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Princeton, NJ (Consolidation of former Princeton Township and Princeton Borough)

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  • 540 Ewing Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North

    According to Town Topics, 570 families in Princeton should have received a check for $2500 as a result of a contribution from Princeton University for property tax relief. Our family did not receive this money even though the issuing institution, the Community Foundation of New Jersey admits we were fully qualified to have received the money. We were advised that all funds have been distributed but unfortunately our name was not on the list issued by the State. We were told "better luck next year" in a letter from CFNJ. It is difficult to believe our family was the only one so affected.

    please alert SeeClickFix if you have any experience with this problem. thanks

  • 400 Witherspoon St Princeton, NJ 08540, USA - Princeton North
    When you click on the Recycling icon/link, it doesn't work.
  • 400 Witherspoon St Princeton, NJ, 08542, USA - Princeton North

    The video for the Princeton Planning Board meeting of June 6 has not been posted.

    The video for the Princeton Council meeting of June 10 has not been posted.

    I request that the relevant person posts the videos.

  • 56 Balcort Dr Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton
    Princeton had the WRONG DATE for trash pickup on this website - it still says 12/26/18 - Solterra told me this morning that it was Monday 12/24/18
  • 160 Hickory Court Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton North
    On the morning of May 29th the Princeton Public Works depat came to the cul-de-sac on Hickory court to cut the grass. There were 4 workers and they did a terrible job cutting and trimming the grass. There were some downed branches and istead of moving them they attempted to trim around them
  • Tyson Ln Princeton, NJ, 08540, USA - Princeton North
    Road crew repairing the pot holes at the intersection of Dodds ln and Bertrand rd - rude behavior towards pedestrians and bicyclists. Cat calls/hoots. Unacceptable loud behavior in residential area. Princeton Engineering department should investigate and keep measures in place for proper training on acceptable behavior while any crew (contractors or employees) works in the township. Lewd/loud language, calling someone "fatso" is not what the Princeton township residents expect while trying to take a stroll or bike in the neighborhood. Engineering department - you need to do a retrospective internal study of your contracts implementation with regards to workforce.
  • 55 Witherspoon Street Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    The Princeton farmers market trash cans have been overflowing every Thursday since they opened. It’s oretty disgusting for all in attendance.
  • 200 Marshall Ave Princeton NJ 08540 United States, Princeton, NJ - Princeton

    We have seen a homeless man for 3 days now living underneath the large trees in the Butler Tracts open lots just east of Harrison street.

    Princeton university owns these lots and local residents tend to walk there. Many children play in this area unattended and having a homeless transient there is dangerous.

  • 416 Nassau St Princeton, New Jersey - Princeton
    There is a tree that appears to be dead (see attached photo) on the south corner of Nassau Street and Harriet Drive. I believe it is a Princeton town tree, and Princeton town is responsible for cutting it down.
  • Patton Avenue Princeton, NJ - Princeton
    There is a large wasp nest in the Town tree that is located on Princeton Avenue at the corner of Patton.
  • Washington Rd Princeton 08540, United States - Princeton
    THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE. Box truck parked in a no stopping/standing zone and parked on the sidewalk, on Washington Rd. This is a danger for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. WB Mason should be able to find and pay for parking, just like any other driver. I see them here repeatedly at this time, so it should be possible for Princeton Police to plan enforcement.
  • 400 Witherspoon St Princeton, NJ, 08542, USA - Princeton North
    Please advise how I can obtain a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Town of Princeton and PFARS, as approved by Council per Resolution 14-116 on 3.24.2014. I cannot find it on the municipal website.