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  • 5135 5139 Webster St, Philadelphia, PA 19143, USA - Cobbs Creek
    The house has been abandoned for sometime. There are no supporting walls in the back of the house and the facade is riddled with debris and cats...Home is used for drinking, smoking illegal substances, and general hanging out spot.
  • 1008 N. 64th Street Philadelphia, PA - Morris Park
    1008 N. 64th Street is a twin house with a driveway along its south side. This driveway is clogged with non-working automobiles, with flat tires and other damage, and the driveway and backyard are generally overgrown. The driveway adjoins the next-door property's driveway and thus for this and a host of other reasons the items there present a safety and aesthetic hazard. Please fine this property based upon the several violations of city code visible here. Will post a photo as soon as possible.
  • 51st And Osage Philadelphia, PA - Cobbs Creek
    This intersection is very dangerous to pedestrians trying to reach Malcolm X park. At the very least, crosswalk lines should be painted here. Better would be stop signs.
  • 715 N 35th St Philadelphia, PA - Belmont
    Trash regularly sits uncollected for weeks at a time here.
  • Large pothole Archived
    5012 Osage Ave Philadelphia, PA 19143, USA - Cobbs Creek
    A large hole with filled only with dirt has been left in the middle of the road after work on a house's sewer line.
  • 651 S. 51st St Philadelphia, PA - Cobbs Creek
    Rogue Street Department trash bin is wandering up and down the 600-700 block of S. 51st Street. Currently on the northeast corner of 51st and Catharine. It's attracting dumping in and around it.
  • 900 N. 67th Street philadelphia, pa - Morris Park
    Recently several of these yellow and black signs have been posted up all around Overbrook past 63rd street. These signs are degrading, targeting our struggling homeowners and really destroys the look of the neighborhood. They need to all be removed and those responsible for the signs need to be tracked down and fined.
  • 5222-5224 Webster St Philadelphia, PA 19143, USA - Cobbs Creek
    cat beaten to death, left in road, not the first time this has happened.
  • Lage Pothole Acknowledged
    4089 Lancaster Ave Philadelphia, PA 19104 - Belmont
    Large potholes across bike lanes caused by pavement cuts in front of new construction. Patched poorly about 2 months ago, now are dangerous again
  • 6200-6202 W Jefferson St Philadelphia, PA - Morris Park
    The back yards are deplorable. It is a disgrace to stand or sit on your back porch and have to look at this mess. It looks like a forest. The stairs to one of the properties are crumbling. Please do something about this. L & I has yet to do anything and it has been reported.
  • 151 North Gross Street Philadelphia, PA 19139, USA - Haddington-Carroll Park
    This trash was put out and it's almost a week later. Rodents are jumpin in out of bags and neighborhood animals are going through it. This is a nasty mess and health hazard in our neighborhood. Please fix this.
  • 6443 Lebanon Ave Philadelphia, PA 19151, USA - Morris Park
    Tenants at 6443 Lebanon Avenue continually put rubbish and other materials at curbside in alley seven days per week. Trash day is Tuesday. Often trash gets strewn around by animals etc. Landlord does nothing.