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  • Philadelphia PA, USA - East Falls
    Potholes City Avenue (Us 1) Northbound entering the bridge connecting Lincoln Dr., Ridge Ave., and Kelly Drive
  • 7200 - 7500 Haverford Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Morris Park
    Entirely too much trash!! Much of it is generated from customers of the many eateries along the strip going uphill, from Brockton Road to City Avenue. City-issued, solar operated cans are needed for this area.
  • Bad patch job Archived
    5741 Wynnefield Ave Philadelphia, PA 19131 - Wynnefield
    Looks like a perfect square pothole in the middle of the street. Probably a pothole that was filled poorly and now falling apart or incomplete street work.
  • City Avenue (Us 1) Northbound Towards The Bridge Connecting Lincoln Dr. Ridge Ave., and Kelly Drive - Bala Cynwyd
  • Huge potholes Archived
    Presidential & City Line Av - Fs Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA - Wynnefield
    Multiple large potholes on City Ave north & south-bound lanes on both sides of Presidential Blvd.
  • Large pothole Archived
    I- 76 City Ave ramp, Philadelphia, PA - East Falls
    There is a very deep pothole at a seam right after you take the City Ave lane at the I-76/Rte 1 split
  • Cobbs Creek Park - Haddington-Carroll Park
    EXTREMELY noisy ATVs and Dirt Bikes tearing through the park woods. Police say they're "unable" to do anything about it.
  • No water Archived
    4418 Sherwood Road Philadelphia, PA - Wynnefield
    Hi I have been mortgage foreclosure battle for over year with my mortgage company Ocwen who gave me a modification and then revoked it. Now even though I have not been given an eviction date they have now allowed the water to be turned off so I am in a house with two young kids who is using a bathroom and no way to flush and I have called very department only to be sent to another and another in the mean time still no water I called 311 and was told an inspector was sent out and a violation was sent to the bank but they can not make them put the water back on I need help please.
  • Spring Garden St Philadelphia, PA - Strawberry Mansion
    The bike lane stripes on Spring Garden St bridge are faded where the bike lane crosses over the 1-76 westbound turn lane for approximately 20-30 feet. This is INCREDIBLY dangerous. I have had four near-accidents with cars at this location, most recently last night. The drivers cannot see the bike lane, which used to be painted bright blue where it crosses into traffic, and is now so faded you can barely see it. They come flying over the bridge and start to veer into the right-hand turn lane, totally unaware that cyclists may be in the lane for 20-30 feet. This should be a high-priority issue in a city with so many new bike commuters.
  • 2100 N Wanamaker St Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA - Wynnefield
    Street has not been plowed and it is also very icy.
  • 3501-3799 W Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA - Wynnefield
    The light at the end of the Girard exit off of 76 East bound does not work properly. I have sat at this light several times when I myself, and drivers in front and behind me were forced to run a red light because the light would not change to green. Even after close to 10 minutes. This was not a one time event either, and I have been told about it by others as well.
  • Falls Rd Philadelphia, PA - Wynnefield
    The overgrown weeds have made the roads narrow and unsafe for pedestrians and vehicles. The bike lane resembles a war torn street in Bosnia. The average speed is about 40mph on this road, the vegetation is making it dangerous for all.