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Downtown Toronto and the Port Lands

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  • 11 Cawthra Square Toronto, ON M4Y, Canada - Toronto
    There is a broken water sprinkler in the park just behind the 519 Community Centre in Church street. It is close to the second unleashed area dog park entrance.
  • 416 Front St W Toronto, ON M5V 2H6, Canada - Toronto
    15m w. of Spadina, 1m from s. curb.
  • 724 Bay St Toronto, ON M7A 2S9, Canada - Toronto
    20m n. of Gerrard on e. sidewalk, locked to City post-and-ring.Stripped of wheels and seat so definitely appears abandoned.
  • Other Open
    The Path - City Hall Toronto, ON M5H 2N1, Canada - Toronto
    See click fix only has titles about pot-holes and graffiti. It would be great if there was one called broken parking metre, street light/traffic light out. It would also be good if they could be tied into a life-safety grid. Ie. a traffic light out would be a 5, a power line down would be a 1, graffiti would be a 10. Just a thought.
  • 1-29 University Ave Toronto, ON - Toronto
    The countdown of the walk light when crossing York/University is 10 seconds ahead of the York crossing. It's likely caused by the left Turn single from Front onto york or university.
  • 200 King St East @ Frederick Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There are trip-hazard holes beside the TTC streetcar tracks on King Street around FREDERICK STREET. Can they be fixed before winter? Please.
  • 149 Lower Jarvis Street Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    There are two SUNKEN MANHOLE COVERS on Lower Jarvis just south of Front St (west side). They were reported in 2017 and the City put white lines around them and told me they would be fixed. Nothing happened. They were reported again in 2018 and again they have white lines around them. I hope they really WILL be fixed in 2018 - the road repair season is ending soon!
  • 1166 Bay St Toronto, ON - Toronto

    I live at 1166 Bay St (west side), just south of Bloor. About 2 months ago Parking Meters were installed in front of our building. 2 Sign Post were put up showing the areas for Parking/no Parking and Meter info. Those Sign Post have almost fallen down. One is leaning side ways. I don't know if these were put up by City Employees or contracted out, but it was pretty sloppy work. Needs to be corrected soon.

    Stan Witkin

  • Thomson Hall King West Toronto, ON - Toronto
    I meant to email you yesterday to tell you that, on Thursday night, as I was walking to Thomson Hall for a concert, a worker was replacing plates with grates.
    BTW, I start radiation for throat cancer next week.
    All the best,
    Jim Rusk
  • 277-283 Richmond Street West Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    the lane lines are causing a sudden merge and confusion for drivers, as to which lane they should stay in. I've been watching form my office above and in a space of 5 minutes have seen a number of near misses when drivers are trying to navigate
  • 176 Front St E Toronto, ON M5A 1E6, Canada - Toronto
    There is a 'pothole" or more accurately a poorly filled utility cut around a new Hydro pole on WEST side of Sherbourne Street about 20 yards NORTH of Front St East. It is between the sidewalk and the bike lane but not hard to fall into. Can it have asphalt put around it, please?
  • 355 Sherbourne St Toronto, ON M5A 2S3, Canada - Toronto
    In intersection on s. lane of Carlton bordering manhole.