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  • Ontario At Madison Albany, New York - Pine Hills
    Cars are always allowed to park along one-way Ontario, even though it clearly says "no parking." If the city would issue parking tickets, just think how much money it would generate for the city coffers!
  • 188 W Lawrence St Albany Ny 12203 Usa - Pine Hills
    The new owners of the house at 188 West Lawrence St are attempting to turn this two family dwelling into 4 or 6 separate studio apartments. I live directly across the street at 197 and have been living at this address for the last 30 years. I am not aware that the new owners have obtained the necessary variance or building permits to make this change. And as far as I know, none of the neighbors around here have been consulted on such a major change to our neighborhood.
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    Marinello Terrace & Delaware Avenue Albany, NY 12209, USA - Delaware Avenue
    Does anyone know who this kid is? Not only is he driving a go kart down Delaware, he is talking on his phone while driving down Delaware! I have seen him weave in and out of traffic as well, passing illegally!
  • Morris St. And New Scotland Ave. Albany, New York - Park South

    An Albany Medical Center valet service is monopolozing public parking and bothering people who legally park on either side of the street on Morris at New Scotland. I parked in a public space and a valet immediately approached my car. I shook my head that I did not want valet parking, but he stood at my car door. When I exited my vehicle, he asked me where I was going and how long I would be.

    It's no ones business where I'm going or for how long. I told them this is public/residential parking. They told me my car might get blocked in if I park there, and one of the valets said, I was lucky it was him or I might "get hassled" by other valets for parking (in a residential spot with my residential permit). This feels like pressuring, bordering on harassment. The city needs to reign in AMC. Park South is not their kingdom.

  • 220 West Erie Albany, New York - New Scotland

    Just curious if the city will do anything at 220 West Erie. The hoarding is out of control making it difficult to even walk along the side walk. Also noticed some trash on the lot with a skunk going through it the other night.

    The property is an eyesore, and in danger of more rodents and vermin being attracted to the many rotting plants and garbage, and multiple stick piles along the house.

  • Albany Friends Meeting House Albany, NY, USA - Pine Hills
    The atv and dirt bike riders are out on Madison tearing things up at all hours now. They are out there at 5 am. Find a way to catch them. They are abusing the system and terrorizing local neighborhoods.
  • Lark Street Albany, New York - Sheridan Hollow
    Where is the police presence in Center Square? It's no longer safe to walk in the neighborhood, someone was shot twice on the corner of Dove and Hudson, the panhandlers are uber aggressive, and the only time you see a cop around is if Kathy Sheehan wants to eat somewhere on Lark. The drug dealers have moved in, vacant buildings are loaded with squatters....what is going on around here?
  • Delaware Avenue And Second Avenue Albany, New York - Delaware Avenue
    Because the traffic heading from Whitehall onto Delaware Ave has a right turn arrow after cars on Delaware have received a green light, if you are heading up the hill from Second Avenue, trying to turn left on Delaware and have pulled into the intersection you can be trapped in the dangerous position of not being able to complete your turn because cars from Whitehall are still turning right, but being in the intersection as cars want to start crossing it on Delaware. This has happened to me a few times and I now try to remember to avoid approaching that intersection from that direction. But it's quite dangerous.
  • 31 Spring Street Albany, New York - Central Avenue
    The Iron Gate Cafe (182A Washington Avenue) leaves their commercial trash cans stored at the rear of their building (31 Spring Street) unscreened daily (not just trash pickup day). They are often overflowing with trash. They never bring them inside. The trash at 25 Spring, 23 Spring, 21 Spring, and 19 Spring are all screened. Why is Iron Gate’s not? It’s disgusting to walk past daily.
  • Intersection Manning Blvd & Western Ave - Pine Hills
    During the day, you cannot turn left onto Manning Blvd (eastbound) from Western Ave, nor can you turn left onto South Manning Blvd (westbound) from Western Ave. This is because there is no left-turn arrow at the intersection from either direction. Western Ave was just repaved and re-striped--but no turn arrows were installed. The explanation that there's "not enough room" for left-turn lanes on Western Ave doesn't wash: you don't need turn lanes. Installing left-turn arrows in both directions would allow left-lane traffic to either turn left or not. As it is, you cannot see around the 2 lanes of traffic in either direction, and you back up the left-hand lane in both directions trying to turn left, with the result that angry drivers, stopped behind you, careen around you into the right-hand lanes and speed through the intersection. There are left-turn arrows for traffic turning onto Western from both Manning and South Manning; why not on Western?
  • Elbel Court Albany, New York - Whitehall
    Children from Meyers Middle School waiting for the 4:00 bus on the southwest corner of Whitehall Road at Elbel Court are running into the street in front of moving cars and remaining in the street, blocking traffic. On at least one occasion children were sitting down in the street. There is a real danger that one of these children will be struck by an impatient driver. School personnel are not interested in helping. A crossing guard or police officer needs to be on the scene to control this situation before a child is run over.
  • Missing sign Archived
    Rose Court Albany, NY - Delaware Avenue
    We have called the traffic engineering department to report/check on status of this issue for over 6 months, the residents of the street feel very strongly that a street sign to a main connector between Whitehall Rd and Hackett Blvd not be missing for over 6 months.