Chicago Ward 46

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  • 1256 West Wilson Avenue Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 46
  • 760 West Wilson Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    Homeless people sleeping in tents under the Wilson and the Lawrence bridge using the area as a toilet! Beer cans and bottles are also all over the place. Absolutely disgusting!
  • 760 West Wilson Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    The number of homeless living under the Wilson underpass at Lake Shore Drive is out of control. I've been told they can't be moved unless they're completely blocking the sidewalk. There is space to walk on the sidewalk but who wants to do that when both sides of the underpass are lined with tents, blankets, garbage and people. Let's make a deal: clear one side of the underpass and send those people down to the Oak Street underpass. Then we'll see how long it takes the city to solve the problem and we can use the same solution here.
  • 1200 West Lawrence Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    The City continues to allow the " tent cities" to break a multitude of city codes that were created to protect the health and welfare of the general public. We have 100 plus people who " have chosen" to live in the park and viaducts rather than move to a shelter that is not located in the area of choice. As a result we have aggressive homeless wandering the area, over turning garbage carts , drinking and drugging in the park and blocking public access to sidewalks and viaducts. Lawerence and Wilson need to be cleaned and rodent baiting done on a weekly basis. One questions the mental stability of any individual who would choose to live in a viaduct in a Chicago winter rather than a shelter. I would guess the primary reason is that shelters are generally " dry". You can not drink and drug in the shelter thus you refuse to go. City codes must be enforced for the welfare of the community. Contact the mayor of Chicago via " Chicago Mayor Feedback Form.
  • Building Violation Acknowledged
    720 West Montrose Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    Multiple broken windows. Falling concrete from roof and hanging material from Clarendon side .Looks to be be wall board of some sort.
  • 4550-4598 North Clarendon Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46

    Uptown Pigeon & the Boss visited Clarendon Avenue yesterday in full Halloween costume to inspect the mile of repair work being carried out by the Chicago Dept. of Transportation.

    The verdict? It's looking GREAT and CDOT is doing a super job.

  • 4655-4657 North Malden Street, Ravenswood, Uptown, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, 60640, United States of America - Chicago Ward 46
    Dumping of trash in alley on going weekly problem.
  • 1007-1033 W Leland Ave Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    Standing water along curb, goes for half a block. Covering curb itself. Chronic problem.
  • 1045 West Lawrence Avenue Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 46
    Item was closed noting was done same trash still on lot.
  • 4201 North Clarendon Avenue Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 46
    Traffic lights at Buena & Clarendon don't address traffic & pedestrians in all directions. Lack of traffic light or pedestrian indicators on key route for school children at this intersection
  • 4701 North Beacon Street Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 46
    A cluster of potholes - Large, deep, and impossible to avoid!
  • 1439-1445 West Lawrence Avenue Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 46