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  • POTHOLE IN STREET Acknowledged
    31 S Salford Street Philadelphia, PA - Cobbs Creek
  • Sunken hotpatch Acknowledged
    1746 N 60th St Philadelphia, PA 19151, USA - Morris Park
    This hole is sinking.
  • 700 Block Of Marlyn Road Philadelphia, PA - Haddington-Carroll Park
    Blue Windstar minivan parked in front of a private home since March 17, 2011 with a ladder that extends over the length of the minivan which is dangerous the sticker on window is 11/12 License # HCy2779 PA and license tag sticker 11/11. 311 and the police were asked about this and both stated nothing could be done
    This vehicle is dangerous one our my neighbors hit his head on the ladder but did not know who the owner of vehicle was. Under parking violations
    12-901(3) Commercial vehicle parked in residential area which carries a fine of 101.00 should have been ticketed by the police. The vehicle has been in operable since March 17, 2011 which is over a month. Once again what constitutes an abandoned vehicles just because stickers are valid does not make the vehicle operable. I would like this vehicle moved from in front of my door it's and eyesore and it is dangerous. Someone needs to do their job and follow up on this and stop passing the buck!!
  • 6259 Ludlow St Philadelphia, PA 19139, USA - Cobbs Creek
    This building is in a residential area and we already have a homeless shelter across the street on Cobbs Creek Pkwy.There are senior citizen on the 62nd block of Ludlow St. that can't make it to the zoning hearing on Weds. March 9th @ 2:00 pm 1515Arch St. Rm. 18002 for obvious reasons and don't wish to have this facility on our street.Can You Help Us...........
  • Haverford Ave Between 60th And 63rd Streets Philadelphia, PA - Haddington-Carroll Park
    The bike lanes on Haverford Avenue are not marked. In fact there are no lines on the street at all.
  • 3229 Mt Vernon St Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA - Belmont
    Huge pile of trash bags, wood scraps, and two toilets in Mt. vernon manor parking lot.
  • 800-824 N 67th St Philadelphia, PA 19151, USA - Morris Park
  • 3415 Wallace St. Philadelphia, PA - Belmont
    Wallace St. b/w 35th & 34th needs to be plowed
  • 57th And Market Philadelphia, PA - Haddington-Carroll Park
    Under the El tracks, Market Street is absolutely impossible to drive on in its current state and needs to be rebuilt or resurfaced immediately.
  • 6120 Spruce St Philadelphia, PA 19103 - Cobbs Creek
    Original handicap person has passed away, family uses street parking as personal garage.
  • 6300-6328 Media St Philadelphia, PA 19151, USA - Haddington-Carroll Park
    Traffic light at 42nd and parkside stays red in all directions for a very long time. So long that now some cars are just blowing through the red (passing stopped cars that are waiting). This light has been like this a couple weeks.
  • 4045 Ogden Street Philadelphia, PA - Belmont
    The abandoned house is located at 4045 Ogden Street (northwest corner of Budd & Ogden Streets) 19104. It have weeds growing out of the foundation and the facade in back of the house. The opening to the backyard of the house is on Budd Street. It have to be cleaned and sealed.