    Please disregard the address as indicated above. This issue seems to be a townwide problem with the parking meters. There is not a clear cut distinction as to which meter goes with which parking space. As such parking tickets are being handed out to people who believe they have put money in the proper meter. A resident has volunteered (previous public works direct for Princeton University) to go around with a sharpie pen and put an arrow showing which meter is supposed to service which parking spot. He would very much like to discuss this with the Public Works Superintendent or the Director of Infrastructure. You can find his contact information in the "internal" comments section of this report.
  • Found Cat Archived
    Mount Lucas Road Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    This cat was found on Mt. Lucas Road today. She appears to be over 10 years old and is a friendly gray domestic short hair. She has an ulcer over one eye and a lesion on her nose. If you recognize this cat please contact Princeton Animal Control 609-924-2728
  • 345 South Harrison Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    To whom it may concern: When I drive on the Harrison Street bridge in a northerly direction I see graffiti on a white sign with black numbers which indicates what is a speed limit. The graffiti outlaw used a red magic marker to carry out his unlawful act. The outlaw also placed graffiti on a blue and white sign indicating that the Princeton community was a crime watch community, and there is one other sign that has graffiti on it. All the signs have graffiti that the outlaw used a red magic marker. I sincerely hope that this email will results in the immediate and quick removal of this graffiti. Studies have shown that when graffiti is uncorrected it creates more graffiti.
  • Elm Drive Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Princeton University reports that there is a sick raccoon on the southend of the campus near lots 16 & 23. He said the raccoon is in located on the south end of the round-about in a tree.
  • 100 Albert Way Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Trash build-up and odors occurring frequently at placement areas inside the building at Avalon Princeton.
  • Lost dog Archived
    John Street Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    Piper is missing. She was last seen in the area of John and Clay about 90 minutes ago. If you see her please call Access Princeton 609-924-4141 or Princeton Police 609-921-2100 ext. 0.
  • 4 Mercer St. Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton

    This morning the bus arrived at 5:30 am and was much louder than always: It wasn't stalling but rather the driver throughout the 15-minute period was pressing the gas (we know this due to the volume as well as the fact that the driver stopped twice for a few seconds to rest). After 15 minutes, the driver stalled normally again for 5 minutes and left. Could it be that sitting below our window while pressing the gas for 15 minutes, so as to be extra loud, is in response to complaints? In any case, it was 5:30 am and MUCH LOUDER THAN NORMAL STALLING. Subsequent stalls this morning including one right now (7:10 am) are sounds of a bus stalling, which are still loud, but nothing close to the exceptional period this morning at 5:30 am. I am sure that the identity of the 5:30 am driver is known to the bus company, and it should be clear that that person is an exception. We would really appreciate your help.
    Below I include my previous messages:
    Several months ago, I sent the message below about the following problem. At the time, Police- Ptl. M. Strobel addressed the problem immediately and solved it. We were very surprised that the resolution was immediate and total and we are very grateful still. In the last three days, however, this problem has returned, which is why I am reaching out again. For the last three days, the same Coach Suburban Line bus is illegally blocking access to the parking lot of our apartment building. During the past three mornings, this took place between 5 and 6 am.
    We would be enormously grateful if someone from the department could look at the problem again. Thank you in advance for your attention.

    Here is my previous summary of the same problem:

    The Coach USA bus stops illegally for long stretches of time in the small road between Mercer and University Place. It blocks entrance to the Princeton University parking lot and also traffic. The driver keeps the motor running while it is parked on this small road illegally for about 45 minutes at a time from about 5.30 in the morning onward (probably as the driver is waiting for its first bus stop on Nassau Street). In addition to the fact that access to the parking lot and University Place is blocked, this noise pollution is extremely disruptive to the residents of 4 Mercer St (it makes it impossible to sleep past 5.30 in the morning). I have called the bus company to complain. On one occasion, my complaint and details were taken down, but nothing was done to correct the problem. More recently, the supervisor on the phone simply hung up the phone. I would be enormously grateful if someone could help us address this problem.

  • Prospect Ave Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    The street sign for Prospect Ave. and Princeton Ave. was reported missing. Patrol confirmed same.