Cinncinnati Service Department

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Watching issues created after: 2013-10-11

Notified About

  • Rybolt Road Cincinnati, OH - Dent
    The majority of Rybolt Road, especially the closer you get to Taylor, is extremely rough and bumpy, full of broken pavement and potholes. Please FIX!
  • Trash and Debris Acknowledged
    7348 Hamilton Ave Cincinnati, OH, 45231, USA - Mount Healthy
    I submitted a request for trash and debris, including refrig, furniture, and bags of trash left at back of property for more then 6 weeks. Appears that more dumping of trash recently occurred. Please refer to the picture submitted several weeks ago for this same property. This is a safety issue-rodents, children or animals could get hurt or stuck in appliances.
    Thank you.
  • Street Light Archived
    7416 Werner Ave Cincinnati, OH 45231, USA - Mount Healthy
    the street light at 7409 Werner is out.
  • Shady Ln Woodlawn, Ohio - Woodlawn
    There are numerous potholes and damage to this street in Woodlawn.
  • 5 Hartwell Ct Cincinnati, OH 45216, USA - Hartwell
    At the entrance of Hartwell Court off Vine street there are numerous pot holes and they continue as you drive further to the end of the street.
  • large pothole Archived
    Montgomery Rd Cincinnati, OH - Kenwood
    past intersection of Montgomery Rd and Miami Rd (near Seasons) before Dearwester
  • 7340 Elizabeth St Cincinnati, OH, 45231, USA - Mount Healthy
    All leaves from treelawn and possibly beyond have been raked into the street, which causes problems of clogging storm sewers. My understanding is that this is either requested not to be done or is not legal, whichever, the resident needs to be informed.
  • 4591-4599 Smith Road Norwood, Ohio - Norwood
    Multiple potholes, etc. in the south/west-bound lanes on Smith Rd. You basically can't drive around them, especially since they are in the middle of the intersection.
  • 5637 Bluepine Drive Cincinnati, Ohio - Dent
    All along Bluepine dr there are many potholes.
    How can we get them fixed. I am tired of fixing flat tires
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    7831 Hamilton Av Cincinnati, OH, 45231, USA - Mount Healthy
    When are the wagon trails going to be repaired? This is taking entirely TOO LONG to get the streets drivable again.
    Hamilton Ave is one big pothole.
  • 7420 Elizabeth St Cincinnati, OH, 45231, USA - Mount Healthy
    Trash put out on Sunday,this eyesore will be here all week.
  • 7545–7599 Forest Ave Mount Healthy 45231, United States - Mount Healthy
    Left over asphalt and traffic cones have been left here blocking the southbound lane for more than 2 weeks by the folks that were working on Compton. Can we please get it cleaned up?