VIola Street Residents Association

Mga Bukas na Isyu: 68 Mga Saradong Isyu: 110 Mga Na-acknowledge na Isy: 14
Minamanmanan ang mga isyu na ginawa pagkatapos: 2013-11-20

Napagbigyang-alam Tungkol

  • 6038 Overbrook Ave Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA - Wynnefield
    Street has not been plowed
  • 5623 Lancaster Ave Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA - Wynnefield
    A section of sidewalk on the north side of Lancaster Avenue between Overbrook High School's parking lot and the 5500 block of Lancaster. It's deplorable and makes walking to school difficult.
  • 1200 Belmont Ave Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA - Wynnefield
    A trench (some concrete at the bottom, but not filled in and paved yet) is open in the southbound bike lane on Belmont, just north of Girard.
  • Dog Feces Archived
    3745 - 53 Lankenau Rd Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA - Wynnefield
    On both sides of the street 1 or 2 dogs are leaving droppings behind on the grassy strip at the curb and the owners are not picking up after their pets. Between addresses 3730 and 3740 and 3753 and 3745, our households are going through hell with our cars and carpets. I am tempted to set up a camera in my front window and will put the families on blast if it does not stop. Parents please monitor your children because I know a responsible adult would not allow this to continue.
  • 2310-2316 N 51st St Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA - Wynnefield
    On Bryn Mawr Avenue, between Overbrook and Woodbine, in Philadelphia, there is a tall tree with a large dead branch overhanging the street and the sidewalk. Every time there is a thunderstorm, I expect to hear that it has fallen on a car or pedestrian.
  • 3200-3298 Chamounix Dr Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA - Wynnefield
    Rotten odor coming from trash bag on dead end, deserted street.
  • Abandoned Car? Acknowledged
    Conshohocken Ave Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA - Wynnefield
    Grey Mitsubishi on Conshohocken Ave b/w Duffield House and Imperial Towers Apts. Right rear tire is flat and parked on curb. May have a ticket on windshield. Has been there for six months. Reported twice to adandoned car hotline w/ license plate number--still there.
  • 2635 Wentworth Rd Philadelphia, 19131 - Wynnefield
    There is a 1995 -2000 silver Ford Taurus Sedan that has been sitting with no license plate and expired window tags for months. It has several notes written on the back window of the car. It is parked right where Ellington Rd becomes Wentworth Road- right next to the alley that leads to the back of apartment complexes (right at the opening). This is also where the Center for Autistic Children entrance on Ellington is: 3905 Ford Road.
  • 2200-2698 Belmont Ave Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA - Wynnefield
    This stretch is dark, the streetlights are not on, about 6 of them. This is a very busy road.
  • Harrasment Archived
    Spring Garden St Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA - Strawberry Mansion

    Middle age black man in a teal mini van with his children in it tail gated me while on my bike and honked several times while I was riding in the bike line. He proceed to scream obscenities and told me to get off the road while about 6 inches away.

    This was while the sidewalk was completely covered with snow so if thought I was supposed to ride on the sidewalk not even that made sense.

  • Pothole Archived
    5379 Wynnefield Ave Philadelphia, PA 19131 - Wynnefield
    This pothole is a perfect square, located immediately after 2 other potholes that were fixed, leaving this, very deep pothole, unfixed
  • Montgomery Dr Philadelphia, PA 19131, USA - Wynnefield
    11:45 am. 2nd weekend in a row where the same employee and truck was sitting idling for hours.
    Once again I asked if she was aware of the PA vehicle code that does not allow for idling vehicles. She told me once again the vehicle has problems and if she turns it off it will not turn back on.