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Princeton, NJ (Consolidation of former Princeton Township and Princeton Borough)

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  • 51 Cleveland Lane Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton

    Water collects and stands in a pool outside this house on the Library side of the fence after each rainfall. Insects breed and spread diseases. I have complained many times but no action seems to be taken by either the owner of Princeton department.

    Further, the sidewalk has been broken up and not repaired.

    Both problems are ongoing for months. Please do something!

  • 999 Great Road East Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    The sidewalk on Great Road should be extended to Cherry Valley Road/past Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart (1128 Great Road) to ensure the safety of walkers, runners, and bikers. The shoulder on Great Road is incredibly small making it unsafe for people to run/walk/bike there. With this extended sidewalk, people in Princeton would feel safe and comfortable to walk/run/bike along Great Road.
  • 66 Tee-Ar Place Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North

    The patrol cars need to demonstrate common sense and respect for the local community when using the ridiculously bright strobe lights. There have been two instances in the past week I saw Princeton PD cars using the lights in a uneccesary and abusive way:

    1) this past weekend in the middle of the night. Around the intersection of Clearview And Tee-Ar Place. It looked like a traffic stop. The patrol car was flashing horribly bright strobe lights. It was so bright that it was headache inducing, even with the blinds closed in every single room in my house. Is there not some sort of dimmer lights the cars can use for these kind of situations? . Clearview and Tee-Ar are quiet, residential streets with little traffic in the middle of the night. I see no reason the lights had to be on full blast. They woke up my family and gave me a headache.

    2) Yesterday afternoon in front of JW MIddle school. I think the patrol car was there so the officer could be a crossing guard at Walunut and Guyot. Again, the strobe lights were on full blast. There was the usual, after school traffic jam, so I and other drivers had to put up with the horrible flashing while slowly moving north on Walunut. It was very uncomfortable and triggered yet another headache. For what it’s worth, I am not prone to headaches and am not particularly senstitive.

    Obviously these lights are useful in emergency situations, but I don’t understand why they have to be used for routine traffic stops and in parked crossing guard vehicles. There must be a less bright option.

    Please ask the officers who drive the patrol cars to exercise some common sense and courtesy.

  • Missing Dog Archived
    28 Paul Robeson Place Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    A chestnut colored Chihuahua ran off this morning from Victoria Mews. The dog ran towards the Library and then was in the Green St area. The dog is visiting the area and may be scared. If you see or locate the dog please contact Access Princeton 609-924-4141 or the Princeton Police 609-921-2100 ext 0. Pictures to follow shortly.
  • 13-27 Lawrence Dr Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton

    The location is the area in between 6 and 8 Lawrence Drive. Princeton Facilities vehicles regularly park in this area, despite the signs saying "No parking - loading and unloading only." I'm assuming this area is supposed to be kept open to provide fire access to the apartment buildings further in, my apologies if this is not actually a fire lane or a fire issue.

    I go for a run every weekday morning at 8 AM and, lately, the number of vehicles being parked in this area has increased. There were five vehicles this morning, with the two vehicles featured in the attached photo completely blocking any fire access to further in to the apartment complex. One of the offices for the apartment complex is near by, which I think is why so many people park there.

    I would bring this up with Princeton Facilities, but in the past when I brought up the issue when it was less severe (only two vehicles parking in the area) it only fixed things for about three days before Princeton University vehicles started parking in the area again.

    There is a nearby parking lot, so there are plenty of parking options.

  • 46 Terhune Rd Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton North
    Sidewalk has no curb cut at Terhune and Turner Court (on either side of the Turner Court). This is an accessibility issue. I frequently push a stroller up/down Terhune and the lack of curb cuts makes it challenging and dangerous. I often have to maneuver into the traffic through-route (the angle of the sidewalk adds to the challenge). This is DANGEROUS. Moreover, it makes it extremely difficult for those with mobility issues - I am sure that it is not ADA compliant. This urgently needs upgrading - I cannot think of another place in all of Princeton where a sidewalk lacks curbcuts at an intersection.
  • 161 Nassau St Princeton 08542, United States - Princeton

    Washington Rd., as it runs through Princeton’s campus, needs to be (at least) striped and ideally have a painted bike lane. There is sufficient space between where cars drive and the curb (as seen in the provided video still) and there is empirical evidence that most drivers will stay within the painted lines. Narrowing this space on the street would slow cars, greatly enhancing pedestrian safety in an area with highly used pedestrian crosswalks.

    Doing this would also create a safe space for cyclists. As is seen in the video still, many cyclists ride on the sidewalk here, despite the presence of sharrows. Providing a painted lane would get more cyclists off the sidewalk, as it would create a space more respected by cars.

    Ideally, Washington Rd would have a hardened bike lane in this available space. It would slow cars, thus protecting pedestrians, and greatly benefit cyclists. I would recommend a raised cycle track be considered (see this from NACTO:

  • Other Archived
    357 Witherspoon St Princeton 08542, United States - Princeton North
    The princeton fire Department bathroom first floor hot faucet not working
  • 43 Park Pl Princeton, NJ, 08542, USA - Princeton
    The Parking Princeton application on my iPhone has been working fine for a few weeks. But the last two times I have used it, it is if I am starting from scratch having to have a pin sent to me and then entering my credit card and license plate information. Twice. I don’t have time for this.
  • Other Archived
    Princeton Shopping Center 301 North Harrison Street, Princeton, NJ 08540, USA - Princeton North
    Commercial trucks and buses often park along the far south end of the Princeton Shopping center lot, which is directly behind the houses on Clearview Ave. It is an eyesore for homeowners. Sometimes they idle, which is noise pollution. Why can't they park in another location that doesn't border homes? - perhaps the north parking lot, which isn't a residential area. Please install a sign to deter them.
  • Say Cheese 183 Nassau St, Princeton, NJ, 08544, USA - Princeton
    I'm a Princeton resident who runs in town almost every day. I have tripped and fallen hard, scraping my knees and hands badly twice now, the second time being today (before the snow started) on the strip of Nassau between Moore Street and Thomas Sweet. The sidewalk here is incredibly uneven and patchy. There are many other issues for runners in this town (drivers do not look out for pedestrians when turning, and speed through the dangerous intersection at the top of Mercer especially) but this is the biggest issue in terms of injury that I've faced. Thanks for your attention to it.
  • Oakland And Walnut Lane Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    There has been a construction truck full of garbage parked on Oakland for weeks now. It is facing the wrong way and is damaging the trees which the township planted, broken branches on the ground. Can the contractor be asked to move it? Along with emptying the dumpster which has been filled to overflowing fro weeks also. The price of new house building in Princeton is long-term misery for those of us unfortunate enough to live next door.