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  • Lark Street Albany, New York - Sheridan Hollow
    Who is making the decision about what constitutes aggressive panhandling? When a person cannot enjoy their neighborhood or their own stoop, walk home, or eat at an outdoor cafe without being asked for money, this is aggressive and a serious quality of life issue. Self defense classes specifically teach participants not to allow strangers within a particular personal space distance, yet, repeatedly, citizens are told there is nothing the police can do when they are continually accosted and outright scared (including after dark) as panhandler after panhandler approaches and asks for money. This has a lot to do with why people so many fewer people want to come to this area to dine and shop. It doesn't matter what we offer, if our streets are filthy, loud, and filled with drunks and people asking for cash. This holds no attraction and should be a no brainer.
  • Washington Park Albany, New York - Albany
    Community members post here, call the police and inform the city, and Washington Park Conservancy of what is becoming of Washington Park. Why is there no response? Yesterday in two brief hours trying to enjoy the park, at least 12 cars drove on the grass and parked at the basketball courts where it is pedestrian-only. 8 cars drove right down the pedestrian path and parked on the pedestrian walk that runs along the dog park from East to West (exiting at Willett). Cars were driving onto the grass at the playground and parking on pedestrian walk ways, and motorcycles and a car were driving around the lake on the north side just as little children were practicing riding bikes with training wheels. They can't begin to get out of the way of vehicles in time. Someone is going to get killed and the city has received more than enough warning to do something. There was trash all over the Knox Mall walkway which also smelled of urine. Drunk and high people were fighting, vomiting, urinating, defecating and passing out. Yes the police are called. Either they don't show up, they show up hours after the fact or they admit they don't have enough officers to respond. Where is Traffic Safety and Parking Enforcement, including nights and weekends? Where are all the barricades and chains to keep vehicles off the walk ways? Where is appropriate (and enough) signage? Where are stationed patrol cars to catch the ATV and motorcyclists racing down streets and walkways and on green space? Doesn't the park have a curfew? It's gotten to this tipping point due to the lack of enforcement. No one will even address all the alcohol and weed use out in public, let alone cigarettes and butts littered about in a smoke-free park. Surrounding the park, including Lark and Madison, is becoming trashy, loud, belligerent, dangerous, lacking in civility and community. Many good people and business owners who take care of their property and neighborhood want to move or have because their efforts are destroyed and quality of life is so compromised right now. The situation can still be turned around if all of us want that, so call, call, call APD and City Officials. Perhaps media involvement would help. Be the squeaky wheel that has been made necessary. Refuse to abdicate your home and community to the sprawl of crime, panhandling and harassment, noise, trash, violence, disrespectful motorcyclists, bar owners who don't control what happens on and in front of their property, and uncaring pet owners who don't curb and clean up after their animals. Keep working to be a part of the solution and insist on the same from our city officials and staff. Yes, there are many priorities in the city, but allowing another area to fall only creates more places for violence as tragically experienced already. Hopefully, APD, Neighborhood Engagement Officers, city officials, Neighborhood Association Presidents, the BID, Council members, etc. will respond here with the substantive actions they commit to and will actually take. This area has so much to offer.
  • 700-710 New Scotland Avenue Albany, NY 12208, USA - New Scotland
    Many drivers interpret this as a two lane road and speed as a result. There are no lane demarcations as there are going east in the same location. As resident of this area, I would appreciate creating a median to help calm traffic and make this a more pedestrian friendly area.
  • Center Square Area Albany New York - Center Square

    Once again our streets are being closed off and parking made unavailable to residents in the Center Square area for another race/event. Most of us support many charities and a good number of us run in events such as this, but respectfully ask that they be spread out over the city and shared by other neighborhoods.

    We pay very high taxes here, pay additionally for residential parking and often still can't park within any reasonable distance to our homes. People are trying to carry groceries, babies, etc. and elderly residents are trying to simply get to their homes without walking many blocks.

    It's great to have some events here, but it's enough with Tulip Fest, Lark Fest, Pride, Park Playhouse, Santa Speedo, the holiday lights in the park which disrupt parking from Halloween through the New Year, 4th of July Fireworks, etc. It's not too much to ask that the myriad races be shared by other communities including those with garages and off-street parking. We have nowhere to park each time we are displaced for another race and are disproportionately bearing the burden, including having to park in unsafe areas and walk for blocks at night when parking is taken off-line for events.

    People who don't live here may not understand and may think we're being unreasonable, but below are all the areas disrupted for just one of the many events. If any other neighborhood in the city, was subjected to what we are, many times each year, residents would have put a stop to it long ago. The response is often, "If you don't like it move." But the reason this area holds on is, in part, because residents care. We get involved, participate in park and neighborhood clean ups and beautification, sweep and shovel the walks, pick up trash and dog poop, plant flowers, etc. It's fair to spread the impact of all these events.

    Highlight the warehouse district. Let people get to know Pine Hills, Helderberg or Buckingham Pond neighborhoods. Run along our beautiful river, etc. Every event does not have to be held in the most densely populated area of the city and unnecessarily displace hundreds of vehicles over and over throughout the year. The events are not the issue. Good causes are a great thing, but they can occur in more than one location in the city.

    Please neighborhood Presidents, and city officials, advocate for us and for other areas to share the hosting. Thank you.

    One of the MANY similar announcements we receive every year:

    Road Closures and Parking Restrictions for Last Run Winter 5K - Saturday December 8, 2018

    Road Closures:

    The following Roadway will be closed on December 8, 2018 from 10AM-7PM:

    • State Street between South Swan Street and Eagle Street

    The following Roadways will be closed on December 8, 2018 from 3PM-7PM:

    • Washington Avenue from Dove Street to Eagle Street
    • State Street between Lodge Street and Eagle Street
    • Eagle Street between State Street and Pine Street
    • South Swan Street northbound Madison Avenue to Chestnut Street (upper Roadway)
    • Market Street ramp to Eagle Street from Grand Street

    The following roadways will be closed on December 8, 2018 from 4:00PM to 5:45PM:

    • State Street between Robin Street and South Swan Street
    • Willett Street between State Street and Madison Avenue
    • Washington Park, All Park Roadways – Including Henry Johnson Boulevard
    • South Swan Street northbound Madison Avenue to Washington Avenue (Upper and lower roadways)
    • Dove Street southbound at Spring St to State Street
    • Lark Street between Madison Avenue and Washington Avenue
    **Lark St will remain open northbound only between Chestnut Street and Lancaster Street for Chestnut Street residents only
    • Henry Johnson Boulevard between State Street and Madison Avenue
    • Hamilton Street between Dove Street and South Swan Street
    • Jay Street between Dove Street and South Swan Street
    • Lancaster Street between Dove Street and South Swan Street
    • Chestnut Street between Dove Street and South Swan Street

    Parking Restrictions:

    The following Roadways will have Parking Prohibited on December 8, 2018 from 10AM to 7PM:

    • State Street, both sides, from South Swan Street to Eagle Street

    The following Roadways will have Parking Prohibited on December 8, 2018 from Noon to 7PM:

    • State Street, both sides, from Robin Street east 6 spaces on each side
    • Washington Avenue from Swan Street to Eagle Street, both sides restricted
    • Willett Street, both sides, from Hudson Avenue north 4 spaces on each side
    • Washington Park Road, both sides (Hudson Avenue), from Willett Street west to Henry Johnson
    • N. Hawk Street both sides from Elk Street to Washington Avenue
    • Eagle Street both sides from State Street to Elk Street
    • Park Street, both sides from Lancaster Street to State Street
    • Elk Street, both sides from Eagle Street west 5 spaces on each side
    • Lodge Street, west side from Pine Street to State Street
    • State Street , both sides from Eagle Street to Lodge Street

  • Other Archived
    56 Glendale Ave Albany 12208, United States - Helderberg
    A youth rides his mini bike up and down the streets all around this neighborhood, pretty much daily. On 8/8 during a block party, he started riding down the dead-end block of Glendale, which was barricaded for the party. My wife said he shouldn’t be riding down the street with all the people and kids, and his response was “I’ll beat the $h!t out of you if tell me hat again.” I have heard he also threatened someone who took a picture of him riding his mini bike with violence. Called the police, but they didn’t even take my wife’s name.
  • Madison And Willett Albany, New York - Park South
    While walking West on Madison toward Willett, I saw the motorbikes/ATV that have been terrorizing the neighborhood and park for months. Traffic Engineering, please check the cameras at Willett and Madison Ave intersection from between 7:00 and 7:05 PM 8/21/18. You will see four motorbikes/ATV illegally speed around vehicles and run the stop light on Madison at Willett going West. This is so dangerous and they have thus far gone without consequence. Please provide the police with this footage. Someone else on this site already provided the street on which the ATV driver is believed to be living. One of the motorbikes was a bright green and the ATV is orange or red. They are seen in the Center Square and Washington Park area daily. If citizens see them constantly, surely the police can.
  • Washington Park Albany, New York - Albany
    Everytime I'm in Washington Park with my child, there are motorbikes and other vehicles driving and parking freely on pedestrian-only paths and on the grass. It was the same today. Kids are running to the ice cream truck when motorbikes speed right in front of them. If I can see it daily, why can't the police? Where is strict and consistent enforcement? The city has received more than enough warning to be liable when someone is hurt or worse.
  • 449 State Street Albany, New York - Central Avenue
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  • Other Open
    Lark Street And Madison Ave Albany 12210 United States - Center Square
    SOMETHING absolutely has to done about ATVs being driven through city streets at high speeds and disregarding traffic signals, etc. Around 7:45 tonight, a gang of 12 or more ATVs came blasting east on Madison Avenue with a number of them blasting right through the busy Lark/Madison/Delaware intersection. They were revving engines, doing wheelies, weaving in and out of a row of moving cars, speeding, and using both the east and westbound lanes. Some of these idiots (and that’s the politest word I can use for them) decided the sidewalk was theirs with several of them jumping the curbs and speeding down the sidewalk. One of them came within inches of a man walking down the odd side of the street -even hearing them coming gave him almost no time to get out of the way. And if I hadn’t already walked up my front steps seconds earlier, I probably would’ve have been hit and killed. An older person or someone with children or with mobility issues would not have been as fortunate as the young man and myself. I realize the police can’t risk a high speed chase with these ATV riders, but something HAS to be done. Someone will eventually be seriously hurt or killed because of these riders. I’ve heard them roaring through Park South, Hudson Park, and other adjacent neighborhoods all summer. I’ve seen one or two riders speed the wrong way on side streets. And there have been multiple complaints here on SeeClickFix this year. Calling the police after the fact doesn’t help - the gang that blasted down Madison tonight was long gone before I’d even turned my key in my door. But this problem needs to addressed before there is a tragedy. After tonight, enough is enough.
  • Washington Park Rd Albany, NY 12210, USA - Albany
    there are now a few tents where people are living in Washington Park. they stay overnight and relieve themselves in the bushes and trees in the park.
  • 448 Madison Ave Albany, New York - Park South
    This is the Lionheart after 1:30 AM this morning (Sat/Sun). It's more than 2.5 hours past patio closing time and it's filled with loud people and music, as is the sidewalk. Between Lark Tavern and the Lionheart, this is a daily occurrence. Why are they allowed to be open until 4:00 AM when they do not respect or adhere to the ordinance? Why should the Lark Tavern or the Lionheart be motivated to close their patios at 11:00 PM when they can see the other establishment violates the ordinance and the police do nothing and there are not consequences or tickets and fines? Who is patrolling the area, as we've been told APD is doing at night, and why are they ignoring clear issues and violations?
  • Pothole Archived
    581-637 Morris Street Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    My Wife's car has had two windows shattered by rocks that were launched out of the potholes in front of our house as fast-moving cars drove over them. TWO BROKEN CAR WINDOWS!! The Left rear window and the window along the back. This is costing us HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS To repair how does that even happen?? Please fix these potholes as soon as possible so that nobody else's car suffers this kind of damage