Simon TO downtown port lands

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Downtown Toronto and the Port Lands

Notified About

  • 105 Front Street East Toronto, ON - Toronto
    There are several streetlights out on FRONT STREET EAST around JARVIS STREET. In particular two or three right at the corner of Front and Jarvis and several on the median that runs west of Jarvis.
  • Bay And Bloor Intersection Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The scramble intersection at Bay and Bloor is great during the day and accommodates all of the pedestrians working, shopping and dining out in that area. However, the scramble feature is running 24 hours, and seems to cause unnecessary congestion later on in the evening when the stores and work places have closed. I would think that it would be better to scramble during the day, and switch to regular lighting throughout the night (perhaps 10pm on?).
  • 20 Camden Street Toronto, ON M5V 1V1, Canada - Toronto
    20 Camden St. at rear, facing Richmond Street West
  • 384 Spadina Ave Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The north wall of 384 Spadina Ave is defaced with graffiti vandalism at the third floor level. A stale MLS ticket dating from 2011 is still open but the graffiti has not been removed
  • 275-281 Mutual Street Toronto, ON M4Y 1X6, Canada - Toronto
    Most of the parking meters on this stretch of Mutual Street from Maitland to Carlton have graffiti on them. Please fix. Thank you.
  • 23 St Andrew St Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    23 St Andrew St is covered with graffiti vandalism
  • 426 Spadina Ave Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The east (street-facing wall) of 424-426 Spadina Ave just below the roofline
  • 273-295 Queen St W Toronto, ON M5V 1Z9, Canada - Toronto
    Someone cycling can easily fall by having to bike over the road cuts and pot holes.
  • 75 Portland Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Cabs serving patrons in the King West area are constantly honking their horns and disturbing people who live nearby, esp. late at night.
  • 366 Spadina Ave Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The rooftop area of 362-366 Spadina Ave is covered with tags again. The graffiti is visible from the top level of the municipal parking lot at 20 St. Andrew St, east side.
  • 45 Kensington Ave Toronto, Ontario - Toronto
    The rear wall and garage door and rear dormer at 45 Kensington Ave have been defaced with graffiti
  • 258 Adelaide Street East Toronto, ON - Toronto
    Cars are constantly being ticketed because of improper sign posting. They are ambiguous and should be be posted in the proper position. It's just not fair and the parking authority couldn't care less.