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  • 2723 Elsie Ave Toledo, OH, 43613, USA - Deveaux
    This house caught fire more than a month ago. There is junk and debris everywhere. I live directly next door. When the wind blows or it rains, the debris comes to my yard and property. I've had to sweep up broken glass weekly from the debris left from the fire. There are open windows and doors from the fire. Rodents and animals are living in there. The person who was squatting in the house for over a year w/ no utilities on the property comes and goes. Last I checked no one was allowed on the property due to the investigation. This property is a disgrace to our otherwise lovely neighborhood. I have to wake up every day and deal w/ that house both in its looks, the flies and rodents it brings, cleaning up the mess over and over again that was promised to be cleaned by the city that makes its way onto my property. It was never boarded up, nothing was cleaned by anyone but the squatter, who just swept everything close to the house and took the aluminum siding from the torn house probably to be scrapped. The back yard is filled w/ garbage and the yard is long. Please come take care of this house!!
  • Beechway Blvd Toledo, OH, 43614, USA - Beverly
    Please take care of Beechway Blvd, both northbound and southbound from Copland to Sherwood. The potholes are very deep and you can't see them when it rains because you're trying to avoid the parked cars on the narrow street.
  • 2270 Torrey Hill Dr Toledo, OH, 43606, USA - Ottawa
    Large pot hole. City placed Barrel in pot hole that have since been repeatedly run over. Pot hole needs to be fixed.
  • 3237-4699 Dura Avenue Toledo, Ohio - Toledo
    100's of semi trucks and cars pass on this road each day. All traffic incoming and outgoing uses the North side of the road because the South has been impassable for years. Now the North side is arguably worse than the South. It is causing maintenance costs on my fleet of trucks as well as making it very difficult to lease my property. Please send someone to survey our road as it is so bad and needs to be addressed for a long term solution. My business as well all the business on Dura pay taxes to the city and we deserve to have this looked at as something more than sending a contracted asphalt co. out to patch what has been patched and patched for years with no real relief in the road being suitable.
  • Disrepair Archived
    3825 Revere Dr Toledo, Ohio - Five Points
    This building has been reported before
    Nothing has changed. The grass and weeds still have not been touched., the gutter is still hanging off the roof, the place looks like trash
  • 3719 Bowen Road TOLEDO, OH - Deveaux
    Bad potholes on the right and left and in the center. The day I reported this problem, you came out and placed 2 orange cones in a couple potholes and gave us hope that someone in the city was listening and cared. But guess what? You NEVER returned to fix a single thing or informed us of any "plan" you might have in the works. There are potholes all over Bowen Rd. beginning at the 3700 block and going towards Monroe Street. They get worse the further you go down towards Monroe Street. They are damaging our cars and causing injury to people on bikes. This is a cut through street that sees a lot of traffic, including school buses, and it has been neglected by the city for decades. You completely repaved a small portion of Bowen going towards Sylvania Avenue but totally ignored the rest of the road. As a neighborhood that works hard to take care of the property here, we are baffled by the lack of attention to the road. Please try to do something soon. Thank you.
  • 405 Dura Avenue Toledo, Ohio - Toledo
    The street is awful! Several people have called and we have had no response-the potholes are deep, the sewer is all busted out also and sinking in. People have to drive on the wrong side of the road and its very dangerous-not to mention all the damage to our vehicles-both personal and company. Please please please fill the potholes! The whole beginning of the road is all very deep potholes and right in front of our facility they are also bad near the sewer that is sinking in.
  • Dorr And Byrne Toledo, OH - Scott Park
    The stop light at this location is very poorly timed as a 3 way stop so people constantly run the light. Please retime this light so that the right turn lane may legally turn right when others have green arrows to prevent running of this light. Thanks!
  • 310 Dura Ave Toledo, OH 43612, USA - Toledo
  • 3400 Beechway Blvd Toledo, OH, 43614, USA - Beverly
    Between 25 to 40 potholes, some greater than 12 inches deep. Impossible to drive down the road and maneuver between them any longer. Deep, water-filled gullies and nearly complete absence of curbs along Beechway Blvd.
  • 650 Bancroft Street Toledo, OH 43620, USA - Old West End
    Scottwood and Bancroft is missing a pedestrian crosswalk.
  • Dryden Dr Toledo, OH, 43612, USA - Five Points
    Potholes on Dryden from Lewis to Bennett