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  • Pot Holes Archived
    By Pass 28 Entrance Ramp from Wolfpen Southbound, Miami Township, OH - Hamilton County
    Located at the bottom of ramp
  • Daly Avenue Cincinnati, OH - Finneytown
    On Daly between NBend Road and Daly to Galbraith and Daly
  • 762-766 Martin Luther King Dr W Cincinnati, OH 45220, USA - Clifton
    In the AM Hopple St drivers going West onto MLK frequently completely block Central Pkwy thru our green lights. RUDE
  • 7301 Clovernook Ave Mount Healthy 45231, United States - Mount Healthy
    This vehicle continues to park on the sidewalk forcing pedestrian traffic to enter the street
  • 6th St. Viaduct Cincinnati, OH - Central Business District
  • State Route 32 Anderson Twp/Cinti, OH - Hamilton County
    what happened to minor criminals being assigned to community service to help with trash along the road sides? Especially the Rt 32 exit off of Beechmont
  • 2812-2814 River Rd Cincinnati, OH 45204, USA - Sedamsville
    The Speed limit is 35mph in this section of 50w/River Rd. I have to hit the gas hard just to get out of my drive and then gun it to 55mph to not be hit. I have been honked at and passed doing 55mph in a 35mph zone. If the city of Cincinnati needs money they can hide in drives ways in this area, clock the speeds of people and call ahead to another officer. TRUST ME the city of Cincinnati will bring in the cash!!!! I am tired of speeding out of my drive way and giving myself whiplash to not get hit. Also on a bad note, I have been passed by a cop more than once on this road when my speed was 50mph, he did not have his lights on and was leading other speeders. Where is your pride and respect for the law Cincinnati? You would think that out of everyone the Cincinnati Police would obey the law not lead others into breaking it.
  • Stewart Road And 71 Cincinnati, OH - Silverton
    stewart road under Interstate 71 has pot holes that been there for over a year. I have called pot hole hotline but they fixed holes north by 50' but these holes never been touched.
  • Triple Creek Park - Pleasant Run
    I frequently go to the Dog Park with my dogs (about 3-4 times a week) and in the small dog play area there is a large hole under the fence and my dog escaped out of there when we last visited and I was wondering what I needed to do to get this fixed.
  • Ridlen Ave East Price Hill, Cincinnati, OH - East Price Hill
  • Towne Street Cincinnati, OH - Bond Hill
  • 5906 Springdale Road Cincinnati, Ohio - Hamilton County