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Downtown Toronto and the Port Lands

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  • 212-242 River Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There is a massive obstruction in the centre of the road at River at Gerrard (on River, north of the intersection, as you come off Bayview). it has been there for months but no work ever seems to be done there. As a consequence, traffic going to and from Bayview has to squeeze past, and there is no left turn from River onto Gerrard. When will this purgatory end?!
  • Queen St W Toronto, ON - Toronto
    There is a severe shortage of post and rings at the new Loblaws at Queen and Portland. Everyone is forced to lock to the new trees. Would the city rather replace the dead trees every year or put in post and rings and allow the trees to grow?
  • Southeast Corner Of Bay At Wellington West Toronto, ON - Toronto
    When the old regular sized bus shelter was removed from the southeast corner of Bay and Wellington West it was replaced by a miniscule advertising kiosk in which maybe one person can fit but no one is protected from the elements in it. To add insult to injury the when one sits on the wee seat one's back is to the oncoming bus. We need a normal sized bus shelter (the sidewalk is big enough to accommodate one) that is enclosed on three and one half sides to give us protection and has a seat from which we can see the bus approaching. Those of us who need the seat can't move that fast to get to the bus stop when we do see the bus.
    Thank you for your help.
  • Cyclists Archived
    Jarvis St Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    You need to make an article for Cyclists to stop riding up and down Jarvis st., they removed the bike lanes and now have five lanes which are way to narrow, i lost my passenger side mirror because i hit one, lucky he was ok, there is a beautiful bike lane one street over on Sherbourne ST!
  • Sackville & Dundas Toronto, ON - Toronto
    As a new resident of Paintbox Condominium, I am regularly using the pedestrian crossing at Sackville and Dundas. I am also regularly nearly killed by motorists who make no effort to stop. I've witnessed this happen to hundreds of people over the past few months. Despite reporting this to the police, nothing has been done and cars continue to blaze through the flashing lights, nearly killing innocent people.
  • 120 The Esplanade Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Every Saturday morning, at least half a dozen giant A-Signs advertising condos block pedestrians at the busy corner of The Esplanade and Lower Sherbourne, causing a hazard to pedestrians who step onto the road, sometimes with their baby carriage or wheelchair, and to drivers whose visibility is reduced. Some pedestrians get annoyed and remove those obstructions themselves. Time for the City to intervene on this city-wide issue.
  • Other Archived
    Sherbourne St At King St East Toronto, ON M5A, Canada - Toronto
    Yield to bikes signs on Sherbourne are well back from the intersections and not obvious to drivers. More than once I've seeing drivers pulling a right without yielding.
  • 145 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The University Ave fountains have been in disrepair for nearly five years and are still not close to being fixed. Even the sign on the worksite says it will be done in 2012!!
  • Front & Spadina Toronto, ON - Toronto
    The intersection at Front and Spadina is a constant traffic jam with street car tracks being ripped up every couple of years and now, there's construction of a new condo building on the north west corner. However, I've always been annoyed by the no right turn on a red when driving east on Front wanting to turn south onto Spadina for access to the Gardiner. The light for eastbound traffic is only green for 17 seconds which is never enough, especially when pedestrians disobey the "cross on the other side of the street" sign.
    When there is an advanced green arrow for northbound Spadina traffic to turn west onto Front, why can't we have a green arrow to allow more cars to turn right onto Spadina southbound at the same time? I try to avoid this intersection whenever possible, but the access to the Gardiner west of the Ex is always also a total mess. Please help!
  • 235 Augusta Ave Toronto, ON M5T 2L8, Canada - Toronto
    This property is at 237 Augusta Ave. There are many store fronts like this on Augusta Ave, Kensington Ave, Baldwin Street etc.
    Vandals are going around damaging property in the Kensington Market! It's not fair to the business owners and the residents of the market. Many visitors are horrified at the state of property damage and vandalism in the Kensington Market. This is designated a National Historic Site of Canada, instead it looks like a third world slum. I would like the city and Councillor Adam Vaughan, along with the police and community members to take a proactive approach in eliminating graffiti in the Kensignton Market.
  • 20 Lower Spadina Ave Toronto, ON - Toronto
    If you are coming SOUTH on Spadina Avenue towards Queen's Quay, the lights at Lakeshore Blvd create an unnecessary backlog of cars which is a nightmare in rush hour. There is an advance green to turn left on to Lakeshore Blvd. But if you are going south, the light is RED. This is wrong -- it should be green because the traffic coming NORTH on Spadina cannot turn left in front of you -- there are "No Left Turn" signs and the street is ONE way going east -- Lakeshore Blvd East. So what's the purpose in backing up all the cars all the way up to Bremner when there is absolutely no safety issue here.
  • 55 Charles Street East Toronto, ON - Toronto

    Every morning - as early as 530am - between 6 and 10 dump trucks park along Charles Street East, with no regard for how close they are to stop signs, making it unsafe for cars turning right on to Charles from Church, and especially dangerous for pedestrians. This morning, two different vehicles came within inches of me as I was crossing Church Street on the north side of Charles.

    UPDATE: December 7, 2012 - The construction trucks this morning were so close to the NE corner of the intersection, vehicles speeding off Mt Pleasant on to Charles who then turn right on to Church are turning the corner blind, because they have to travel so far around the construction truck hugging the corner that those turning on to Church do not see pedestrians, cyclists or people just trying to safely walk their dogs.


    The sidewalk parking has ended for the most part, so there is improvement in that regard.

    I understand condo construction is important to the City and those people who build and buy them, but not so important as the safety of existing residents.