Holyoke's Pulaski Park neighborhood

Fur Arrimaha: 25 Arrimaha xidhmay: 113 Arrimaha la Qiray: 27
Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2013-10-25

Pulaski Park and surrounding areas. Area is similar to northern portion of Ward 1B and includes: Mater Dolorosa, Pizza D'Action, The Wherehouse, 202 Rotary, Open Square, Echo Hill Townhouses, Robert E. Barrett Fishway, St. Patty's Day Road Race Starting Line, and two bridges over the 1st and 2nd level of the Canal.

Wax Laga Ogaysiiyey

  • 25 Maple St Holyoke MA 01040, United States - Holyoke
    Pulaski Park Maple Street Entrance (MD School). Otherwise well-maintained city park. Occasional overfilled trash can.
  • 1-35 Saint Kolbe Drive Holyoke, Massachusetts - Holyoke
    Snow bank is a bit too high. I understand there is not much space to put the snow but it is difficult to leave St Kolbe drive because you cant see.
  • 110 Lyman Street Holyoke, MA 01040, USA - Holyoke
    This sidewalk has not been sanded or salted and is covered in ice. Please maintain the streets. This is very unsafe.
  • Other Acknowledged
    2 Arbor Way Holyoke, MA 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Pulaski Park is in desperate need of care. Not only are there ruts in the grass the wall overlooking the river is badly eroded and the benches are falling apart
  • 1-19 West Court Holyoke, MA 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Alley full of trash.
  • 41 Chestnut Street Holyoke, MA 01040, USA - Holyoke
    This at the end of Chestnut St. On Saint Kolbe Dr. Who is responsible for keeping the drains here clear so the snow melt has a place to go. There are elderly in the area as well as children since this is near Mater Dolorosa School. The ice is a danger.
  • 1 Maple St Holyoke, Massachusetts - Holyoke
    Yep, nearly every member of the elected government has campaigned on cleaner streets. Apparently this platitude, but inaction is something old and new Holyoke agree on.
  • Purple Heart Drive Holyoke, MA 01040, USA - Holyoke
    It is difficult to see cars coming down 202 when merging here. It is more difficult when the weeds grow up higher than the guardrail. Please trim this area. Thanks.
  • 6 Arbor Way Holyoke, MA 01040, USA - Holyoke
    The door on the small park building near the end of Arbor Drive has been kicked open. It has become a drug injection site. Homeless people sleep in there. Scary and dangerous for people who want to use the park in the evening.
  • Other Archived
    111 Lyman Street Holyoke, MA 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Just curious as to when the bridge on Lyman St over the upper canal is scheduled for repair. It is currently more pothole than road surface.
  • St. Kolbe Drive Holyoke, Massachusetts - Holyoke
    Trash is constantly thrown behind and around the condo's dumpster. Property management is unable to respond in timely manner, and trash is scattered among the grounds directly underneath residents windows. Old trash has been left under the dumpster that is rotting.
  • 156-162 High Street Holyoke, MA 01040, USA - Holyoke
    Overflowing dumpster and lot filled with trash.