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  • 20 Crescent Ave Revere, MA - Revere
    There is a missing curb stone in front of 20 Crescent Ave. There was a tree removed from this location a few years ago and along with the tree they removed the curb stone as well. This area is now sinking a bit so that both the sidewalk and street are a low spot that tends to collect puddles of water and now Ice.
  • 138 Bradstreet Avenue Revere, MA 02151, USA - Revere

    Over a year ago the storm drain was reported block. It is an issue when it rains a lot or during show storm. The water accumulates and goes tower my property as well a neighbor.

    Please take the time to address this issue and thank you.

  • 200 Crest Avenue Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    Crest Ave from 186 to 216 has not been plowed, Cars keep getting stuck in the middle of the street due to the depth of the snow.
  • 139 Bradstreet Avenue Revere, MA 02151, USA - Revere

    Issue reported back in June. # 565197. Responded: call parking clerk 781 2868110 and police dept. 7812841212. So far, I called the numbers and not luck, I don't see any action taken by either department.
    Is there an action planned or am I just being ignored?

    Original issue: Many cars parked on the sidewalk of the street blocking the safe passage of pedestrians. Also, since the street is both ways, it is unsafe to drive because cars are parked on both sides of the street and people often walk on the street.

  • 717-725 Winthrop Avenue Revere, MA 02151, USA - Revere
  • Sidewalk Archived
    12 Everard Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    Sidewalk needs to be filled in concrete people dump trash making the city unattractive
  • Sidewalk Archived
    77 Bennington Revere, Massachusetts - East Boston
    The sidewalk between 77 and 145 Bennington Streets has not been cleared (it never is). The property is empty lots, but someone owns it and should be responsible for clearing the sidewalk. It is dangerous walking on Bennington to get to and from Beachmont T stop.
  • Sidewalk Archived
    44 Pearl Avenue Revere, MA 02151, USA - Revere
    tree stump remains from when superstorm Sandy knocked down the tree. the sidewalk is also torn up from it, making it a safety hazard. its in front of 42 Pearl ave. Thank you
  • Other Archived
    1 Bennington Street revere ma, Revere, Massachusetts - East Boston
    Dunkin Donuts at this location along with the Broadway and Shirley Ave location have become havens for drug users. People are shooting heroin in front of customers. The owners of the Bennington Street Dunkin Donuts are downright hostile to the Beachmont community. Enough is enough. Clean up this dump!!
  • Potholes In Public Staircase Revere, Massachusetts - Revere

    There are large holes in the landings of the public staircase at the top of Unity Ave connecting it to Bradstreet Avenue which collect a lot of water during storms.

    Additionally, there are holes in the foundation allowing you to see beneath stairs. This will probably not remain structurally sound if the hole is allowed to get bigger.

  • 100-198 Bennington Street Revere, MA 02151, USA - East Boston
    Lots of overgrown weeds and trash. Starting to make the sidewalk hard to use
  • 7 Phillips Ave Revere, Massachusetts - Revere
    Called the City DPW and they told me the street is plowed. The entire 7 phillips ave wasn't plowed for a single time and there is almost more than 3+ snow on the street and the city is ignoring. The attached picture is taken Wednesday @10:15 AM