City of Syracuse Potholes

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Watching issues created after: 2014-01-23 asked the city to report potholes.

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  • 122 Newbury Hollow Lane Syracuse, NY - Outer Comstock
    In Syracuse Brighton area, Outer Comstock, Loretto care center for elder adult road really needs serious reconstruction immediately in order to get safe and secure travel for elder people who should feel themselves comfortable while going shopping or transferring hospital. This point is located between Brighton ave and Salina ave. This important obstacle should be considered by Mayor and other related institutions in terms of participatory system. Thanks.
  • I- 81 Syracuse, NY - University Hill

    Syracuse would be an infinitely better place without this elevated highway. Traffic should be rerouted around the city onto I-481 instead.

    For background, please see

    Here's a picture of what it could look like instead!

  • 2731 Erie Blvd East Syracuse, NY - Salt Springs
    There is a public telephone booth in front of Han’s Grocery store in Erie Boulevard. But, in the booth, there is no a telephone, maybe it is missing or stolen. I usually go to the store and many people around Sam’s club use the telephone. We need to reinstall the telephone and urge to take an action to fix the problem from the city. My name is SangGwang Kim at Syracuse University.
  • Pothole Open
    1200 Court St Syracuse, NY - Northside
    North bound on Court St at intersection of Willumae Dr.Deep pothole on a major roadway for emergency vehicles and commuter traffic.
  • Syracuse University Syracuse, New York - Wescott
    One week spring break causes big challenge to Those student who should continue to research and other mandatory works at Syracuse University. Unfortunately, from some part of Syracuse, University Bus Schedule (Caz Limo free shuttle) was cancelled which creates tragedy for student. At least, bus schedule can be continued as several times a day in order enable student to do their mandatory works at University during spring break. As student friendly university, they should consider this point from now on.
  • Pothole Archived
    Erie Blvd Dewitt, NY - Salt Springs
    Across from Barnes and Nobel's blew out front tire on my vehicle last night
  • 1207-11 Almond Street Syracuse, New York - University Hill
    pothole/Bump/uneven surface in Street. caused a motorcycle accident
  • 13926 Maryland Ave. Syracuse, NY 13210, USA - University
    This property has been a neglected rental for years. Recently "new owners" have been doing repairs inside (no building permit that I've seen) and we became suspicious when we found out that an offer was accepted in December but the closing has yet to take place. They are showing it for rental. There are zero parking spaces. Didn't the law pass requiring new owners to have the same number of parking spaces as tenants? I think perhaps they are trying to rent it before closing and somehow get grandfathered in. I have called the zoning department but have not heard back from them.
  • Pothole Archived
    E. Genesee & Townsend Syracuse, NY - Downtown
    Very deep pothole, est 1ft sq by 6+ inches deep, very dangerous
  • Pothole issue Archived
    52-98 Walnut Avenue Syracuse, New York - Near Eastside
    There is a pothole on the corner of Walnut and Water that is getting bigger.
  • 미국 시러큐스, 뉴욕 - University Hill
    The road is cracked and has a smalll pothole. Sometimes, some drivers cross over the yellow line in order to avoid this hole. I think it is dangerous a little bit
  • West Brighton Ave At Hatch St Syracuse, NY - Brighton
    On West Brighton ave at Hatch st in the city of Syracuse, there are three large potholes. One of them is extrememly and dangerously deep (when I drive by it, it is so deep that I can't even see the bottom of it---at least 8+ inches deep). Cars have to slow down so much that it congests traffic and some drivers will even wait until the oncoming lane is clear so they can completely drive around it, slowing traffic even more. Someone really needs to do something, it's just not safe and will no doubt do damage to someones vehicle if the pothole is hit, if it hasn't already.