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  • Trash and Debris Acknowledged
    1552 Saint Clair Ave Cincinnati, OH, 45231, USA - Mount Healthy
    There is constantly dog poop all over the sidewalk on the south side of St Clair, going west from Hickman, from the corner to half way up the block. The problem seems to stem from people unwilling to pick up the crap when their dog poops in someone's yard, so it's easier to just keep pulling the dog (preventing them from pooping in the yards), resulting in them pooping all over the sidewalk. On a positive note, when they do hit the mark and poop in our yards, as opposed to the sidewalk, it's been stepped in, rolled in and gotten all over kid's toys.
  • Trash and Debris Acknowledged
    7348 Hamilton Ave Cincinnati, OH, 45231, USA - Mount Healthy
    I submitted a request for trash and debris, including refrig, furniture, and bags of trash left at back of property for more then 6 weeks. Appears that more dumping of trash recently occurred. Please refer to the picture submitted several weeks ago for this same property. This is a safety issue-rodents, children or animals could get hurt or stuck in appliances.
    Thank you.
  • Pothole Archived
    1580 Saint Clair Ave Mount Healthy OH 45231, United States - Mount Healthy
    Hi, I saw this hole starting. I could push it in with my foot. I live on Rugg where you guys just fixed a sink hole and some collapsing sewers- thanks! - and I thought you might want to know about it. It's near the curb in front of 1580 St. Clair. It's about the size of a softball.
    Thanks for taking care of the town.
  • Street Light Archived
    7416 Werner Ave Cincinnati, OH 45231, USA - Mount Healthy
    the street light at 7409 Werner is out.
  • Rybolt Road Cincinnati, OH - Dent
    The majority of Rybolt Road, especially the closer you get to Taylor, is extremely rough and bumpy, full of broken pavement and potholes. Please FIX!
  • Street Light Archived
    7833 Seward Ave Cincinnati, OH 45231, USA - Mount Healthy
    are out.All street lights from Compton Rd to Hill Av
  • 7412 Perry St Cincinnati, OH, 45231, USA - Mount Healthy
    Caller reported that there is trash in the yard and abandoned Kroger shopping carts on the property. Caller also stated that the residents at this property grill in their plastic greenhouse, creating a potential fire hazard.
  • East Miami River Road Cincinnati, Ohio - Grandview
    Road conditions are horrible between Old Colerain & Scull Road. Very hazardous & detrimental to any car/truck/motorcycle
  • 7425 Park Ave Cincinnati, OH, 45231, USA - Mount Healthy
    A resident called in to report that her trash and the neighbor's trash had been missed on Friday.
  • Oldfield Road Cincinnati , Ohio - Hamilton County
    Old Colerain between Kemper Road all the way to bottom & across the East Miami River bridge. Including the bridge. Damaged road, potholes, debris
  • Applegate Cheviot, Ohio - Cheviot
    There is a new pothole on Applegate ave right before t ok u get to Alta vista .
  • 4591-4599 Smith Road Norwood, Ohio - Norwood
    Multiple potholes, etc. in the south/west-bound lanes on Smith Rd. You basically can't drive around them, especially since they are in the middle of the intersection.