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Downtown Toronto and the Port Lands

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  • 10 St. Andrew St Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The roof dome of the Anshei Minsk Synagogue at 10 St. Andrew St has been defaced with graffiti vandalism
  • Jarvis & Lakeshore Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The west portion of the north-south crosswalk at Jarvis & Lakeshore is extremely dangerous for older or disabled persons. The crosswalk is bumpy almost beyond description - wavy up and down. Sure to throw someone for a loop eventually,
  • 431 Spadina Ave Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The south wall of 431 Spadina Ave is defaced with graffiti vandalism at the third floor level
  • Parliament And Dundas Toronto, ON - Toronto
    There are only 2 ring-posts near the grocery store. Sure there are lots near the coffee shop just around the corner, but that's a long way to walk with a sack of potatoes. More bike parking in view of the store please.
  • 158 College St Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Have you ever tried to cross University Avenue at College Street? If not, you have 26 seconds to scurry across. I can run 10 km in an hour, but I can barely make it across University at this intersection before the lights turn red. Yes there is an island in the middle of University Avenue, and yes I could run across but let's not forget that Toronto's major hospitals are located just south of this intersection on both sides of University Avenue and many seniors and individuals with mobility issues are trying to cross this street. The last thing I want to do is to run into any of these individuals. In contrast, you get 50 seconds to cross College Street at this intersection - so why such a discrepancy?
  • Robertson Crescent Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Well, your article on illegal actions by the police brought to mind a very similar one down at the harbour by the police marine station. Not only have they been parking illegally on the street and the sidewalk with both police vehicles and civilian vehicles (I’m assuming they are the personal vehicles of the police), they also park in front of a fire hydrant, none are ever ticketed. The excuse of it is an emergency doesn’t wash in front of the fire hydrant because sometimes it is the same vehicle sitting there for days. I have been walking past here 2 or 3 times a week for the past 10 years so I have a pretty good picture of how the police abuse there privileged position. There is a gated parking lot beside the police station that is often not full. The pictures were taken a couple of years ago but nothing has changed since then.
  • 235 Carlton St Toronto, ON - Toronto
    There is only one ring here in front of the stores where I shop, and it is often full.
  • 4-6 Carlaw Ave Toronto, ON - Toronto
    this intersection is in DIRE need of an advanced left turn lane from carlaw nothbound heading west on lakeshore. the green lights are green for only a few seconds and there is a tendancy for lots of trucks to back up making this turn take almost 5 or 6 lights before making a legal left turn.
  • Concord Avenue Hallam To Northumberland Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Ugly blue graffiti tags on these poles every one on the entire block, on other streets too...
  • 45 Bay St Toronto, ON - Toronto
    For over 5 months the sewer grate at the northwest corner of bay and lakeshore has been recessed. I have seen countless pylons and construction cones that have been placed in it destroyed by cars, and large amounts of debris filling the crater. Virtually impossible to cycle near the curb because of it. Its a shame and a terrible safety issue. Pathetic that our city has taken so long to fix this.
  • 6 Spadina Ave Toronto, ON M5V, Canada - Toronto
  • 671 University Ave Toronto, ON M5G 0A3, Canada - Toronto
    Since 1922 there has been a statue (bas relief) attached to the fence that surrounded Toronto General Hospital. The statue was at the SE corner of College and Unversity. Afte all the recent renovatios, the wall and the statue are no longer there. Where did the statue go?