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  • 1321 N. 58th Street Philadelphia, PA - Haddington-Carroll Park
    Trash being stored on the front of properties (walkways and pourches) and not in the back yards. 1300 Block of 58th Street, 19131. Trash and garbage. There even is a horter on the block who's porch is overflowing.
  • 5237 Baltimore Ave. Philadelphia, PA - Cobbs Creek
    Back yard of abandoned house has wildly overgrown tree, a mountain of trash and limbs in the back yard and structure that is caving in. Bricks from the house fall off and rodents and feral cats use the overgrown tree as access into the house. Animals include, squirrels, raccoons, possums, and now SKUNKS.
  • 151 North Gross Street Philadelphia, PA 19139, USA - Haddington-Carroll Park
    This trash was put out and it's almost a week later. Rodents are jumpin in out of bags and neighborhood animals are going through it. This is a nasty mess and health hazard in our neighborhood. Please fix this.
  • 6200-6202 W Jefferson St Philadelphia, PA - Morris Park
    The back yards are deplorable. It is a disgrace to stand or sit on your back porch and have to look at this mess. It looks like a forest. The stairs to one of the properties are crumbling. Please do something about this. L & I has yet to do anything and it has been reported.
  • 715 N 35th St Philadelphia, PA - Belmont
    Trash regularly sits uncollected for weeks at a time here.
  • 748 N. 63rd Street Philadelphia, PA - Morris Park
    Thick bushes and weeds are growing covering the steps and sidewalk making it unsafe for passerby especially at night or for those waiting for 31 bus. Abandoned truck in driveway.
  • 6701 Lansdowne Ave Philadelphia, PA - Morris Park
    The house at the corner has overgrown weeds obstructing the sidewalks. In addition, the home seems to have a large number of cats and it smells bad. The house also attracts a lot of pigeons and they poop all over the place.
  • 101 N 60th Street - Haddington-Carroll Park
    Today at 9:05 am a delivery truck with MyFurnitureMecca.com on its side idle outside my apartment building for at least five minutes creating noise and fumes that entered the building. This is not the first time this has happened but an on-going situation.
  • 5084 Chestnut St Philadelphia, PA - Cobbs Creek
    There is a persistent high pitch noise that is noticeable when walking through the 5000 Block of Chestnut St (especially at the west end of the block).
  • 1024-26 N Pallas St Philadelphia, PA 19104 - Belmont
    Depression caused by water main break. Force of soil from cars driving into and over hole has resulted in need to repair sewer line vent pipes at 1024 and 1026 Pallas. Please repair this hole in the street as soon as possible. Thanks.
  • Large sinkhole Acknowledged
    5208 Walnut St Philadelphia, PA 19139, USA - Cobbs Creek
    The street is caving in at this location. There was an attempt to fix it but its still sinking. This is the left lane on Walnut st. just west of 52nd st. Its been like this over a month that I know of.
  • 5406 Delancey Street Philadelphia Pa - Cobbs Creek
    This house is full of garbage and trasj pilled up outside and out back I'm over run by mice and rats!