Hoboken NJ

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  • Court Street And 3rd Street Hoboken, NJ - Hoboken
    Giant pothole outside the Dry Cleaner.
  • 118 Clinton St Hoboken, NJ - Hoboken
    There are 2 potholes or uneven pavement on clinton st, in between 1st and 2nd. When trucks go down the street and hit these areas they literally shake our building and I can feel it on the 4th floor!! I think it's around where the manhole is located and another part of the street. When trucks speed down the street in the morning or the at night it wakes us up. It's crazy.
  • 118-120 Clinton Street Hoboken, New Jersey - Hoboken
    Clinton Street between 1st and 3rd streets has multiple potholes that are in dire need of repair and/or resurfacing. They are even distributed to the point where one is unable to drive around them as the cars parallel parked on the street restrict the spatial area in which one has to drive.
  • 310 River St Hoboken, NJ 07030, USA - Hoboken
  • 32-60 3rd St Hoboken, NJ 07030, USA - Hoboken