The West End

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  • 1400-1498 Patterson Street Houston, Texas - Rice Military
    Train is sounding its horn as crosses over Patterson .. ever since Nett Bar opened thus seems to be an issue especially non stop over the last few days . Thus us a residential quiet zone .. please respond
  • 2019 Patterson St Houston, TX 77007, USA - Greater Heights
    Today a No Parking sign was erected in front of my house. This sign eliminates at least 3 street parking spots often used by guests of the residents on Patterson street, workers for services commonly needed by the residents, or owners of the homes needing to park on the street momentarily. As shown in the attached picture, the street is plenty wide and cars can pass in both directions even with cars parked along this side of the street because there is already no parking on the other side. Why was this No Parking sign put up? I request it be removed.
  • City Engineer Archived
    1506 Patterson St Houston 77007 United States - Rice Military
    mud and debris pouring into storm drain. no storm water prevention plan or barriers.
  • 1200-1298 Parker Street Houston, TX 77007, USA - Rice Military
    Overflowing trash
  • 1029–1073 Shepherd Dr Houston 77007, Estados Unidos - Rice Military
    I’m astonished at the city closed case 392219 that I reported yesterday telling me that they couldn’t find the problem. I just drove past it in the same problem still exists. And we can see the notes from an apartment dweller nearby Who adds that it’s been going on for a while. the way this is supposed to work and has worked for years is that when the light turns green at Washington going north, you’re not faced with a parking lot in front of you. The lights need to be timed so that people who are passing through Washington may continue on passing through Center Street without having to stop. It’s been that way for the last five years; it’s changed. What’s happening now is that near the end of the Washington greenlight cycle, people have to stop prematurely while the light is still green because there is no room in front of us to proceed across the intersection because the Center Street light has stayed red far too long and the traffic has failed to clear. How can you not see that? Do not close this ticket telling us you can’t find something without calling me so I can come over and show you since it seems you can’t see it.
  • 1412 Thompson St Houston 77007, United States - Rice Military
    Sidewalk has collapsed
  • 1506 Patterson Street Houston, TX 77007, USA - Rice Military
    grass/weeds overgrown... partially blocking sidewalk. Property near both West End Park, and a church.
  • Other Archived
    4105 Eigel St Houston 77007 United States - Rice Military
    Incomplete side walk.
  • 4209 Chester Street Houston, TX 77007, USA - Rice Military
    (Updated GPS location). Location: Katy Freeway Eastbound Entrance Ramp next to Patterson. Graffiti on Sound Barrier Wall.
  • 4711-4717 Eli Street Houston, TX 77007, USA - Rice Military
  • Shepherd Dr @ Washington Ave Houston, TX 77007, USA - Rice Military
    The pedestrian button is hidden behavior nd this pole and completely invisible when walking north on shepherd
  • Yale St Houston 77007, United States - Rice Military
    Too short. BackEd up