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  • huge potholes Archived
    75 South Cincinnati, OH - Evendale
    potholes all over 75 south. some were half a$$ fixed. Fix them right!!!! sick of trying to dodge them at 60 mph
  • 528 E Mitchell Ave Cincinnati, OH 45217, USA - North Avondale
    East Mitchell Avenue is a mess! Lots of potholes and construction going on too!
  • 5906 Springdale Road Cincinnati, Ohio - Hamilton County
    There are cattails growing wild at Don Helcher's Auto Shop. Families trying to turn out of Precious Years Learning Center next door cannot see oncoming traffic. This presents a very hazardous condition for families with small children in tow.
  • Gray Road Cincinnati, OH - Winton Place
    the whole road needs to be redone and not ust patched up.
  • fix it Open
    Gray Rd Cincinnati, OH - Winton Place
    potholes everywhere
  • Williams Street & Wyoming Avenue Lockland, OH - Lockland
    There are so many people that run this red light. Someone is going to get hurt.
  • 4059-4099 Boudinot Ave Cincinnati, OH 45211, USA - Monfort Heights South
    The road here, but really the whole street is full of potholes and gravel and tons of other debris. Causing major issues to peoples cars
  • 6911 Boake Alley Cincinnati, OH 45216, USA - Carthage
    pot holes all the way up it
  • Bahama Terrace Cincinnati, OH - Mount Airy
    the pot-holes in the drive way or two many and there deep, can possibly put out a tire.
  • Pot Holes Archived
    By Pass 28 Entrance Ramp from Wolfpen Southbound, Miami Township, OH - Hamilton County
    Located at the bottom of ramp
  • Trash and Debris Acknowledged
    7350 Harrison Ave Cincinnati, OH, 45231, USA - Mount Healthy
    I walk past this house regularly, residents moved in last year (2019). At least one small child lives there. Back of lot is Hoarder haven. Someone recently hung tarp over garage door, but it is full. I am reporting because this is a safety and potential fire issue. Thank you.
  • Cincinnati, OH - Central Business District
    multiple large pot holes on Deerfield Road, Milford Ohio 45150