Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Area

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Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center
4805 Edgemoor Lane
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

The Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center is the local government office for the Bethesda, Cabin John, Chevy Chase, Friendship Heights, Garrett Park, Glen Echo, North Bethesda, Potomac and Rockville communities. We bring "small town" responsiveness to all communities that we serve. Our philosophy is to treat the community as partners in this endeavor.

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  • 12600 Twinbrook Pkwy North Bethesda, MD 20852, USA - North Bethesda
    Due to improperly configured light timing at Fishers Lane and Ardennes Ave along Twinbrook Pkwy traffic is very congested even during non-peak hours. Drivers on Twinbrook Pkwy often sit, gridlocked, at these two lights as they complete a full cycle with little or no traffic entering from the side roads. The traffic light timing needs to be adjusted here to ease congestion.
  • Old Gate Place Rockville, MD - North Bethesda
    Remove sandbagged barriers on both ends of new bike path at Tildenwood Drive and where path ends at Old Farm pool at Swim Club Way.
  • 4641 Montgomery Ave Bethesda, MD 20814, USA - Bethesda
    For over a year there have been potholes on this corner. Every time it rains the potholes reappear. Is there any chance this is going to get a permanent fix? Does anyone know if this is on the list for repair once Wisconsin Ave from Bradley to E/W Highway is repaired?
  • 7800 Old Georgetown Rd Bethesda, MD - Bethesda
    The rightmost northbound lane of Old Georgetown Rd has a nasty, chronic pothole. The entire road from downtown to Battery Ln really needs to be resurfaced-I know the county is doing it past Huntington, but not sure if it's going to reach all the way to downtown.
  • giant pothole Archived
    5800 Johnson Avenue Bethesda, MD - Bethesda

    there is 2 giant potholes on Johnson Avenue - Burley Road
    One taking a left off of Burley onto Johnson Ave about 100 ft it is on Johnson ave in the middle of the street

    the other taking a right off of Burley onto Johnson about 200 ft in the middle of the street

  • Street Repair Archived
    6301 Md-191 Bethesda, MD 20817, USA - Bethesda
    Missing street sign for Valley Road at the intersection of Valley and Bradley Boulevard
  • Path Repair Archived
    8619 Ridge Road Bethesda, Maryland - Bethesda

    The Pedestrian path between Ridge Road and Ewing Road is in need of repair. There are two sections that present serious trip and fall hazards to any pedestrians or bicyclists using the path.

    A video can be seen at:

  • 8810 Connecticut Ave Chevy Chase, MD 20815, USA - North Chevy Chase
    Every evening I have to slow down to avoid going over bumpy potholes that are so bad they throw your steering alignment out of whack. You have to stay in this far right lane to get on the inner loop of the Beltway, so there's almost no way to avoid it. It's been like this for years! It's teeth jarring. GRRR...Please fix those potholes!!!
  • 5400 Westbard Avenue Bethesda, MD - Bethesda

    There is an abandoned Porche 928 GT in the corner of the parking lot of the Giant Foods at 5400 Westbard Avenue, across the street from Citgo and the Park Bethesda apartment complex. It has been there for over 5 weeks without moving, it has a broken driver's side window, no license plate, the hood is partially popped up, and the interior has seemingly been stripped.

    It's an expensive car. Someone probably wants it back or wants to know it's fate. Yet despite notifying a manager at Giant, as well as calling the police's non-emergency and then leaving a voicemail for the Abandoned Vehicle Section I was told to call, no action seems to have been taken.

  • 4890 Battery Lane Bethesda, MD - Bethesda

    Dear Dr. Gridlock,

    I live on Battery Lane in Bethesda, which was just redone, probably in anticipation of an increase in traffic from the new Walter Reed complex. While the paving and painting is nice, the way things have been mapped out is poor. The driveway from my parking lot at 4890 comes out behind 4900 perpendicular to Battery Lane. With parking now allowed on my side of the street there is a significantly decreased view of traffic coming both from the left and right, where parked cars can now be found. In order to see if you can turn from the driveway onto Battery Lane you have to pull into the street, which without a clear view of the cross traffic, is very dangerous. Also, a bike lane was added on my south side off the street running right next to where the drivers doors of the parked cars open. You could just imagine a driver opening his door and clipping a biker. I really think that a few parking spaces on each side of my driveway exit need to be removed to allow tenants a safe view and exit from our parking lot. I called the MCDOT and spoke with a woman about this. She told me I'd be called by someone to chat about this. Never heard from anyone. HELP!

    Thank You,

    David Engel
    Bethesda, MD

  • Nicholson Lane And 355 Intersection Rockville, MD - North Bethesda
    Traveling eastbound on Nicholson Lane in Rockville you have 3 lane choices as you approach the intersection with 355: one for turning left/going straight, the middle lane for going straight only, and the right lane for right turns only onto southbound 355. However, because of the odd line of sight the middle lane cars often don't realize they should stay to the right as they cross the intersection because there are cars in the left lane going straight. I've almost been hit and/or flipped off many times by drivers assuming they have the right of way and I was in a left turn only lane just trying to force myself into their lane. Clear arrows need to be painted on the eastbound intersection lanes, and lane markings should also be painted right across that intersection since it doesn't line up evenly to the eye. Crossing 355 on Nicholson going westbound is not a problem at all, all the lane crossings make sense.
  • 7359 Wisconsin Ave Bethesda, Maryland - Bethesda
    Large potholes and deteriorating surfaces have existed for months on Montgomery Ave where it intersects with Wisconsin Ave. in front of the police station.
    Thousands of cars travel through the intersection each day, due to the congestion you cannot safely avoid the large pothole in the right lane. Even worse, pedestrains must be careful to avoid it and not to break an ankle.