New Haven

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  • Fort Nathan Hale Park New Haven, Connecticut - East Shore
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    339 West Division Street - Newhallville
    Removal. tree needs to be removed.
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    53 Livingston Street - East Rock
    Removal. Tree is dead removal posted (Inspected by Asplundh).
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    146-148 Elizabeth Ann Drive - East Shore
    Removal. Tree is dead posted on 8/29/2012 (Inspected by Asplundh).
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    52 Judson Avenue - West River
    Removal. Tree is dead posted for removal 8/31/12 (Inspected by Asplundh).
  • 58 Lawncrest Rd New Haven 06515, United States - Amity
    There is a huge branch at this intersection with Lawncrestthat is hanging on by a few threads. It will cause major damage or injury when it comes down, which could be at any moment.
  • 44 Lyon Street New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square
    Alder Greenberg, Ward 8, reports that in front of 44 Lyon Street there is a large, city-owned tree growing around downed UI wires. The tree branches are severely entangled in the wires creating a serious safety hazard for neighbors and pedestrians. Please investigate and take any action necessary to remedy this problem, including trimming the tree and/or getting UI on the scene. Thank you.
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    138 Haven Street - Fair Haven
    Removal. Tree is dead posted 8/27/12. building clearance on small oak at location (Inspected by Asplundh).
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    51 Frank Street - Hill
    Removal. Tree in decline- rotten cavity at base. Posted for removal.. Inspected by Asplundh.
  • Removal Archived
    28 Frank Street - Hill
    Tree in decline- rotten cavity at base. Branches are falling off and dried roots.
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    483 Russell Street - Fair Haven Heights
    Removal. dead tree, and Safety trim locust btwn 483 - 493 Russell Street. Inspected by Asplundh.
  • Tree Trimming Archived
    357 Temple Street - Downtown
    Removal. Dead Tree on the east side of Temple St posted for removal (Inspected by Asplundh).