Simon TO downtown port lands

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Downtown Toronto and the Port Lands

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  • 40 Mount Pleasant Road Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Pathway beside 300 Bloor Street East - above the stairs
  • 40 Mount Pleasant Road Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    Vagrant Living /Sleeping amongst the scrubbery - pathway beside 300 Bloor Street East
  • 61 Front St W Toronto, ON M5J 2L5, Canada - Toronto
    20m s. of Front on west lanes' broken white line.
  • 1166 Bay St Toronto, ON - Toronto

    I live at 1166 Bay St (west side), just south of Bloor. About 2 months ago Parking Meters were installed in front of our building. 2 Sign Post were put up showing the areas for Parking/no Parking and Meter info. Those Sign Post have almost fallen down. One is leaning side ways. I don't know if these were put up by City Employees or contracted out, but it was pretty sloppy work. Needs to be corrected soon.

    Stan Witkin

  • Thomson Hall King West Toronto, ON - Toronto
    I meant to email you yesterday to tell you that, on Thursday night, as I was walking to Thomson Hall for a concert, a worker was replacing plates with grates.
    BTW, I start radiation for throat cancer next week.
    All the best,
    Jim Rusk
  • St Lawrence Market-North 92 Front St E, Toronto, Ontario, M5E, CAN - Toronto
    Enbridge were installing a replacement gas service outside the Metro grocery store at 92 Front St E about a month ago. Their utility cut is VERY poorly done and is a trip hazard. Can the City get them back to fix it>
  • 350 Wellington St W Toronto, ON - Toronto
    A street parking sign's anchoring is loose and in cracked cement. It is leaving and will fall down soon, likely due to bikes being locked on it all the time (there aren't sufficient bike rings in this area)
  • 100/200 Wellington St West Toronto, ON - Toronto
    The sidewalk on the south side of Roy Thompson Hall floods every time there is rain, just like the reported flooding on north side (Not sure if the cause is a blocked drain). With any amount of rain this spot has flooded 75% of the sidewalk width for at least a couple of years.
  • 394 College St. Toronto, ON - Toronto
    How is it that the TTC can block the bicycle lane on College beside the University for months with rails that are probably intended for construction but at this rate won't be used until next year. Shouldn't they be using just-in-time delivery to avoid inconveniencing many people for months?
  • 3204 Yonge Street Menchies Yogourt Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Yellow carded for violatons and posting is buried at bottom of side window when the rules state •Post the food safety inspection notice in an obvious place clearly visible to members of the public, at or near the entrance of the establishment; They also need to wash their windows which was my first clue to check Dine Safe because the place looked dirty.
  • 110 George St Toronto M5A 2M4, Canada - Toronto
    Abandoned bike
  • pylons Open
    College & Bay Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Everywhere on Toronto streets there are pylons around construction sites. Workers tend to put the pylons right on the white line, forcing cyclists dangerously into the traffic in the left lane. When the pylon (or traffic cone) is just to the right of the white lane, there is no problem passing, but often, as in this intersection at Bay and College there are streetcar tracks going in various directions as well as heavy traffic. The pylons are on the white line and there's nowhere for the bicycle to go. Often cyclists will pass inside the construction zone but this is sometimes not possible and surely not what is intended. What is the law around placement of the pylons? Is it possible for the construction workers to place the pylons 1 foot to the right of the white line allowing the cyclist safe passage?