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Downtown Toronto and the Port Lands

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  • 300 Yonge Toronto, ON - Toronto
    This summer has seen a drastic rise in numbers and sound volume of street preachers at Yonge and Dundas square. Every weekend without fail they descend on the high traffic intersection with an arsenal of extremely loud megaphones casting warnings of fire and brimstone that can be heard from a far. They sometimes block the road or sidewalk and distract drivers while harassing tourists and locals alike. I understand that free speech is important to any democracy and people should have the right to preach their beliefs in a public forum, however they do not have the right to use electronic sound amplifications that drown out any opposing views and risk damaging people's ears. The noise by-law specifically prohibits using these megaphones but the Toronto police seem hesitant to enforce this by-law.
  • 619-633 Sherbourne Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto

    Why aren’t the city ordinances regarding no stopping and parking in bike lanes being enforced? We have spent hundreds of thousands dollars on these lanes and cars regularly use them are parking, loading and unloading or turning lanes. I have never seen anyone getting a ticket for this. I have never seen the police (not on emergency calls who sometimes block the lanes even though there is an inlet not far away which they could park in) or parking authority patrolling for violators.

    The attached picture (taken today, May 9, at approximately 4:30pm) is from one of multiple violators on the north bound side of Sherbourne between Queen and Gerrard. A man associated with the truck picture became rude and threatening when I took this picture claiming they had the right to park there because they were “men at work.” They were from a private contractor sodding private property – not on any official city business or service. He knew that the fine was $150 and stated he didn’t care – again, that “men at work” thing. There was a cab straddling the bike lane and the automobile lane in the same area. It got away before I could get a picture.

    I wish I could say this was out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, it is common. It’s daily and it’s fairly constant and consistent. The other day riding southbound on Sherbourne between Bloor and Queen, there were no less than six cars and trucks blocking the bike lane. And not just on Sherbourne – but bike lanes all over the city. It’s also particularly bad on Bloor Street between Yonge and Church. Drivers stop in these no stopping zones (which should be a separate ticket from blocking the bike lane) with impunity because they know they will not be ticketed or fined. Instead, cyclists are routinely put in danger by having to merge in to vehicular traffic to get around them.

    It is clear that the current city administration is hostile to alternate forms of transportation, but that is no excuse for not enforcing the laws on the books. By not enforcing bike lane ordinances, the city has spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars making the bike lanes and is now losing hundreds of thousands of dollars more in revenue from non-enforcement. At this point, bike lanes in Toronto are a complete joke. In fact, Toronto is clearly in the lead as one of the most unfriendly cycling cities.

  • Queens Quay E / Lower Jarvis St Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Please be caution when using the new bike path on Queens Quay near Lower Jarvis. The sidewalk curb is about 1/2 inch above the bike path. It could trap your tire if you want to dodge pedestrian or the utility box.
  • 144 College St Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Steel streetcar tracks have been sitting in the westbound bicycle lane on College Street, West of University Avenue, for about one year. Presumably, they are to replace the existing tracks. But for now the bicycle lane is closed, forcing cyclists to merge into the automobile lanes. Why deliver the tracks a year before they are to be used? Or if they aren't being used, why not get rid of them? College Street is a busy bicycle thoroughfare and shutting down the lane needlessly creates a nuisance and a safety hazard for cyclists.
  • 125 Lake Shore Blvd E Toronto, ON M5E 1A4, Canada - Toronto
    Where Lower Jarvis and The Lake Shore meet on the West side of the intersection, the pavement is extremely warped-almost like small hills and valleys (worn down and raised into furrows from years of heavy trucks on the asphalt) and if you're not looking down constantly, you could miss it and easily trip, especially in snowy or icy conditions. This intersection traveling north/south on the west side of Jarvis only recently became more frequently used by pedestrians, because the city finally had a pedestrian stop-light put in a little further north to make it 'safer' for pedestrians to walk straight through from the north side of the Gardiner down to the main attractions of Loblaw's (local residents) and the lakefront (tourists). We appreciate the effort but the above-mentioned portion of the Lake Shore must be smoothed over, or most certainly someone is going to trip on one of the 'hills' and fall in the middle of the highway. And they will have an excellent case for a lawsuit against the city (If they're still alive....). The following picture shows one of the 8 (eight!) bumps that pedestrians must navigate just to cross the highway.
  • Regent Park Toronto - Toronto

    On Thursday March 21, 2013, at approximately 2:45 pm, I stopped at the Spadina TTC station to buy some tokens. Nothing out of the ordinary - I put $20 into the machine and received 7 tokens and some change, and a battery. To be exact, I received $1.40 in change, plus an Energizer battery roughly the size of a nickel.

    Yes, a battery. It's a thin battery, about the same diameter as a nickel. I also received a Bahamian nickel instead of a Canadian nickel, but I didn't mind that so much as the pineapple on it is rather cute, and I always think it's interesting to see what other currency looks like.

    Unfortunately, a battery is not currency. There is no nation of Energizer that I might one day visit. I'm not even sure what sort of device the battery might operate. It's not the sort of battery with which I'm familiar.

    The incident occurred at Spadina station, Walmer St entrance. There is no person there, just the TTC machine. As I generally only take the streetcar, there is little need for me to actually enter a subway station, except to buy tokens. So, there was no one to complain to at the time of occurrence.

    I'm actually quite shocked that this can happen, because vending machines regularly reject my legitimate coins.

    I have attached a picture so that you may see what I am referring to.


  • No lighting Archived
    Lower Don Recreation Trail Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Along the Lower Don Trail, there is a section near the Don River and the railway line where there is no lighting. It's very dark there, and dangerous during an evening commute. There are at least 2 old light standards which are no longer working, but which may be able to be repaired. If not, placing some temporary lighting while this area is being developed would be much appreciated by cyclists and pedestrians alike.
  • Yonge St & Dundas St. Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Post and rings on Dundas through to Bay, and surrounding Dundas station are full of bikes. Yonge St. needs more parking on west side south of Dundas!
  • 146 Shuter St Toronto, ON - Toronto
    The Shuter bike lane from Sherbourne to River seems like a practical joke being played on cyclists. It is in such poor condition that to call it paved renders the term meaningless. One has to swerve to avoid the holes and gigantic cracks in the road, and cars aren't expecting cyclists to go in the road. There is already enough to worry about with the parking alongside the lane. The lane seems more like a buffer for parked cars than a bicycle lane.
  • Bay And Bloor Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Every morning around 710 to 720am, when all four lights are red for pedestrian crossing, some cyclists ride through the red. I myself have almost been hit, or end up in a dance with the biker. This should not be happening. The cop shop is right right there !! where is the enforcement ?? Some someone have to get hurt first ?
  • 168 King Street East Toronto, ON - Toronto

    A few dozen of us, residents and business owners in the immediate area of this intersection have been trying, for months now, to get something done to alleviate the atrocious noises being made night and day.

    Six days a week, starting as early as 3:15 a.m., empty dump trucks heading north up Jarvis to pick up fill from condo construction sites bounce as they hit the uneven pavement at the streetcar tracks at King Street East. The noise is simply atrocious as metal hits metal and the box reverberates, jolting many of us awake. This noise re-occurs every 15 – 20 minutes or so from then all through the day. The noise is so loud that pedestrians in the area often wince on hearing it.
    We have been in touch with Councillor Pam McConnell and her staff for months now in an effort to alleviate this problem. If you can help us in any way, we would be most grateful. If you would care to meet with a few of us in the area for a chat over coffee, we’d be very happy to do that.

    We hope to hear from you soon.

  • 212-242 River Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There is a massive obstruction in the centre of the road at River at Gerrard (on River, north of the intersection, as you come off Bayview). it has been there for months but no work ever seems to be done there. As a consequence, traffic going to and from Bayview has to squeeze past, and there is no left turn from River onto Gerrard. When will this purgatory end?!