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  • Pothole Archived
    581-637 Morris Street Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    My Wife's car has had two windows shattered by rocks that were launched out of the potholes in front of our house as fast-moving cars drove over them. TWO BROKEN CAR WINDOWS!! The Left rear window and the window along the back. This is costing us HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS To repair how does that even happen?? Please fix these potholes as soon as possible so that nobody else's car suffers this kind of damage
  • Morris Street At New Scotland Ave. Albany, New York - Park South
    Do we need to call the media to receive the courtesy of a response from the city regarding the valet issue allowed to adversely affect an entire area with impunity for a long time now? Someone is buying a load of nonsense given it sounds like the Mayor's Office thinks the valet parking is effecting 3 spaces. Who is telling them that? The office who circumvented tax payers and residential permit purchasers to allow Albany Med to intimidate people out of parking spots, install signs (poured in cement) in residential areas saying, "Valet Parking Only," and open the car doors of legally parked citizens, without permission, to demand they move? This is not effecting 3 spaces. It's effecting parking all around EACH of the kiosks Albany Med has. It's effecting customers at SEFCU who have complained and the employees at SEFCU who get no response from the city or Albany Med. It's effecting customers and employees at CVS because the valets use that entire lot as well and CVS has had to resort to towing at times. Citizens have nonchalantly struck up conversations with the valets who've revealed they are told to use all of the spots on the street and lots rather than the Albany Med garage (which is a complete contradiction of what the Albany Med leadership promised the neighborhood when they wanted support for their expansion). Residents have paid for permits yet struggle to find spaces. Businesses are aggravated because customers are complaining they can't find parking, and when someone does park legally, the valets open their car doors and demand they move because they "get to use all the street spaces." They do this because they can. There is no accountability. It's benefiting someone, but it's not the residents or other businesses and none of our tax bills will be decreased to account for the inconvenience and hardship it's causing hardworking people who just want to be able to park in legal spots on our streets without being overtaken by cars that should be in the parking garage and valets who confront legally parked citizens. There have even been photos on Seeclickfix of how they double park, dangerously blocking driving lanes and still there is no accountability. It's time for Councilman Conti and others to stand up for this community and insist Albany Med use their own parking facilities as promised and to at least give the appearance of giving a care about the neighborhood in which they prosper.
  • Beaver Street And Pearl Street Albany, New York - Albany
    The traffic light at this corner (Pearl Street and Beaver Street) is always flashing and cars wanting to take a left hand turn at times wait up to 1/2 hour when leaving work to get a break. Why can't this be turned on for heavy traffic times. You have three garages on this street (Times Union Center, OSC and the one on the corner. There are a lot of employees leaving by this road and it's terrible to sit for 1/2 each night to go home.
  • Street Repair Archived
    Lark Street At Lancaster Street Albany, New York - Center Square
    The roadbed appears to have failed where it meets the granite curbing and belgian block crosswalk. Some vehicles swerve to miss this deep pothole, but others - especially emergency vehicles, trucks and buses - hit the potholes with a force that causes my house to shake 1/2 block to the west. Would it be possible to fill the potholes - at least temporarily - with crushed stone and/or place an electronic sign on Lark to urge and monitor reduced speed?
  • Bertha And Delaware Albany, NY - Delaware Avenue
    There are (at least sometimes) crossing guards assigned to Hurlbut and Delaware and Marshall and Delaware during the time that children are walking to and from Delaware Community School, but none at Bertha and Delaware. The Hurlbut and Marshall intersections both have traffic lights and pedestrian signals, and they are both one-ways heading into Delaware, making them relatively safe to cross. Bertha has no light, and is one way heading off of Delaware, meaning a child has to check in two directions for turning vehicles, which may be hidden behind parked cars. It's a much more dangerous intersection for children to cross, and at least as heavily used as the others. (Children from DCS have to cross it to get to the Marshall intersection, in fact.) I think it would be a much better use of crossing guards to place one at Bertha.
  • 280 New Scotland Ave Albany 12208, United States - Helderberg
    The crosswalk on New Scotland Ave at the intersection of New Scotland and Grove is extremely dangerous for pedestrians. A pedestrian triggered or activated light is needed, as the recent signs that have been installed are not working. Cars are continuously speeding through this intersection when pedestrians are crossing and I’m afraid that someone will be severely injured if hit by a speeding car. As a family with two children under the age of 5, we walk the neighborhood every day, including back and forth to New Scotland Elementary School and are concerned with the lack of a light at this intersection/crosswalk
  • Drug Mail Box Acknowledged
    332 State St Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    Individuals are using the light pole outside of 332 State St for some type of druge mail box. They place an American Spirits cigarette box behind a street sign attached to the pole. Then other people come take something from the box and put the box back.
  • Morris Street At New Scotland Albany New York - Park South

    A valet service has been blocking residential and public parking with orange cones and signs on Morris Street for months and installed a "valet parking only" sign right into the sidewalk in an area designated as residential parking.

    Parking Enforcement is not addressing this commandeering of spaces and the head of Traffic Engineering told Park South residents they were not aware of this issue and did not approve it and it would be addressed. That was weeks ago and the problem continues. The valet drivers refuse to use the parking garages and are taking up street and residential parking all day. A valet staff member even came into SEFCU demanding to know which of their customers' cars were parked alongside SEFCU because they wanted them moved. Who do these people think they are? This is a public street and a residential permit area. Their cones and valet signs are also a driving hazard which has been reported before but not addressed. Albany Medical Center has plenty of garage space and needs to use it. The valet drivers have no right monopolizing necessary public and residential parking. Someone has to stand up to this valet service. Please do your jobs Parking Enforcement and Traffic Engineering or can anyone just put cones and signs in the street and keep people from parking where it's designated they have a right to?

  • Morris Street At Sefcu Albany, New York - Park South
    For six months, the residents of this area have asked the city to put a stop to AMC valets monopolizing residential parking on both sides of Morris, illegally parking on alternate parking days so we don't get street sweeping, and illegally and dangerously double parking their vehicles (blocking traffic flow) rather than use the parking garage as AMC leaderdhip promised the neighborhood. No one from the city will answer. Why is this allowed and why is no one giving us the courtesy of a response. If we were a higher income street this would have been stopped a long time ago.
  • Washington Park Albany, New York - Albany
    There are a couple barricades blocking walking paths up to the basketball courts from the road that runs along the Madison Ave. side of the lake, but the cars just drive straight up the grass in a different, though very obvious, area along that same stretch of lake road. PLEASE barricade that as well. This is very dangerous, in addition to destroying the park. Also, DGS employees are driving fast on the road that runs around the north side of the lake and comes out near the stop light on South Lake . At 11:33 pm Monday, a private car with 4 men wearing the orange work vests shot out of that road. A few minutes later, pedestrians came close to getting hit when a DGS truck pulling a riding mower came around a curve on that same pedestrian road that runs from the west end of the lake house out to S. Lake Ave. He was going at a fast rate of speed on a curve and could not see pedestrians until it was almost too late. Had children been there, it would have been a tragedy. It's difficult to get people to stop driving in the park when DGS staff drive their private vehicles on pedestrian roads and employees are driving official vehicles in an unsafe manner.
  • 342 State St. Albany New York - Center Square
    The owners have installed a garbage can storage unit on a foundation in front of their house in plain view.
  • parking Archived
    93-105 S Swan St Albany, NY 12207, USA - Albany
    the stretch of road coming out of the ESP heading up to Swan St towards State St has signs no stopping on the right side of the street. yet on sunday there are always cars parked on both sides of the street in this stretch of the road. it makes it very difficult to travel up the hill from the ESP especially in the winter months yet no one seems to say anything about it. what are the rules for this area