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  • 3477-3479 Boudinot Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio - Westwood
    there have been lots of repairs on boudinot from glenway to westwood northern blvd. these new repairs
    (going on still now, I believe) are extremely rough, sunken, sharp edged, humped, wavy.and stretched across the whole width of the road in both directions, and is painful to traverse. are they going to re-pave? it cannot be left in this condition; this a major road for the area.
  • pothoes Open
    2412 Ingleside Cincinnati, Ohio - Cincinnati
    There is a large pothole on Moorman avenue and another one on Ingleside (northern part). Please repair them when possible. They are dangerous.
  • Pothole Open
    Colerain Cincinnati, Ohio - Groesbeck
    East-bound Ronald Reagan
    Left Lane
    Between mile markers 6.8 and 7.0
    Pothole is about 1 ft wide x 2 ft long x 2-3 in deep
  • Ferguson Rd Going Both Ways From Queen City Crossing To Glenway. Cincinnati, Ohio - West Price Hill
    Ferguson Rd going both ways from Queen City crossing to Glenway. potholes, bad repairs, ridges and waves. It is a rough ride especially going toward Glenway from Queen City Ave, and has been bad for a long time. Its not a viable option for avoiding Boudinot ave because it is also bad to drive over.Please fix. "
  • 4849 Mt Alverno Rd Cincinnati, Ohio - Hamilton County
    Every spring this gets worse. There are a series of potholes running along the southwest corner of the intersection at Greenwell and Mt. Alverno RD. the debris field from this stretch 30 ft pass the intersection.
  • 4228 Applegate Ave cincinnati, OH - Cheviot
    The street light across the street from 4228 applegate ave is out and needs replaced. Thank you
  • Governors Way Hamilton County , Ohio - Hamilton County
    1 foot wide ~ 1 foot deep at end of Fields Ertle exit ramp from I71and end of 2nd from Right lane that goes forward onto Governors Way
  • Springdale Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio - Northgate
    All along Springdale Rd from Menominee to Colerain Ave there is a seam like crevice that is dangerous and poor for roads. It needed to be fixed three years ago now it's just bad and pulls your tire into the groove.
  • 105 Wamsley Ave Cleves, Ohio - Cleves
    Needs to be replaced or repaired.
  • Nb Plainfield Rd At Eb Ronald Reagan Onramp By Gold Star Blue Ash, OH - Blue Ash
  • 1600 Elkton Place Cincinnati, Ohio - College Hill
    Water collects at Budmar and the street dips possible sink hole
  • Interstate 71 Cincinnati, Ohio - Walnut Hills
    My car had no choice but to go down in a huge pothole last night leaving downtown via 71N. What that did to my car I have no idea. It needs to be filled ASAP - what are we supposed to do when all lanes are going and it's right in front of you.