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  • 57 Buchanan Street Albany, New York - Albany
    The employees of the Center for Disabilities group home at 57 Buchanan have been parking their vehicles on the lawn within feet from the house next door. This has been going on for more than a year. Last winter they were plowing the lawn to remove snow and when that area is icy, it becomes a hazard. One wrong pedal press and a car will end up in the dining room of the neighboring home (mine). To my knowledge, according to Albany city code (someone correct me if I'm wrong), you are not allowed to park on lawns and a parking area for more than 4 vehicles may not be within 10 feet of a neighboring residents - there are often 4-5 cars/vans parked here. There is ample street parking and they have a large garage and parking area in the back of the house. I have more photos - this one was taken today around noon. I have attempted to contact the Center, but have receive no response. Frankly, I'm worried about the safety of my family if someone drives into my dining room and it's pretty annoying to look out your windows to see a wall of cars - there used to be a beautiful lilac there until they took it out.
  • 342 State St. Albany New York - Center Square
    The owners have installed a garbage can storage unit on a foundation in front of their house in plain view.
  • Illegal Trash Acknowledged
    234 Lark St. Albany, New York - Center Square
    There are loads of garbage out front of 234 Lark St. Providing one more reason, the Lark corridor has a reputation for looking trashy. If we want to draw customers, start with the litter issue, the increasing and harassing panhandling, trash out front of buildings at illegal times and days, the filthy sidewalks and the lack of holiday spirit. The only pre-holiday First Friday was yesterday and it was dead. Some store windows look nice, but the trees up and down Lark need to be lit.
  • Western Ave & Manning Blvd Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    During the day, you cannot turn left onto Manning Blvd (eastbound) from Western Ave, nor can you turn left onto South Manning Blvd (westbound) from Western Ave. This is because there is no left-turn arrow at the intersection from either direction. Western Ave was just repaved and re-striped--but no turn arrows were installed. The explanation that there's "not enough room" for left-turn lanes on Western Ave doesn't wash: you don't need turn lanes. Installing left-turn arrows in both directions would allow left-lane traffic to either turn left or not. As it is, you cannot see around the 2 lanes of traffic in either direction, and you back up the left-hand lane in both directions trying to turn left, with the result that angry drivers, stopped behind you, careen around you into the right-hand lanes and speed through the intersection. There are left-turn arrows for traffic turning onto Western from both Manning and South Manning; why not on Western? The city has not seen fit to make Western between S. Allen and uptown a 3-lane instead of a 4-lane speedway, so I suggest it pay attention to this potentially accident-causing situation, as well as allow residents of Manning Blvd. and S. Manning Blvd. to turn onto their own street, given the increased amount of traffic here.
  • parking Archived
    93-105 S Swan St Albany, NY 12207, USA - Albany
    the stretch of road coming out of the ESP heading up to Swan St towards State St has signs no stopping on the right side of the street. yet on sunday there are always cars parked on both sides of the street in this stretch of the road. it makes it very difficult to travel up the hill from the ESP especially in the winter months yet no one seems to say anything about it. what are the rules for this area
  • Morris St. And New Scotland Albany New York - Park South

    After promising the Park South neighborhood, that it would use its garages and work diligently not to impact community parking, Albany Med has sanctioned multiple valet stands in the neighborhood around the hospital who admit they are not only using all the street parking before even considering the garage, but who are now blocking off street parking with valet service cones. Note from the sign in the photo (far right side) that this valet stand is also blocking designated residential parking on both sides of Morris that is much needed. Albany Med also advertises this valet service and the service refers community complaints to AMC, so it's clear the hospital is fully aware.

    This is also impacting Sefcu customers who have as much right as AMC to find parking to do business. Both sides of Morris (residential parking) are being dominated by the valet service and they also use the CVS lot.

    The answer is NOT to remove the residential parking signs and give one more area of our community over to Albany Med. The appropriate response is to respect and protect our community's rights and for Albany Med to honor its promises and use their garage. If AMC wants to provide valet parking, they need to provide it on their own premises by having patients and visitors pull up onto its own property and valet drivers can take the vehicles to the garage. It's way past time for such encroachments and disregard to be addressed rather than sanctioned by any arm of the city if that is what is happening.

  • Washington Park Albany, New York - Albany
    There are a couple barricades blocking walking paths up to the basketball courts from the road that runs along the Madison Ave. side of the lake, but the cars just drive straight up the grass in a different, though very obvious, area along that same stretch of lake road. PLEASE barricade that as well. This is very dangerous, in addition to destroying the park. Also, DGS employees are driving fast on the road that runs around the north side of the lake and comes out near the stop light on South Lake . At 11:33 pm Monday, a private car with 4 men wearing the orange work vests shot out of that road. A few minutes later, pedestrians came close to getting hit when a DGS truck pulling a riding mower came around a curve on that same pedestrian road that runs from the west end of the lake house out to S. Lake Ave. He was going at a fast rate of speed on a curve and could not see pedestrians until it was almost too late. Had children been there, it would have been a tragedy. It's difficult to get people to stop driving in the park when DGS staff drive their private vehicles on pedestrian roads and employees are driving official vehicles in an unsafe manner.
  • Diseased tree Archived
    34 Summit Ave Albany, New York - Delaware Avenue
    This tree is large, a lot of limbs with rot holes, one large branch extends into the street and seems poised to fall down soon.
  • Other Open
    Washington Park Rd Albany, NY 12210, USA - Albany
    Washington Park Road is not supposed to be used my ANY commercial vehicles. there Used to be signs posted at the entrances of the park. Every single day there are beer trucks, busses -cdta and school busses, USPS haulers, and 18 wheelers traveling through the park. signs for non commercial use and enforcement need to be put BACK in place. it would also be nice if speed limit signs could be replaced as well. 20 mph signs have been removed, damaged, etc and never put back.
  • Other Acknowledged
    Washington Park Albany Ny - Albany
    People sleeping overnight in the park: under the old weeping beech and on that mysterious platform in the dog park. Seems like numbers have increased.
  • 441 Hudson Avenue Albany, NY 12203, USA - Pine Hills
    There is so much dog waste on the sidewalks, either the city needs to fine the houses surrounding it, clean it up or start posting someone out there and start handing out the $100 fines. It is a disgusting mess.
  • Crosswalks Acknowledged
    1053-1069 Cortland Street Albany, New York - Campus Area-University District
    Cortland St has no sidewalks, no marked crosswalks, and no stop signs. Walking children to & from school is hazardous