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  • Big Oak Bay Road Tyler, TX - Smith County
    Multiple minor repairs have rendered the road dangerous to small vehicles and motorcycles. Need complete resurfacing from Hwy 64 to Big Oak Bay subdivision. Any one who travels this road must be a explorer and adventurist, clearly your life is in peril, while traversing this dangerous pathetic excuse of a highway
  • 201-205 Railroad Ave Whitehouse, TX - Whitehouse
    Tracks unused, yet buses still have to stop slowing traffic. Trees accross tracks, clearly unused
  • 5825 Old Bullard Road Tyler, Texas - Tyler
    No nearby crosswalks. The speed limit is too fast here. Drivers do not heed warning sign to slow down. Serious accident causing bodily injury to infant and mother.
  • County Road 2200 mineola/wood, TX - US Congressional District TX5
    This road has the worst potholes in the area and re-patching it over and over again has not solved this issue. I actually bent a rim so badly it flattened my tire and I almost crashed my vehicle into a tree. PLEASE fix this road once and for all. Repave it! It's very heavily traveled,and it's destroying our vehicles.
  • 23076 Pin Oak Dr Flint, TX 75762, USA - Smith County
    The majority of the road conditions in Lakeway Harbor are very poor! This picture does not begin to capture what I drive on daily. Huge potholes cover every inch of the roads.
  • unused tracks Archived
    208 Acker Tap Whitehouse, TX - Whitehouse
    tracks clearly unused, yet stop sign still at tracks slowing traffic tremendously.
  • 806 El Paso Street Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    For 3+ weeks, a couch has set by the curb in the FRONT YARD. Trash pickup occurs in THE ALLEY. When driving down the alley, as is the case on a recurring basis (this has been reported/dealt with 2x in the past 2 years) the yard becomes a debris field, so saturated with trash & garbage & junk that it's hard to believe anyone actually lives there. It HAS to be a health hazard for the homes on either side or behind them. Bottom line; this home on our street ought to be held regularly accountable for allowing this nightmare to recur every few months. It ought not take their neighbors reporting them repeatedly to keep their property clean....or at least not a health hazard to the other residents in the area. Thanks for allowing the rant. Seriously.
  • 2434 At 2440 hunt, Texas - Hunt County
    They came and did some patching and left the larger pot holes can someone please come and and check on this.
  • Cr 3101 At Hamrick Lake Tyler, Texas - Smith County
    See picture. Road crew work on this area for several days earlier this week. Todays results after a rain.
  • W Loop 281/Cherokee St. Longview, TX - Longview
    I have seen my share of Wrecks. I see alot of cars and School Busses darting out in front of Traffic to get out onto Loop 281. Once they get the New Pine Tree Stadium built, things are only going to get worse.
  • 208 Acker Tap Whitehouse, TX - Whitehouse
    The stop signs have been taken down at the unused railroad tracks but its almost like you still have to stop because of the rough crossing still there. It needs to be removed and made smooth there due to beeing so rough that it can damage a vehicle.
  • 629 Nacogdoches Jacksonville, Texas - Jacksonville
    Drug activity observed taking placed, nearly nightly at this home. Bullet hole through front window, suspicious behaviors with persons wandering around front of home with lights off, utilizing cell phones for light, using light in back of home.
    Persons rapidly take off in car through back alley at each sound of a siren. People coming and going through night, trespassing on empty property next door, utilizing it for drug passing.