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  • 78 Shady Lane North Bend, Ohio - North Bend
    River Road traveling east at the light at Shady Lane...... has a terrible rut in it when you change lanes to go to turn left on Shady Lane.. makes it very difficult to change lanes and brake.
  • I275 And 74 Usa - Monfort Heights East
    Just upon leaving 74 interchanage at 275 wesbound is a HUGE break in pavement in center lane. VERY BAD SPOT since constructionbegan at Miamitown area. YOU CANNOT avoid thispothole if you are in this lane. Will cause flat tires and where do you pull off in consturction? YOU CAN'T?
  • 3471-3487 W Galbraith Rd Groesbeck, OH 45239, USA - Groesbeck
    Between Cheviot and Colerain Ave, traveling east, the road is so bad I drive left of center. Waiting to get stopped and will tell the officer that I refuse to drive on the right side of the road until it is resurfaced completely!
  • 10401-10425 Pottinger Rd Cincinnati, OH 45251, USA - Northgate
    The whole road is just a horrible mess.
  • potholes Archived
    8121-8199 Daly Rd Cincinnati, OH 45224, USA - College Hill
    ridiculous. this section has been horribly bumpy since before winter.
  • Pottinger Rd. Cincinnati, OH - Northgate
    Road is horrible!!!! Hate to take that way to the high school!!!
  • 2651 Brestel Road Cincinnati, OH - South Fairmount
    the so called has turned into a goat path trees hanging and bushes hanging over the street unlimited pot holes probably no chance of rescue equipment to ever reach my mothers house . please help
  • 5929-6015 Winton Rd Cincinnati, OH 45232, USA - Winton Hills
    Winton Rd. hill is consumed with potholes!!
  • Pothole Open
    254 Piedmont Ave. Cincinnati, OH - Corryville
  • 34 E 13th St Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA - Over-The-Rhine
    The south sidewalk is in incredible disrepair and the street lights have been out for over a year.
  • 800-846 E Ross Ave Cincinnati, OH 45217, USA - St. Bernard
  • huge potholes Archived
    75 South Cincinnati, OH - Evendale
    potholes all over 75 south. some were half a$$ fixed. Fix them right!!!! sick of trying to dodge them at 60 mph